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>>Anonymous  28mar2022(mo)23:49  No.89190  OP  P1
hell dong134

hell dong134

1449327_hell.swf (12.56 MiB)
600x1100, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver44, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  29apr2022(fr)23:37  No.89601  A  P2R1

Damn, that guy knows how to do porn games, this one was very well made, hope he will do one for every character in the game

>>Malos  3may2022(tu)05:26  No.89656  B  P3R2
Idk if there's a translation already for this, but I tried my hand at it and it's quite a strange one. really great art though. Korean is a whole different animal from Japanese in how dumb it is raw translated.
>>Anonymous  2jun2022(th)13:37  No.90842  C  P4R3
someone already translated this but if anyone knows how to implement the translation
into the flash itself, please try.

machine translation

Do you resent me? Don't be so upset. You didn't come in all the crap I said, did you?
I really surprised ... Because "Harem" is the only reason you stepped into the abyss.
What a fool! But honestly, It's my pleasure to meet you in person.
Cause I was getting tired of this endless darkness and loneliness.
Now I got an interesting toy, you. And the pancake I got as a gift was also the best.
... Right! For a change, I'll grant you a wish in return for your pancakes. What do you want from me?

SEX / SEX ?!!

Ha...What a fool! ... I'm the monarch? You know?
You remind me of the old days. There were a lot of idiots who wanted the same thing at that time.
And I said, "Filthy things defile honor." and I killed them relentlessly. But I'll give you a second chance.
Since I don't want to break my only toy with my own hands. ... ... Are you listening? W... Wait!!
What are you doing... Are you a pervert?... Take it easy...... Stop... Wait...!! ...!? Haa... Haa...
Enough... ♡... ♡... Haa... W... Wait!!... D... Don't cum inside! Hold!!... ♡... Haa...♡ S... Stop...♡!...
Haa... Haa...♡


Haaa...♡ Haa...♡ You must be out of mind. How obscene are you? ... You're such a...
What?! ...?...!? Are you sure?! Again?! I'm tired now... !?... ...♡ ... ♡... ♡...... ♡...... ...♡ ... ??? :

Helltaker, Wake up! Are you going to sleep all day? Were you having a ridiculous dream?
Ah, The reason I wake you up? I'm hungry. Get me some sweet stuff, please?
Hmm? Why the strange face? Ah~Ah... Did I interrupt your sweet dreams? My apology. Isn't it enough?
Hurry up. Move for your baby in my womb, papa?


>>Anonymous  9jun2022(th)00:10  No.90881  D  P5R4
needs font change as far as i can tell. outside my n00b editing skills.
>>---  9jun2022(th)01:47  No.90882  E  P6R5
if you will give me each exact line, i can do it
text is separated to each phrase inside flash, so i cant just copy+paste
>>Anonymous  9jun2022(th)03:24  No.90884  F  P7R6
password? I forgot, I know the most complete password has been the same in all his games. but I forgot.
>>Anonymous  9jun2022(th)03:36  No.90885  F  P8
>>Anonymous  9jun2022(th)03:39  No.90886  F  P9
nvm was thinking of some other game lol
>>Anonymous  9jun2022(th)09:55  No.90887  C  P10R7
ok gimme a day.
>>Anonymous  9jun2022(th)16:12  No.90888  C  P11
* each line is separated by one click
* I changed up some words based on Beelz speaking manner
* english is my 2nd language
* if you use different words to a more lady like narrator type that'd be great
* don't use my direct translate as is, it'll be engrish level cringe

1. Do you resent me?

2. Don't be too upset

3. You didn't come in here believing all that crap I said, did you?

4. I was really surprised

5. The only reason you stepped into the abyss was for your "Demon Harem"

= note machine direct translate ahead =
6. it's really endless but ... ( or something like "How foolish...but "/ "Rather foolish but..." )

7. honestly, I'm happy to meet you ( "honestly, it's a pleasure to meet you in person / the flesh" )

8. with this terrible darkness and loneliness, I was tired ( "I tire of this endless darkness and loneliness" )

9. from my point of view, there was a fun toy ( "Now an interesting new toy stands before me")

10. the pancake I received as a gift as a bonus was the best ( And those pancakes I got as a bonus/extra gift earlier were sublime)

11. ...

12. okay! ( alright! / right! / Oh I know! )

13. the pancake I received before, let me listen to a wish in return ( in exchange for the pancakes I will grant you a wish in return )

14. Do you need something? ( so what do you wish for? / so what do you desire? )
Sex / Sex

15. ?!!

16. Ha...what stupid? ( Ha...How foolish are you? / Ha...Are you a fool? *or something questioning his answer* )

17. ...

18. Am I monarch? Do you know? ( you are aware I'm a monarch yes? / are you aware that I'm a monarch of this realm? )

19. I remember when I sign a contract last day ( you remind of the old times )

20. an idiot who thinks like you, there were more than I thought ( many foolish humans have asked the same )

21. everytime! , "the garbage that defile the honor of the monarch" ( And everytime, I said "Filth such as you defile my honor"

22. under the name of, I killed it all away ( then I slaughtered them all without mercy )

23. I give you a chance once more ( But I'll grant you mercy and give you another chance. )

24. there is only one toy, I don't want to destroy it with my hands ( be grateful as I don't wish to break the only toy I've got with my own hands )

25. ...

