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>>Anonymous  13oct2022(th)17:44  No.92071  OP  P1
tomo dressup

can someone fix this? i just decompile this and theres a lots of unused sprites.

Tomo-chan Dress Up ともちゃんふら 衣替え.swf (328.6 KiB)
500x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  14oct2022(fr)11:16  No.92079  A  P2R1
a sweet memory
>>Anonymous  14oct2022(fr)17:34  No.92080  B  P3R2
Which ones exactly?
You can undress her panties, screw her with literal black penis front and center while she stretches up her ass 90°.
That's how far I came, I don't think there's anything past that.
>>Anonymous  14oct2022(fr)18:25  No.92081  C  P4R3
one thing to fix is removing the grey circle censoring 'shape'. i also don't see unused sprites. can you elaborate?
>>Anonymous  15oct2022(sa)04:36  No.92088  OP  P5R4
i can see other kind of clothes and cumshot sprites. and theres no any cum option in this file
>>Anonymous  16oct2022(su)15:17  No.92104  D  P6R5
this remember me the days when im discovered the meaning of the word mastubation, althrough im mastubated before discovered the meaning of this word
>>Anonymous  16oct2022(su)21:07  No.92105  E  P7R6
>>Anonymous  16oct2022(su)21:59  No.92106  C  P8R7
ain't clickin that shit my dude. xD
>>Anonymous  17oct2022(mo)06:54  No.92108  A  P9R8
what is that?
>>Anonymous  17oct2022(mo)11:29  No.92112  OP  P10R9
very trustworthy link, my man.
>>Anonymous  18oct2022(tu)16:44  No.92121  F  P11R10
Damn, what a blast from the past.
>>Anonymous  19oct2022(we)14:48  No.92126  G  P12R11
Breaking News!
According to [random guy on newgrounds in 2015] there IS a cumshot in this it just never gets triggered because the author forgot to link a frame in the MovieClip I tried using ffdec but couldn't figure out how to actually add to the script just edit, will some brave anon edit this flash and end 20 actual years of blue balls?
will someone else immediately ask for a white skin edit of the censored/black dicks?
Find out next time on DBZ

 Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 22-26-08 Banana Erotica.png

>>Anonymous  20oct2022(th)01:32  No.92129  OP  P13R12
sauce link plz?
>>Anonymous  20oct2022(th)02:49  No.92130  H  P14R13
>7 years later
>>Anonymous  20oct2022(th)10:30  No.92132  A  P15R14
too late
>>Anonymous  6nov2022(su)23:23  No.92311  I  P16R15
>>Anonymous  23nov2022(we)20:02  No.93379  A  P17R16
where did you find it?
>>Anonymous  14dec2022(we)20:50  No.93471  J  P18R17
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