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>>Anonymous  13oct2021(we)22:08  No.87435  OP  P1
Reminder that this will never be finished.

'tis a shame. We're just left with What Could Have Been. Our only hope for this corpse of a flash game is if someone (obviously not the original person, he's probably either retired or dead) remakes it in unity or something. Until then, I guess this is all that's left.

One More Night In The Lab.swf (639.6 KiB)
730x570, Compressed (Deflate). 5 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  13oct2021(we)23:40  No.87436  A  P2R1
why not just modify it in CS4 or something?
>>Anonymous  14oct2021(th)01:10  No.87437  OP  P3R2
I mean, the unity suggestion was more of a "we should probably use something more powerful" than "we should ditch flash". I'd just be fine with this getting completed *period*.
>>Anonymous  15oct2021(fr)12:47  No.87461  B  P4R3
it does look neat but what can you actually do in it? All i can seem to do is reset her, get hat and glasses off, and lower what look like lasers
>>Anonymous  16oct2021(sa)10:06  No.87473  C  P5R4
indeed, there's basically nothing to do in this so don't know why OP is mourning it no longer being developed
>>Anonymous  16oct2021(sa)22:33  No.87476  D  P6R5
Lets see, you can:
- Bring the lasers down by pulling the first and third levers down
- Turn the lasers on with the third button on the far left bottom monitor
- Change the laser's target by clicking the diagram on the second monitor
- Use the window with the "X" in the corner to change sizes (the laser supplys you with a higher limit when aimed at the desired body part)
- Once the butt is maximum size, you can swipe down on the shorts to remove them
- You can, at any time, swipe on the hat to remove it (this also may let the hair down, if not, swipe it again until it goes down)
- You can change the hair's size after you let it down
- Maxing the breasts out and then clicking the shirt buttons quickly will remove the shirt and alow them to get even bigger
- Making the breasts maximum size after this will move the console infront of her, letting you flip the middle switch after you turn the lasers off
- After you flip the middle switch, click the second button on the far left bottom monitor, which will unlock Futanari
- You basically have unlocked everything at this point, there is supposed to be a milking machine and tentacles in the glass doors on the top left monitor but I can't get them open

Nothing happens when you:
- Max everything out
- Match the graph on the left
- Click on the glass doors
- Click the panel below the red button
You cannot make her cum, lactate, etc., but spamming LMB on the dick makes it throb.

I think I listed everything.
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