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>>Anonymous  9jan2022(su)03:57  No.88448  OP  P1
Creambee SplootoonV2 (White).swf (13.03 MiB)
997x997, Compressed (Deflate). 30 frames, 29 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  9jan2022(su)06:41  No.88452  A  P2R1
that vagina color is nightmare fuel
also why pick the sickliest version of white?
>>Anonymous  13jan2022(th)00:46  No.88471  B  P3R2
because we are whitewashing all the things, it doesn't need to look good. just has to be white.
>>Anonymous  13jan2022(th)01:40  No.88472  C  P4R3
There are people who get mad at Marina being black.
There are people who get mad at Marina getting whitewashed.
Then there are people like me that just play both versions side by side, because no one can stop me from doing so.

Real note though: that skin color is more Asian than Caucasian.


>>Anonymous  13jan2022(th)13:09  No.88473  D  P5R4
Listen, that's a smart thing you came up with. I didn't get it at first. Well done!
>>Anonymous  13jan2022(th)14:29  No.88474  E  P6R5
Look at this absolute madman
>>Anonymous  14jan2022(fr)09:50  No.88476  F  P7R6
somebody remove that octopus hair please
>>Anonymous  16jan2022(su)03:11  No.88482  G  P8R7
somebody remove the FUCKING annoying voice
>>Anonymous  6feb2022(su)17:55  No.88616  H  P9R8
can somebody please remove fucking everything, so that it's a vagina floating in the air? thaaanks
>>Anonymous  9feb2022(we)06:14  No.88637  I  P10R9
please remove everything posting pornography is bad
>>Anonymous  10feb2022(th)20:17  No.88641  J  P11R10
Can someone remove the tits? I want to fulfill my fantasy of fucking a girl with no boobs and penis in the ass without people thinking i'm gay.
>>Anonymous  11feb2022(fr)03:07  No.88645  K  P12R11
Can someone remove everything but the dicks?
>>Anonymous  9mar2022(we)01:15  No.88984  L  P13R12
The tone you chose looks really bad.

If you're going to make her white, you could have done a better job.
Created: 9/1 -2022 03:57:46 Last modified: 30/6 -2022 15:26:57 Server time: 30/06 -2022 15:55:56