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>>Tecnicide  14sep2022(we)01:22  No.91866  OP  P1
Ohh Noo! vFinal

Greetings guys and gals!

I'm here to present to you the finished version of the game!

This shouldn't took as long as it did. It was supposed to be completed a week ago but laziness hit me like a truck.

Don't really anymore updates to this as I no longer have the motivation
to make more updates for this.

But anyways here's the features and changes added:

-New options for Scene 2 And 3! (Two for Scene 2 and one for Scene 3.)

-Added the toilet paper dispenser for Scene 1 and two because scene 3 had it and I don't want that glaring error being unresolved.

-Removed the "normal" button for the first part of Scene2 and replaced it.

-Recolored the text for the "Skip" button to make it stand out more with the toilet.

That's about all. Hope you guys enjoy this. :D

Ohh Noo! vFinal.swf (161 KiB)
800x900, Compressed (Deflate). 37 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Drillmouth Poster  14sep2022(we)05:00  No.91867  A  P2R1
Absolutely amazing!
>>Anonymous  17sep2022(sa)06:57  No.91877  B  P3R2
bravo dude!
>>Anonymous  20sep2022(tu)06:23  No.91900  C  P4R3
This is a superbe work.
>>Anonymous  21sep2022(we)02:09  No.91903  D  P5R4
weird. it made me rock hard so i guess its good
>>Anonymous  3oct2022(mo)05:53  No.91997  E  P6R5
-2/10. Remove the dick.
>>Anonymous  3oct2022(mo)20:49  No.92002  F  P7R6
remove yourself
>>Anonymous  4oct2022(tu)19:14  No.92008  G  P8R7
off yourself
>>Anonymous  5oct2022(we)00:36  No.92011  H  P9R8
what about some tags to people dodge some nasty things you do sometimes?
>>Anonymous  5oct2022(we)06:04  No.92014  I  P10R9
oh hell nah keep the nasty shit coming
>>Anonymous  5oct2022(we)15:47  No.92015  E  P11R10
You first.
>>Anonymous  6oct2022(th)20:10  No.92022  J  P12R11
cry more
>>Anonymous  7oct2022(fr)06:11  No.92023  I  P13R12
>>Anonymous  7oct2022(fr)13:22  No.92025  G  P14
+voice your positive opinion about gay ass OP flash
>you answer normally
+voice your negative opinion about gay ass OP flash
You are the problem.
>>Anonymous  7oct2022(fr)14:07  No.92026  E  P15R13
>>Anonymous  7oct2022(fr)19:45  No.92027  K  P16R14
except that it's the literally the opposite, others were telling him to go look elsewhere for non-futa stuff, and he responded by telling them to go kill themselves

you could argue that the way he was told to fuck off is rude but it's only as rude as his "negative opinion"

>>Anonymous  8oct2022(sa)15:30  No.92031  G  P17R15
+ people like stuff I like posted here
>They must be genuine visitors of this board.
+ people don't like the stuff I like posted here
>They surely must be trolls only coming here to purposely offend and insult me personally!
Why do all those terrible fetishes think they own the place?
I remember the loli flashes getting posted and nobody had any problem with throwing deathwishes at anyone not condemning the fetish into the ground.
Feel free to post your shit here and like it and whatnot, but don't believe that this is going to become your hugbox for a second.
>>Anonymous  9oct2022(su)01:52  No.92034  K  P18R16
Hey, I'm not the one crying about seeing things that I don't like. But you do you my man.
>>Anonymous  9oct2022(su)06:52  No.92036  L  P19R17
Please tell me you have somewhere you post all your works to. I love them all so much
>>Anonymous  10oct2022(mo)06:16  No.92044  I  P20R18

Imagine voicing your internal monologue so much and not a single person here gives a fuck lmao

>>Anonymous  10oct2022(mo)14:52  No.92050  G  P21R19
Seethe all you want, nigger.
It will not make people accept your gay shit.
>>Anonymous  10oct2022(mo)20:09  No.92054  I  P22R20

Sounds like you're the one seething here

>>Tecnicide  10oct2022(mo)20:38  No.92055  OP  P23R21
The hell did I just came back to?
>>Anonymous  11oct2022(tu)03:08  No.92056  I  P24R22
People upset about not knowing that they don't have to click or view something on the internet.
>>Anonymous  11oct2022(tu)19:53  No.92063  G  P25R23
see >>92031
I click on every new upload on swfchan.
If it's something I like, I comment that.
If it's something I don't, I comment that.
But for you the thought that other people request OP doing not gay stuff might be too much to handle. Because you are only allowed to comment on shit that you like, so you're meager ego isn't destroyed when others call you out on it.

I would have left it at a single comment of dislike, if you (and others presumably) wouldn't instantly lash out on that.

Don't let it get to you, OP. Your OC is always welcome.
I just prefer your not gay stuff.

>>Anonymous  11oct2022(tu)20:18  No.92064  M  P26R24
I love it, period.
>>Anonymous  11oct2022(tu)21:54  No.92065  N  P27R25

"Oh shit I'm gonna get this guy good and defend my own opinion on an internet porn thread involving urethral penetration"

>>Anonymous  12oct2022(we)00:03  No.92066  N  P28
Granted, the urethral is my favorite part
>>Anonymous  7jan2023(sa)07:03  No.93658  O  P29R26
I don't know what the fuck is your obssession with fucking futas and fucking their dick instead of fucking their ass but at least this it the best of your current animations, only one I could actually enjoy.
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