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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  21aug2022(su)06:56  No.91670  OP  P1
The Return of WTDinner

Sorry for making you guys wait so much for something.

I have a twitter for you to follow me for updates. I know some of you wanted me to post one. Just um.. ignore the earlier posts.

I also have a Mega with all of my works in it for you to enjoy. I update this too with new flashes when they're done. kdSvA/folder/ShgT3CxL

Here's an extra Dawn too. I really want to post more stuff for you guys soon.

The Great Marsh.swf (2.12 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  21aug2022(su)13:07  No.91672  A  P2R1
Dat's some good Dawn!
DinDin your work is wonderful
>>Kneegrow  21aug2022(su)16:22  No.91675  B  P3R2
Wow that was a welcome surprise!
Also I had no idea you had a twitter, i only use that cesspool of a site for game news and smut.
Keep up the good shit but dont work yourself to the bone man.
>>Anonymous  21aug2022(su)17:03  No.91676  C  P4R3
Oh yeah here we gooooo.
>>Anonymous  21aug2022(su)22:36  No.91678  D  P5R4
He is the messiah!
>>Anonymous  22aug2022(mo)18:51  No.91684  E  P6R5
This is the best news i got this year ... you opening a twitter
Finally a reason to leave this site forever
>>---  22aug2022(mo)19:10  No.91685  F  P7R6
>>Anonymous  22aug2022(mo)20:12  No.91686  G  P8R7
she has a free hand and doesn't seem to be resisting the 'treatment'. :p
>>Anonymous  22aug2022(mo)23:01  No.91688  H  P9R8
Walcome back
>>Anonymous  23aug2022(tu)06:42  No.91690  I  P10R9

we are in desperate need for Puyo Puyo porn, that series has so many cute girls, I hope you do more for Ringo and maybe even Amitie!

>>Anonymous  23aug2022(tu)17:02  No.91700  J  P11R10
I hope the next flash actually has a joke in it
>>Anonymous  24aug2022(we)01:20  No.91702  K  P12R11
Why the fuck has everything dinner has ever uploaded individually been better than everything the multimillion dollar gamefreak has done in the past five years combined?
>>Anonymous  24aug2022(we)05:24  No.91703  L  P13R12
Whats the Puyo flash named?
>>Anonymous  24aug2022(we)05:51  No.91704  L  P14
Dinner you should really finish that Akko one. Or both.
>>Anonymous  24aug2022(we)20:25  No.91706  M  P15R13
Thanks DinDin!
>>Anonymous  24aug2022(we)22:46  No.91707  C  P16R14
Dinner is just the natural evolution of things. The perfection of the concept.
Gamefreak has steadily devolved the gameplay and increase the waifu factor of their games.

Dinner just takes this concept to the next step, the logical extreme and makes straight up porn with the same style and charme to it.
This is what gamefreak set out to be, what they sacrificed their games for, but are too afraid to produce, because it's obviously not as marketable towards children.
They just blueball you, but Dinner gets it, he got your back.

>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  24aug2022(we)23:41  No.91708  N  P17R15
Wow i didnt know you liked my garbage flashes THAT much lmao.

What kind of jokes do you like?

>>Anonymous  26aug2022(fr)01:46  No.91715  O  P18R16
Nah, this stuff is great. The art style is captured perfectly, love that the features aren't exaggerated like so many others.

Hits exactly the right spot of nostalgia for both Pokemon and the early days of Newgrounds where each flash had some secret to uncover.

>>Kneegrow  26aug2022(fr)17:18  No.91719  B  P19R17
Could not have said it better myself.
>>Anonymous  26aug2022(fr)18:03  No.91720  J  P20R18
I dont know if this was meant to be a some sort of gotcha but your Pokegirl flashes and others had some kind of humor in them
>misty gets pissed at you for peeping
>the bad moneyshot in serena vs. pokenerd
>the whole sabrina easter egg
etc. or even that one Star Wars song parody with the yeti
A lot of the new flashes feel like porn loops and your personality isn't anywhere in them
>>Anonymous  26aug2022(fr)18:35  No.91721  P  P21R19
What? His newest flashes are either unfinished or "bonus" flashes. His last actually completed flashes are the uncollected Super Smash a Pokegirl ones, which I agree are lacking in easter eggs, but definitely have his personality and humour in them.
>>Anonymous  27aug2022(sa)01:59  No.91725  Q  P22R20
>>Anonymous  27aug2022(sa)07:47  No.91730  R  P23R21
this isn't really relevant, to this, but I found cumming animations in your [09] MINGE flash, but for the life of my I cannot trigger them. do they even have a trigger? that flash looks rather rougher than your later works, so I figure you might not have fully finished that one
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  27aug2022(sa)09:44  No.91731  OP  P24R22
Dude i dont even remember what i ate for breakfast yesterday lol
>>Anonymous  27aug2022(sa)17:08  No.91736  S  P25R23
I'm not joking when I say that I actually went through every Route 10 remixes on YouTube just so I can find the one you used in your Hilda animation. The flamenco piece was just that good.

