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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  31oct2022(mo)09:23  No.92212  OP  P1
Small Titty Goth GF

Tree Dick

Small Titty Goth GF.swf (2.79 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  31oct2022(mo)09:30  No.92213  A  P2R1
have a happy Halloween Dinner!
>>Anonymous  31oct2022(mo)11:17  No.92214  B  P3R2
hell yeah! another hex flash
happy halloween dindin
>>Anonymous  31oct2022(mo)16:13  No.92216  C  P4R3
happy Halloween!
>>Anonymous  1nov2022(tu)03:20  No.92217  D  P5R4
Happy halloween dinner!
Judging by your twitter profile banner
I guess your next animation is gonna be about an native american girl? Sort of like your previous brazil chan flashes maybe?
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  1nov2022(tu)03:50  No.92218  OP  P6R5
Wow someone figured it out already? Dude that was a sample size of 2 lol.
Well you're 1/4th right.
>>Anonymous  1nov2022(tu)04:48  No.92220  E  P7R6
small/average tits hex maniac is a godsend, everyone wants to make her an obese milf, which hey if you like that more power to you but my god she's a mousey nerd who should look the part in at least some of the art, but waaaahhh patreon scawed of women who aren't about to die of heart disease
>>Anonymous  1nov2022(tu)06:16  No.92222  D  P8R7
Well your previous banner was hex, so i figured you make your banners like some sort of teasers for your upcoming projects
>>Anonymous  1nov2022(tu)06:50  No.92223  F  P9R8
Great work
>>Anonymous  1nov2022(tu)15:01  No.92224  G  P10R9
Very spooky! Now we just need a bleached edit without those spooks.
>>Anonymous  4nov2022(fr)09:13  No.92244  H  P11R10
DinDin please watch this:
>>Anonymous  4nov2022(fr)22:33  No.92247  I  P12R11
It's because she gives you MooMoo Milk. Fans came up with the theory it's hers. In comes the fanon that she's got big tiddies. Then combine big tiddies with being shy and having goth girl overlap, and she gets thicker because most people who knew goth or emo girls all remember them being bigger, more socially awkward girls. It's actually a pretty reasonable progression of fanon development for once, and was pretty much singlehandedly kickstarted by CuteSexyRobutts. I for one welcome having pudgy leading figures in both fiction and real life after literal centuries of skinny women being presented as the only reasonable option.
>>Anonymous  7nov2022(mo)03:13  No.92322  J  P13R12
How do you really feel about it, though?
>>Anonymous  7nov2022(mo)20:44  No.93325  K  P14R13
Bruh, big women were popular until around WW1, thin being a beauty standard barely lasts a century
>>Anonymous  8nov2022(tu)04:55  No.93328  E  P15R14
oh i'm not knocking it wholesale I just want more hex maniacs that actually look more on-model, half the time it feels like people are only drawing bit women to appease patreon
>>Anonymous  8nov2022(tu)04:55  No.93329  E  P16
>>Anonymous  15nov2022(tu)16:33  No.93346  C  P17R15
>>Anonymous  17nov2022(th)23:47  No.93357  I  P18R16
>>93325 Actually European and far East Asian tastes tended towards thinner, paler women since about... Ehh, I'd say about the 1200s. Japanese art depicted paler women, while Korean art depicted thinner women. Germanic and Nordic literature tended towards thinner women being objects of lust and thicker women being matronly guiding figures (something that has persisted into the modern day). That face painting and sash tightening scene in Mulan comes from a period-correct Chinese cultural desire to have paler features and thinner bodies in women for example. And that goes back like three thousand years.

A lot of old literature described what women they thought to be attractive as "waif-like," "slender," "delicate," or "fragile" for example. Basically it's all women that passed as girls that looked like twigs made of porcelain. The revival of weightier women in popular art during the Renaissance was because a lot of the models were the wives of aristocrats. Meaning they sat around and ate a lot. That died out during the Enlightenment and the Victorian era with the backlash towards what they deemed as hedonistic extravagance, though the Victorians had their own fucked up standards of beauty where women were meant to look like inverted triangles. As fitness became a signifier of luxury and independence in the 1920s with the Flapper movement rail thin women with taut legs became the "in" thing. Then in the late 1940s Marilyn Monroe and Eleanor Audley and the like made the hourglass figure the new desirable norm (with the associated brief fascination of the conical breast shape colloquially called "rocket titties"), and there's been a struggle between those two 20th century standards in popular culture ever since then.

But even the most extreme of those examples are thin compared to the trend that's been going on since the early 2000s, and doubly so when you compare to the common "thicc" and "shortstack" archetypes.

By the way, don't become a history major with a crippling porn addiction.

>>Anonymous  18nov2022(fr)15:57  No.93358  L  P19R17
100 years ago women(not only women but whole sociery in general) was thinner than our days because junk food is pratically nonexistent and cars are almost nonexistent too but not anorexic, in the past women are less worried with their bodies or aging because the beauty industry was nonexistent
>>Anonymous  24nov2022(th)12:34  No.93381  M  P20R18
when you're such a pervert you think those are small tits
>>Anonymous  26nov2022(sa)13:06  No.93390  N  P21R19
Dude, that's practically a loli.
>>Anonymous  27nov2022(su)04:23  No.93395  O  P22R20
Those are at least DDs.
>>Anonymous  19dec2022(mo)18:41  No.93527  P  P23R21
DinDin! love your work man, and I'm not sure if you take requests but I figured I might as well ask
would you do something with Shauntal from BW someday? maybe getting fucked by some sort of dog pokemon, or her Jellicent maybe
or maybe you're tired of drawing pokegirls all the time, which is fair too
either way thanks for the free porn man keep up the good work
>>Anonymous  20dec2022(tu)14:43  No.93532  Q  P24R22
>do something with Shauntal from BW someday?
>>Anonymous  20dec2022(tu)14:43  No.93533  Q  P25
>do something with Shauntal from BW someday?
>maybe getting fucked by some sort of dog pokemon,
DinDin do something with Poppy SV instead.
Like her Corviknight using "Body Press" on her.
>>Anonymous  20dec2022(tu)15:32  No.93534  R  P26R23
kids baby collection 2022.

new loli studio.

more files 5.13yo.

65gb films.

download url.

>>Anonymous  14jan2023(sa)04:18  No.94883  S  P27R24
someone please delete the comment above
>>Anonymous  20jan2023(fr)19:05  No.94921  N  P28R25
You can report it at
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