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>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)21:38  No.92152  OP  P1
Creambee-anaRingu_V1.swf (9.64 MiB)
1060x997, Compressed (Deflate). 5 frames, 29 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]
>>Drillmouth Poster  22oct2022(sa)23:13  No.92153  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  23oct2022(su)00:05  No.92154  B  P3R2
good B^)
>>Anonymous  24oct2022(mo)19:52  No.92165  C  P4R3
Alright! Another masterpiece! Almost feared the guy was dead by now!
>>Anonymous  24oct2022(mo)23:52  No.92166  D  P5R4

>>Anonymous  25oct2022(tu)04:03  No.92168  E  P6R5
Look at that subtle coloring. The tasteful thickness
>>Anonymous  25oct2022(tu)04:26  No.92169  F  P7R6
OK this one is great
>>Anonymous  26oct2022(we)05:20  No.92176  G  P8R7
So greattt
Although, the orientation is fucking my mind, someone please put the tvs side by side instead of vertically D:
>>Anonymous  27oct2022(th)18:08  No.92188  H  P9R8
I don't know. Could have done without the voice acting and dual screen.
The voice doesn't sound very on character and the bottom screen makes no sense.
>>Anonymous  1nov2022(tu)04:14  No.92219  I  P10R9
is it just me or is the vagina upside down? pov is behind her however the clit is above the labia as if facing her from the front
>>Anonymous  1nov2022(tu)05:50  No.92221  J  P11R10
i don't see a clit.
>>Anonymous  2nov2022(we)05:27  No.92228  K  P12R11
Creambee is my favourite bee.
>>Anonymous  2nov2022(we)10:03  No.92230  L  P13R12
is just you, there is no clit on top
Top is dark inner flesh, then lighter lips , then a subtle pink at the bottom for clit hood.
>>Anonymous  2nov2022(we)10:05  No.92231  L  P14
The most french sounding Yamamura Sadako I've ever heard.
>>Anonymous  4nov2022(fr)04:54  No.92243  K  P15R13
ur french
>>Anonymous  7nov2022(mo)10:59  No.92325  M  P16R14
Creambee doings godswork as per usual.

Also the voice acting is godlike very well done. love this voice.
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