26. black screen* ...

27. black screen* did you hear it? ( are you even listening? / have you not heard a word I said?

28. black screen* swear! .. now .. wait!! ( I swear if you .. now now .. w....wait!! )

*this one is up to you ho you wanna edit it.
29. black screen* #! .. # .. wait!! ( something dot dot protest dot dot wait idk )

30. eating ass* what are you doing?!...

31. eating ass smiling* are you kinky?... (are you a pervert?...)

32. black screen* calm... ( calm down/ take it easy/calm yourself... )

33. black screen* soundeffects!?... ( probably a moan or gasp )

34. black screen* stop...wait...!!

35. black screen* ...!?

36. sex scene from behind*

37. haa...haa..

38. front scene* stop...

39. sfx♡ ...

40. oh♡...haa...

41. back scene*

42. front scene* taker...wait a minute!!!...

43. Ah..can't be wrapped inside! (Ah D... Don't cum inside!)

44. wait!!.. ( or more like "hold it! " )

45. back scene* sfx♡ ...

46. Ha...♡

47. T..That..♡ sfx! ... ( S...Stop Mmph♡! )

48. Haa...Haa...♡ SUCCESS

49. leaking scene* Ha...Huh!♡

50. I'm not sane. ( are you insane? / are you out of your mind? / you must be mad... )

51. How pervert ( how obscene/perverted are you? )

52. back scene* ...

53. front scene* You are... ( You're such a... )

54. uh?! ( surprised "what the..." moment*)

55. back scene* ..uh? ...uh?!

56. front scene* do you know?! ( are you sure?! )

57. do you do it again?! ( again?! )

58. I can't do it anymore ... ( I'm exhausted )

59. back scene* Hiiik!? ... ( some surprise squeak sound!?)

60. front scene* nothing..moaningsfx*♡ ( I think it means "no more/ enough" )

61. Ugh♡...

62. back scene* Ugh♡...

63. sfx♡... Nb... ( sexy sound♡... NB?... *idk insert more sexy sounds maybe* )

64. front scene* Ah♡...Ah...

65. Ah..Oh♡

66. black screen* ...

67. ???: Wake up and help.

68. How many hours are you sleeping? ( eh something classy lady would say about you sleeping in idk )

69. Didn't you have a ridiculous dream?

70. What is it? ( something something wuts up? )

71. Hungry

72. I ask for some sweets please. ( I guess refer to the machine translation the other anon posted to get an idea )

73. huh? why is it? ( the translation from the other post should suffice "Hmm? Why the strange face?" )

74. Ah ~ Ah ...

75. I'm sorry to interfere with the sleep ( Oh sorry did I interrupt your sweet dreams? *I guess this works )

76. Not apologize ( Is my apology not enough? *I guess playfully* )

77. Isn't it this much? ( not sure how this translates )

78. It's moving quickly ( maybe refering to the baby moving / maybe asking you to get a move on for the baby )

79. Should I think about children in my stomach? ( Eh you guys can o better than me I'll leave this for you to interpret )



>>---  9jun2022(th)20:21  No.90889  E  P12R8
>>---  9jun2022(th)21:07  No.90890  E  P13
well, i dont have SO much spare time to write a novel like text for that swf) eng is my 2nd lang aswell
>>Malos  9jun2022(th)21:53  No.90892  G  P14R9
Well shit if you're going to do that, I'd be remiss not to try to work it in. I already went and got the right fonts during my attempt but a proper translation like this might be helpful.

In the files itself, the order isn't nearly so cut and dry so I'll see what I can do lmao.

>>Anonymous  10jun2022(fr)09:03  No.90896  H  P15R10
Dong134 AKA Mew Games is one of those guys who makes pretty good demos and then he fucking drops it after the 0.9 version and calls it "completed" while it's still a broken mess. Which is a shame, 'cause the dude has talent and makes good stuff.
>>---  11jun2022(sa)06:41  No.90901  E  P16R11
yolo, feel free to do it, i wasnt planing on touching that stuff until weekend anyway
>>Anonymous  12jun2022(su)15:23  No.90913  I  P17R12
So true, Mr. H.
>>Anonymous  13jun2022(mo)06:14  No.90916  C  P18R13
I love it when the internet comes together to do stuff.
>>Anonymous  13jun2022(mo)18:13  No.90919  I  P19R14
Yeah, still remember when all the anons in a thread used their hivemind to solve some very obscure shitpost touhou moonrunes point&click adventure. Those were the times.
>>Anonymous  22jun2022(we)09:49  No.91016  C  P20R15
keeping this alive.
>>Malos  23jun2022(th)03:30  No.91026  J  P21R16
Working on it.

Swfchan was down for a while so I couldn't grab the translations till this week, and I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the text placements and such. Lots of numbers to fine tune and what not, after all.

Should be posted in an hour or so.

 You aren't angry are you.jpg

>>Malos  23jun2022(th)04:44  No.91029  J  P22
Finished, woof.


The flash is up! hope ya'll enjoy.

>>Anonymous  25jun2022(sa)15:32  No.91065  C  P23R17
Created: 28/3 -2022 23:49:43 Last modified: 28/6 -2022 11:27:26 Server time: 28/06 -2022 11:51:56