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>>Anonymous  5mar2022(sa)11:03  No.88932  OP  P1
1344912447438.swf (6.09 MiB)
700x400, Compressed (Deflate). 6634 frames, 30 fps (03:41).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  5mar2022(sa)16:02  No.88935  A  P2R1
this is 'Fever X.swf' by minus8.
>>Anonymous  29mar2022(tu)08:01  No.89194  B  P3R2
Thank you!
>>Anonymous  29mar2022(tu)20:15  No.89221  C  P4R3
actually 10r.swf
>>Anonymous  1jul2022(fr)14:03  No.91106  D  P5R4
nice job minus8.
>>Anonymous  1jul2022(fr)15:17  No.91107  A  P6R5
too bad he's stopped making flashes. :(
>>Anonymous  3jul2022(su)01:35  No.91149  E  P7R6
He came back on Newgrounds, you can find him here
>>Anonymous  3jul2022(su)08:25  No.91150  A  P8R7
thanks. i know he still makes art, but no longer releases flash.
>>Anonymous  13jul2022(we)23:19  No.91255  F  P9R8
Ah yea the time -8 still drew normal sized tits. Now he only draws huge melons and the wemens bods look all the same with different hair.
>>Anonymous  15jul2022(fr)03:38  No.91275  G  P10R9
>>91255 because people kept whining about loli/shota shit and he got brainwashed into thinking he was a pedo, now he draws supermodels dressed as video game characters because all the child molesters projected onto him too hard
dude used to be the GOAT and now he's washed up
>>Anonymous  17jul2022(su)17:23  No.91298  C  P11R10
Yikes, that's what happens if you let the SJWs get to you.
Shame they had to attack a mentally unstable person like this.
I wasn't too hot on his earlier gay stuff either, but the man can draw whatever he goddamn pleases.
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