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>>Tecnicide  20nov2022(su)05:42  No.93368  OP  P1
Um Excuse Me!

I have returned!!

Today I present to you a simple loop. Nothing crazy really.

This post is also here because I have announced that I started uploading on Rule34! That's right I'm branching out.

Check me out over there if you guys want... I guess. Anyways hope you guys enjoy this. Cheers! :)

Um Excuse me.swf (15.4 KiB)
1300x1950, Compressed (Deflate). 250 frames, 50 fps (00:05).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  20nov2022(su)11:44  No.93369  A  P2R1
It's such a shame that you post here. My condolences.
>>Anonymous  20nov2022(su)23:42  No.93374  B  P3R2
based, shading on the shoulder is unnecessary imo
>>Anonymous  24nov2022(th)23:13  No.93384  C  P4R3
I really don't like the content you produce, but you seem to be a swell dude and you earned it. Party on.
>>Anonymous  25nov2022(fr)22:54  No.93385  D  P5R4
You can also just say nothing at all.
>>Anonymous  26nov2022(sa)01:58  No.93388  E  P6R5
Great to hear. Hope you get less asshats there than on h-flash.
>>Anonymous  26nov2022(sa)13:04  No.93389  C  P7R6
You can also suck a dick in real life??
>>Anonymous  29nov2022(tu)09:22  No.93399  F  P8R7
do you have a discord Mr. Tecnicide?
>>Anonymous  29nov2022(tu)17:03  No.93403  G  P9R8
Cool post fuck head.
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