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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  17oct2022(mo)07:56  No.92109  OP  P1

It's been 8,000 years.

H-On!.swf (9.55 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  17oct2022(mo)10:01  No.92110  A  P2R1
Great job, and great to see you again.
>>Anonymous  17oct2022(mo)10:07  No.92111  A  P3
Also how is Ritsu flash, and will you make another Brazil chan flash? I really love how you draw her.
>>Anonymous  17oct2022(mo)15:18  No.92113  B  P4R2
Thank you DinDin!
>>Anonymous  17oct2022(mo)16:57  No.92114  C  P5R3
time well spent! thanks <3
>>Anonymous  18oct2022(tu)04:52  No.92117  D  P6R4
Splatoon flash?
>>Anonymous  18oct2022(tu)06:02  No.92118  E  P7R5
Thanks you DinDin.
Hope if there some eggs too.
>>Anonymous  18oct2022(tu)08:46  No.92119  F  P8R6
Finally, the moment foretold by the ancient texts.
>>Anonymous  18oct2022(tu)17:15  No.92122  G  P9R7
I came here to get stick bugged.
My day is ruined.
>>Anonymous  19oct2022(we)02:10  No.92123  H  P10R8
this is so good
>>Anonymous  19oct2022(we)19:35  No.92127  I  P11R9
Great job as always DinDin!
>>Anonymous  19oct2022(we)20:53  No.92128  C  P12R10
no easter eggs that i could see. thought there might be looking at it in JPEXS, but they were part of the 'scenes' selection.

i could be wrong.

>>Anonymous  20oct2022(th)17:58  No.92134  J  P13R11
Dickgirls have always been a turnoff for me but I can appreciate the effort you put into this. The characters, humor and theme is good, I hope this isn't your last animation!
>>Anonymous  21oct2022(fr)17:17  No.92137  K  P14R12
Isn't this the Ritsu flash?
Or is there a different one planned.
>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)09:29  No.92142  L  P15R13
There's a stickbug if you click the cage-looking-thing on the middle left edge of the screen directly before the paizuri scene ("But I - Hey wait!!"). Also, there's a secret image on the final frame (7275), and some WIP stuff under 'images' in the files.

I don't know anything about flash decompiling lol

>>Anonymous  22oct2022(sa)11:47  No.92144  M  P16R14
The day DinDin became the new Zone.
Even if there's maybe a few angles in there that looks zone flash inspired.
Personally, I'm not too hot on dickgirls too, would've appreciated more traditional futa maybe.
But damn I must say, those unused scenes content looks fantastic too. Really makes me wonder what could have been. Ritsu in a more conventional setting looks kinda hot. But in the end this is definitively more befitting of the setting and you succeeded in making a zone-like parody of the source material, with sound clips minus the jar of mayonaise.

Only improvement suggestion as always: work on those pompus cum scenes. You need to splatter that splooge. The decent cum drip is good when uses effectively, but it shouldn't be the only one besides some bukkake.
Maybe some non intrusive sound effects could also help?

Cheers on your work Dinner, you earned it.

>>Anonymous  27oct2022(th)23:24  No.92190  N  P17R15
nice work DinDin!
>>Anonymous  28oct2022(fr)00:05  No.92191  O  P18R16
thanks. i was wondering what they were talking about 'stickbug'. here we call them inch worms.

may i as ask what you used to view the final frame?

>>Anonymous  28oct2022(fr)01:14  No.92192  L  P19R17
I just see that it's the final frame in the file, I'm pretty sure that there's no way to see it normally. I could be wrong though.
>>Anonymous  28oct2022(fr)01:44  No.92193  O  P20R18
ok, i won't force it out of you.
>>Anonymous  29oct2022(sa)13:17  No.92201  M  P21R19
any seeking bar does it like on media player classic or even the swfchan html wrapper
>>Anonymous  6nov2022(su)09:26  No.92265  P  P22R20
big fan mr din, youre pretty much the only reason I still visit this board
>>Anonymous  6nov2022(su)15:03  No.92267  H  P23R21
yui masturbating made my day
>>Anonymous  3jan2023(tu)00:17  No.93575  Q  P24R22
I haven't been able to view flashes in MPC since flash got shut down. All I get is the "Adobe flash player is too old" warning screen.
>>Anonymous  3jan2023(tu)18:26  No.93598  M  P25R23
Can you post like an image of the warning?
It might be that win10 fucks up your adobe installation for good.
But maybe it's just the EOL screen of flash. You need to only replace the plugin files with the ones at
Alternatively just open swf files with the adobe projector.exe. Only downside - no seekbar, but better for games anyway.
>>Anonymous  4mar2023(sa)20:47  No.96109  H  P26R24
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