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>>Tecnicide  20oct2022(th)07:18  No.92131  OP  P1
What The Heck!

Hello once again!

I'm here again to present you with a kinda-sequel to a animation I made 5 months ago where I figured out how to properly make lineart in

This time it's anal!

Hopefully you guys enjoy this animation. Took me all day to make.

Cheers :D

What The Heck!.swf (31.9 KiB)
700x1000, Compressed (Deflate). 20 frames, 45 fps (00:00).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  21oct2022(fr)09:49  No.92135  A  P2R1
yep, that's a definite improvement!
>>Anonymous  21oct2022(fr)15:01  No.92136  B  P3R2
wish there was more on r34 of your stuff, you only got 2 entries there. most of it is here.
>>Anonymous  21oct2022(fr)17:55  No.92138  C  P4R3
Degenerates like on belong on the cross
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  21oct2022(fr)23:53  No.92139  D  P5R4
Looks very well done. You figured out how to draw in flash better and faster than when I started.
>>Tecnicide  22oct2022(sa)00:04  No.92140  OP  P6R5
Oh Wow!


Thank you for the Compliment Mr. Dinner.

Also I was not expecting you of all people to comment on this. Damn.

>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)15:23  No.92147  E  P7R6
Dinner is an honest boy and did the odd gay flash in the past.
Also dickgirls in his newest flash, so you two might not be so much apart as you think.
>>Anonymous  23oct2022(su)05:46  No.92159  F  P8R7

Go swallow all the pills in your medicine cabinet

>>Anonymous  25oct2022(tu)03:58  No.92167  G  P9R8
Go back to eating all the shit in your fur diaper
>>Anonymous  25oct2022(tu)19:27  No.92173  F  P10R9
>>92167 efa215f680ba2114e1.jpg

>>Anonymous  27oct2022(th)18:07  No.92187  E  P11R10
I'm not gonna open that.
You deserve to be banned for this.
>>Tecnicide  27oct2022(th)18:21  No.92189  OP  P12R11

I opened it and it's just a picture of a UNO Reverse Card.

>>Anonymous  28oct2022(fr)02:51  No.92194  F  P13R12

Uh oh I've angered the neckbeard god

>>Anonymous  29oct2022(sa)09:34  No.92199  H  P14R13
i really love your stuff Tecnicide. im so glad i discovered it!
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