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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  18dec2021(sa)07:41  No.88248  OP  P1
Merry Chrimbo

Brawl soon. Thnx for being patient. Here, have a bonus thing.

Candice.swf (4.04 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  18dec2021(sa)10:15  No.88249  A  P2R1
What are you planning on releasing besides brawl if you don't mind me asking?
>>Anonymous  18dec2021(sa)15:50  No.88253  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  18dec2021(sa)15:55  No.88254  C  P4R3
Any updates on the ritsu swf?
>>Anonymous  18dec2021(sa)16:48  No.88255  D  P5R4
Hats off to you
>>Anonymous  18dec2021(sa)19:01  No.88256  E  P6R5
You still on that Discord
>>Anonymous  18dec2021(sa)23:29  No.88258  F  P7R6
What Discord
>>Anonymous  19dec2021(su)00:35  No.88259  G  P8R7
click on cum dripping for secret
>>Anonymous  19dec2021(su)02:05  No.88260  B  P9R8
I want know too
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  19dec2021(su)03:34  No.88262  OP  P10R9
it was dying apparently so now I'm awol.
Don't expect it soon. Need more time.
Shhh secret!
>>Anonymous  19dec2021(su)06:12  No.88263  H  P11R10
Don't want to ask too much, but is it possible you can turn down/off the music & turn up the voice fx?
>>Anonymous  19dec2021(su)07:20  No.88264  I  P12R11
I went awol from that server too, but I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the flash Din, you're the hero we don't deserve.
>>Anonymous  19dec2021(su)13:33  No.88266  J  P13R12
Christmas came early this year.
And so did I.
>>Hoes=Streets  19dec2021(su)13:51  No.88267  K  P14R13
Yo welcome back man, happy to see a gen 4 thing now that BD/That other game was released. Try not to let peoples enthusiam burn you out my dude.
>>Anonymous  19dec2021(su)21:11  No.88269  C  P15R14
take your time with it, best waifu deserves a masterpiece of an swf
>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)01:35  No.88271  L  P16R15
Candice best girl. 216 best route. BDSP not best game but at least they didn't fuck up the OST, which is already a win.
Would ask for more Gen4 content but honestly that Dawn segment of SSAP Brawl is already so good, Dinner magnum opus IMO.
Unless of course you have something in mind for smol Dawn or Legends Arceus Dawn
>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)06:10  No.88272  M  P17R16
where can i find more of this artist?
>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)20:16  No.88282  J  P18R17
On a wonderful little site on the internet called S W F chan.
>>Anonymous  21dec2021(tu)04:56  No.88293  M  P19R18
but actually though, what else can I find of them?
>>Anonymous  21dec2021(tu)07:27  No.88295  D  P20R19
I praise for more brazil chan.
>>Anonymous  21dec2021(tu)10:25  No.88297  N  P21R20


>>Anonymous  21dec2021(tu)16:18  No.88298  I  P22R21
Who is the girl in the easter egg supposed to be?
>>Anonymous  21dec2021(tu)18:12  No.88299  O  P23R22
i think it's that pizza girl from Mattyburrito's stuff
>>Anonymous  22dec2021(we)07:17  No.88303  P  P24R23
google w.t.dinner
>>Anonymous  22dec2021(we)07:17  No.88304  P  P25
google w.t.dinner or wtdinner
>>Anonymous  22dec2021(we)19:34  No.88314  Q  P26R24
Merry Christmas dude!

Not gonna lie, I was getting worried that you too had abandoned flash.
So this bonus gift of yours was extra appreciated!

>>Anonymous  22dec2021(we)19:39  No.88315  Q  P27
Compliments on not having an intro by the way, it matters a lot to me.

>The reason why intros are annoying is when you binge through several flashes, those seconds and extra clicks add up. It can also make the screenshot of the flash look bad if it just show a 18+ disclaimer that nobody cares about anyway. Much better to add a little info button in the corner or something for stuff that you'd otherwise put in an intro.

