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>>Malos  7apr2022(th)04:56  No.89282  OP  P1
This one's for you,Raven body guy

I went through the trouble of figuring out how to remove various aspects of swfs and going through a few dodgy places to get some old software until I found I was a dumbass and just needed one.

Long story short, I removed the blocking borders from the vid, and the darkening filter on the final "secret" scene cause it was distracting, now that some parts weren't flashing. That, and the guy wanted to see more of her body.

Hope you like, Raven body guy.

Raven Lets Looser.swf (4.25 MiB)
620x1100, Compressed (Deflate). 953 frames, 24 fps (00:40).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Malos  7apr2022(th)04:58  No.89283  OP  P2
Trying to resize the flash in the file itself caused issues, but you can either stretch out your flash projector or use the link player to resize that way.
>>Anonymous  7apr2022(th)07:18  No.89285  A  P3R1
>>ravens body guy  8apr2022(fr)03:24  No.89291  B  P4R2
you absolute handsome chad thank you
>>Malos  9apr2022(sa)02:52  No.89299  OP  P5R3
I ended up actually making a working version with the sides stretched and a background that filled the space, but SWFchan didn't like it for whatever reason. I dropped it on fourchan's /f/ board, so I hope you get a chance to grab it.
>>Anonymous  9apr2022(sa)22:29  No.89302  C  P6R4


>>Anonymous  9apr2022(sa)22:43  No.89303  D  P7R5

>>Anonymous  10apr2022(su)02:52  No.89304  E  P8R6
nobody wants real women. we want fictional women -like raven and starfire- because they aren't contentious, and a variety of other reasons.
>>Anonymous  11apr2022(mo)06:07  No.89305  F  P9R7
fuck off glowie
>>ravens body guy  11apr2022(mo)18:47  No.89310  B  P10R8
have you got a link malos i cant find it?
>>ravens body guy  11apr2022(mo)18:52  No.89311  B  P11
dw its on swfchan
>>Malos  12apr2022(tu)00:07  No.89313  OP  P12R9
Oh good, I was afraid it was lost after the thread poofed. Something is weird in its data but it works, regardless.
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