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>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)04:47  No.88824  OP  P1
PPPPU Animated Mod

>I wonder why that other anon just dropped those other two characters and vanished...
Anyways, this one should complete the pack, but it's not complete, as I lack the knowledge on SWF editing, so if some other anon wants to continue messing around, go ahead.
This is a mod to ACHAR_BlsM.swf, posted some months ago, but nobody even knew how to run those animations. I couldn't include that screen explaining how to insert this file to run in PPPPUXi, as this was done on top of that swf.

Also, does anyone know if there is anything floating around the Internet to use with PPPPUXi, aside from Discord uploads?

ACHAR_Bbls.swf (259.8 KiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  3mar2022(th)10:06  No.88887  A  P2R1
Nice work anon, I'm surprised someone made another edit. What do you mean by "this one should complete the pack"? I wasn't aware that someone uploaded a Buttercup version, let alone a semi-completed version of the original. The only version of the file that is in the archives of this site is the old beta CHARblsM.swf, do you happen to have the ACHAR_BlsM.swf file still or did you simply confuse the names due to how the files are named?

To answer your second question, the PPPPUXi discord was nuked a few months back and I don't know of any other discord, twitter, or etc...that would fit what your looking for outside of some very insular modding discords that are impossible to get in unless you know someone on the inside. If I find something out I'll post my findings here, for now all I have is this twitter profile created by the old owners of the previous PPPPUXi discord

>>Anonymous  4mar2022(fr)05:14  No.88899  B  P3R2
the discord wasn't nuked, it just got a warning from discord. It's still up.
>>Anonymous  4mar2022(fr)10:29  No.88901  OP  P4R3
thx for the kind answer, the Buttercup one is named CBTC (#221176)
and unfortunately, CHARBlsM is incomplete too (I think I got confused here), I guess there are two scenes that still remain unfinished, all I did was remove those unfinished scenes and added a blowjob scene from one of the incomplete betas.

About the Discord group, it was deactivated but there's a new server invite link that people are entering,
They said that it would be deactivated for a reason I don't remember, and they created this new server to rejoin. (For obvious reasons this can't be uploaded on their server, and I'm okay with it, that's why I decided to shamelessly ask here, and contribute a little to all of us)

And thanks, if I had more free time to figure out how to edit those SWFs, I'd try to make more stuff to load on PPPPUXi

>>Anonymous  11mar2022(fr)07:40  No.89005  C  P5R4
Ah thanks anon, I didn't know a new discord was up. Certainly didn't find in anywhere on their twitter unless I'm blind and missed it.

I would take a shot of updating the other two versions myself but that won't be for a long while due to my own lack of free time. I'd encourage you to continue working on updating the Buttercup and Blossom if you can. You've done an excellent job on Bubbles and I'd think you can do a good job for the others

>>Anonymous  25jun2022(sa)02:37  No.91061  D  P6R5
we need to create a discord for more obscure mods like these, cuz only mod-approved ones are posted on the discord. all there like cutie mark crusaders are not on there.
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