>>Anonymous  22dec2021(we)19:59  No.88316  Q  P28
You're right, the idea seems to have been seeded in this thread:

Great flash as usual btw, sorry about giving you a hard time about the intro all the time. If you really want an intro then do it of course, I'll be happy regardless.

>>Anonymous  23dec2021(th)05:21  No.88322  R  P29R25
The music from the secret: is it supposed to sound like it's comparing Santa to 1984's Big Brother?
>>Anonymous  23dec2021(th)19:15  No.88325  J  P30R26
>Not gonna lie, I was getting worried that you too had abandoned flash.
If that happens the H-flash community can officially commit sudoku.

We had this flash discussion yesterday. He probably only didn't because it's a short bonus flash. DinDin earned his intro on his main flashes which he works his ass of to create.
I'd still argue a good compromise is a secret way to skip it (via some button idk).

>>Anonymous  23dec2021(th)23:59  No.88329  S  P31R27
I know that the intro on Zone flashes definitely gets annoying after a while. It was okay back when I could use MPC to play flashes because I could use the seekbar to skip past it. Does anyone know of a standalone flash player with a seekbar that still works?
>>Anonymous  24dec2021(fr)15:58  No.88340  T  P32R28
You just have to prevent win10 from deinstalling the activex flash player, or use something other than win10. Then you can use the MPC still to seek. I can still do it too.
Btw, I think people handed a browser addon around back in the day that makes the in-flash adobe plugin have a seekbar too.

But it would be meaningless for Dinner's flashes, because he doesn't use the main timeline in the same way. You wouldn't be able to just seek forward. Try it here on the html wrapper on swfchan, it won't work.
That's why I said, a way in-flash to skip it for impatient people might be best. I get it, watching 10 flashes back to back makes the intro kinda moot. Just that LOL REMOVE IT is kinda a overkill and disrespectful way.
Don't forget that the "intended" way to experience his flashes is one new flash every blue moon, so the intro does little harm and builds a lot of anticipation.

>>Anonymous  30jan2022(su)21:43  No.88576  U  P33R29
Are you alive DinDin?
>>Anonymous  16feb2022(we)07:01  No.88696  I  P34R30
when were you when DinDin dies?

i was sat at home watching flash when they ring ring

‘Din is kill’


>>Anonymous  18feb2022(fr)16:17  No.88697  V  P35R31
the worst timeline. never got to tell him about the new Obamasnow lore...
>>Anonymous  18feb2022(fr)22:23  No.88708  W  P36R32
I am DinDin but no one will ever believe me.

Flash is ogre.

>>Anonymous  19feb2022(sa)05:52  No.88712  Q  P37R33
>>Anonymous  22feb2022(tu)23:54  No.88741  X  P38R34
You guys don't need DinDin to continue flash. He was a dork with a lot of time on his hands and decided to learn how to flash. If he could do it, then so could you.
Don't give up so easily.
Also I heard something big was dropping on feb 28. You didn't hear it from me!
>>Anonymous  23feb2022(we)05:28  No.88744  Q  P39R35
>>Anonymous  23feb2022(we)23:31  No.88755  F  P40R36
Got it, Feb 28.
>>Anonymous  25feb2022(fr)15:45  No.88766  J  P41R37
>72 hours remaining...
>>Anonymous  28feb2022(mo)00:47  No.88812  B  P42R38
>>Anonymous  28feb2022(mo)07:10  No.88813  Y  P43R39
howd he make a flash of the gen 9 protagonist before it was announced?
>>Anonymous  28feb2022(mo)11:47  No.88814  F  P44R40
Black Magic
>>Anonymous  28feb2022(mo)15:54  No.88815  Z  P45R41
If you are talking about the Derpixon animation, it was postponed lmao
>>Anonymous  1mar2022(tu)04:43  No.88823  AA  P46R42
Were we tricked?
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