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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  1mar2022(tu)06:39  No.88825  OP  P1
Amour TV

Hello there. How are you doing?
Happy Pokémon Day! Well I came as close as I could, right?

So there is good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm finally done with Super Smash a Pokegirl Brawl. The bad news is that due to a very stinky bug, you won't be getting them in compilation form.
Instead, please enjoy all 6 of them as their own individual files! All in their intro-less glory.
Oh and yes, I'm still working on a bunch of other things so please be patient. I have some things that aren't Pokemon related that I would also like to show you. For right now, however, please enjoy ash fucking serena while fortnite is playing on the tv.

Amour TV.swf (12.47 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)07:39  No.88831  A  P2R1
Thank you Din. Hats off to you. Also how is Ritsu flash progress?
>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)10:26  No.88832  B  P3R2
Return of the King!
>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)14:35  No.88833  C  P4R3
>>Kneegrow  1mar2022(tu)16:01  No.88836  D  P5R4
Eyoo thats pretty poggers Din-Din!
>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)16:51  No.88837  E  P6R5
Oh yes.
>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)17:12  No.88839  F  P7R6
Thank you for turning this shitty day into a extraordinary one
>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)19:15  No.88844  G  P8R7
Did I die and is this heaven? There are like 5 new Dinner flashes out of nowhere. WTF did I miss?
>>Anonymous  2mar2022(we)04:34  No.88860  H  P9R8
Sorry to hear that Brawl wasn't able to be completed in a single file but I'm glad the rest you worked on were still released!

Do you have any plans to make a "cleaned up" version of Brawl as the final version? Like something with the extra roster slots cut out so that it's just the 6 characters, and maybe finish up some of the left over scenes in the last version, like the unfinished Misty or Sonia scenes found via the decompiler?

>>Anonymous  2mar2022(we)05:30  No.88863  I  P10R9
DinDin you absolute god.

Thank you.

>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  2mar2022(we)05:50  No.88865  OP  P11R10
Oh you found Sonia? I didn't know you could do that lol

It's a maybe for all of those. I would still like to release the complete thing with the new ones in it as well but I need to learn more actionscript before I can do that so no promises. And yeah I would like to polish some of these up too at some point. If you've noticed, some of the scenes in the serena flash are very empty looking and devoid of much detail. This is because I intended to add much more to the scenes. Also, I forgot to add the music details at the start of the song too.
And It's not only Misty who has unfinished scenes but Lyra has a couple too that I didn't really like so I left them out.
Again, no promises!

I'm glad you guys like it so much. Still working on it btw.

>>Anonymous  2mar2022(we)10:14  No.88867  J  P12R11
Thanks for your reply, I hope Ritsu flash will be your magnum opus.

Best of luck Din!

>>Ero_F  2mar2022(we)21:45  No.88878  K  P13R12
I hope you get to the finished product, but take your time man. You've already done a great job!
>>Anonymous  3mar2022(th)04:19  No.88883  L  P14R13
Click the right TV antenna 10 times really fast for Cassidy X Weedle anal
>>Anonymous  4mar2022(fr)14:42  No.88907  M  P15R14
Is she sure that's ash she's fucking in the dark? Skin color seems a little dark. Where's Brock?
Actually searching for Brock makes me realizing his skin color is a bit all over the place.

This one was nice Din, and here's a compliment for no intro as well! Don't think I don't appreciate it!

>>Anonymous  6mar2022(su)01:46  No.88946  N  P16R15
When it first starts or on a different scene? Cause I can't get it to show up.
>>Anonymous  6mar2022(su)15:15  No.88963  G  P17R16
Troll or legit?
>>Anonymous  6mar2022(su)19:52  No.88966  O  P18R17
What genre of music would you say this is? Vaporwave?
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  7mar2022(mo)01:59  No.88968  OP  P19R18
City Pop


>>Anonymous  8mar2022(tu)07:59  No.88979  P  P20R19
I am curious though, will we perhaps get a version that's just Korrina? I like how much smoother her animation is compared to Serena (also has better scenes)
>>Anonymous  19mar2022(sa)12:32  No.89108  Q  P21R20
What are the songs that play in this?
>>Anonymous  20mar2022(su)01:18  No.89118  R  P22R21
Among the first ones i recognize , the rest are probably made by the same guy
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