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>>Anonymous  27nov2021(sa)19:29  No.88044  OP  P1
New Creambee flash!

Plucked straight from the Patreon. Enjoy.

Posted it from my phone so not sure if it works. If it don't, I'll try again later.

CreambeeShort - SplootoonV1.swf (11.94 MiB)
997x997, Compressed (Deflate). 29 frames, 29 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  27nov2021(sa)21:57  No.88051  A  P2R1
Thank you for the upload! This is great.
Just when I thought Splatoon had died down a little online this thing appears!
>>Anonymous  29nov2021(mo)12:07  No.88120  B  P3R2
Wasn't Splatoon getting a lot of buzz recently? I heard people talk about a squid game, so it's probably Splatoon, right?
>>Anonymous  29nov2021(mo)17:43  No.88121  C  P4R3
we literally witnessed how creambee improved from zero to hero in this website. what a legend.

Anyway, any mechanics discovered yet?
1. you can click the head (costume), eyes (shadow), mouth (teeth style), arms (wristbands), belly button (piercing), shins (socks)
2. after spending an amount of time in Grind position, you can unlock tears for her eyes.

>>Anonymous  1dec2021(we)04:47  No.88126  D  P5R4
The red button on right speaker turns music off. Finger nails for different colors.
>>Anonymous  2dec2021(th)06:00  No.88127  E  P6R5
Hot Damn. this is fantastic. He complained in the credits about having too much dialogue, but idk, it felt strangely interactive, which impressed me. Best so far, I'd say.
>>---  2dec2021(th)14:06  No.88128  F  P7R6
is there a way to creampie her?
>>Anonymous  2dec2021(th)18:40  No.88131  A  P8R7
Aha, so that's what people were referring to when talking about squid game. I thought it was a new comic book.
>>Anonymous  4dec2021(sa)01:08  No.88146  G  P9R8
You can creampie her after you grind for long enough even impregnate her though haven't been able to recreate it for second time so not sure if specifics are required or random
>>Anonymous  4dec2021(sa)03:17  No.88148  H  P10R9
I'm not getting the voice acting. what are y'all using to play flash? I have ruffle and a desktop version of flash. or is this upload just missing the dialogue?
>>Anonymous  4dec2021(sa)08:42  No.88149  I  P11R10
I use this ownloads.html myself
>>Anonymous  5dec2021(su)18:21  No.88164  J  P12R11
The "Squid Game" people are talking about nowadays could also be that Korean Netflix series.
>>Anonymous  6dec2021(mo)20:06  No.88167  K  P13R12
Do you use the Flash Player projector content debugger or the Flash Player projector?
>>Anonymous  7dec2021(tu)02:32  No.88169  I  P14R13
Just projector.
>>Anonymous  20dec2021(mo)20:49  No.88287  L  P15R14
Ruffle is useless when it comes to any form of interactivity.
Use the standalone flash player (debug) or a browser that still supports the flash plugin.
Protip: You can copy paste the link to the swf into the debug flash player, so you can see preloaders and not have to download the file (gets downloaded to IE temp folder, so you might wanna clear your temp files from time to time).

There is a Squid game anime from Korea? Niice.
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