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>>Anonymous  10oct2021(su)18:10  No.87335  OP  P1
21 на раздевание.swf (504.4 KiB)
550x400, Uncompressed. 10 frames, 12 fps (00:01).
Ver5, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>luigiymario2  11oct2021(mo)20:56  No.87387  A  P2R1
this bitch cheating, the cards she gets are always OP and also she has a full bikini under her bra and under her panties, wtf? lmao
>>Anonymous  11oct2021(mo)21:20  No.87388  B  P3R2
russians do not know how to count cards, the queen is not worth 2. 10, jack, queen, and king are all worth 10. ace is 1 or 11, it's only counted as 11 if you have an ace and would have a score of "10" so like a 9 and an ace would normally be 10, but it's 21.

also this game does let the girl cheat. queen in this game is worth 2, but when she has the angry eyes she makes it worth 2 or 1 to suit her hand, same with king and jack. thats what makes her always op when she's angry.

someone needs to hack this game and at least fix the card values to standard.

>>Anonymous  14oct2021(th)21:29  No.87456  C  P4R3
87388 I'm sure it's not "russians don't know how to count them", those're just different rules. pindos.
>>Anonymous  15oct2021(fr)21:51  No.87464  D  P5R4
learn how to quote someone first before defending russians oti
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