Thankfully, you have an archive for every music used now.

>>Anonymous  27aug2022(sa)20:15  No.91740  Q  P26R24
>>Anonymous  27aug2022(sa)21:55  No.91741  T  P27R25
I don't blame you for getting suckered by NFT's but I am sad that you wasted your time making them
>>Anonymous  28aug2022(su)13:31  No.91743  U  P28R26
press c to cum
>>Anonymous  28aug2022(su)22:34  No.91746  Q  P29R27
nice work dindin
>>Anonymous  29aug2022(mo)02:15  No.91748  V  P30R28
I want to enter DinDin's fuck land (anus).
>>Anonymous  29aug2022(mo)13:46  No.91755  Q  P31R29
oh yeah
>>Anonymous  30aug2022(tu)18:39  No.91762  W  P32R30
pokemon gals love to use their pokemons to masturbate
>>Anonymous  5sep2022(mo)19:22  No.91807  C  P33R31
Wait, there's like 6 new flashes on h-flash.
Did I miss something? I seriously hope you post everything on here as well Dinner.
>>Anonymous  6sep2022(tu)07:41  No.91815  V  P34R32
I have a bunch images that aren't in the archive. Should I put it in a Catbox link? I don't have/want a MEGA account.
>>Anonymous  6sep2022(tu)12:47  No.91816  X  P35R33
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  6sep2022(tu)15:17  No.91817  N  P36R34
I dont post on h-flash. Those are some of the quickie flashes in the mega someone else is uploading. I think only the mod of that site is able to upload stuff there.
What images?
>>Anonymous  6sep2022(tu)18:02  No.91818  Y  P37R35
For what's its worth, I think all of his NFTs are all pretty charming and endearing. Granted, I didn't buy any, probably the first and last time purchasing a NFT will ever cross my mind.
>>Anonymous  6sep2022(tu)22:40  No.91822  V  P38R36
nsfw drawings i saved
>>Anonymous  7sep2022(we)21:16  No.91825  V  P39
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  8sep2022(th)08:57  No.91837  N  P40R37
Dude.. i havent seen these in forever. I assume you used some kind of archive? There are two that arent mine but the rest are so good work saving them all.
>>Anonymous  9sep2022(fr)08:39  No.91840  V  P41R38
It took cross-referencing multiple archives and dead links. I wish i could've saved more. But imgs get deleted and archives go down. There's sfw imgs also.
>>Anonymous  10sep2022(sa)08:19  No.91847  Z  P42R39
Hey... there is a way to remove the censor on the Laputa animation?
>>weewoo  28oct2022(fr)10:05  No.92195  AA  P43R40
Is there a flash available for that Ajna tentacle pic in the screenshots folder? Because if so, I can't find it. Thanks in advance.
>>Anonymous  10feb2023(fr)09:52  No.95036  AB  P44R41
nice collection! and bump~
>>Anonymous  18feb2023(sa)02:05  No.95060  AC  P45R42
What game is the pixel girl with pigtails from?
>>Anonymous  18feb2023(sa)10:18  No.95062  V  P46R43
A loli game DinDin made in 2015 called "Pigtails", it was for a /vg/ thread probably /agdg/. I found it diving the archives years ago. Can't find the thread or link anymore but I saved it. I ripped the tileset with a decompiler and animated it in Aesprite.


>>Anonymous  3mar2023(fr)06:20  No.96100  AD  P47R44
What the dickens!? W.T Dinner I haven't seen before?
Upload that and link it please.
gofile works with the least nonsense these days
>>Anonymous  7mar2023(tu)10:35  No.96123  AD  P48
Best I could find is the cover art via yandex web cache the game itself is baleeted from gamejolt


>>Anonymous  9mar2023(th)08:35  No.96126  V  P49R45
Okay, for archiving's sake. I don't know if Dinner has the files anymore. Might be lost. 682-bd5b-a82be8b99a87/Pigtails.rar

They also didn't add the images I saved to the Mega yet. >>91825 (Maybe they forgot.)

>>Anonymous  9mar2023(th)13:06  No.96127  C  P50R46
>>Anonymous  12mar2023(su)11:44  No.96144  AD  P51R47
Nice thanks for uploading but you activated my autism card
>find gamejolt archive on internet archive
>download 1.2GB of text files listing everything in ~70x100GB archives
>grep through them to find reference to pigtails
>download the relevant 100GB warc archive
>extract it and get v0.4
I have no idea what changed between 0.3 and 0.4
link for 0.4
in the words of rich evans "no one is ever really gone"
>>Anonymous  14mar2023(tu)07:09  No.96156  V  P52R48
That's awesome dude. I think there was other games.
There's was a RPG where you played a lumberjack girl.
I don't think it had any porn however so I didn't save it.

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