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>>Anonymous  25sep2021(sa)19:39  No.87121  OP  P1
426x240, Uncompressed. 2900 frames, 15 fps (03:13).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  26sep2021(su)20:02  No.87124  OP  P2
What you saw in this flash consists of memes of Internet subculture "Upyachka", which was popular in the CIS in late 00s. Upyachka was engaged in DDoS-attacks and spam (flood, wipe) of those communities that were considered bad from the point of view of Upyachka's adherents, such communities were called "Uniloye govno" ("dull shit") - homosexuals (Upyachka make gaint ddos-attack to, depraved TV shows, anime, some alternative and pop singers and bands (Tokio Hotel, Ranetki, Sergey Zverev ...), youth subcultures (emo, ska, goths, punks ...), as well as anonymous imageboards. The Upyachka was very popular with schoolchildren. Official project "Upyachka" existed from 2007 to 2009, and was destroy by Russian anonymous from various Russian imageboards, because fuck it - they were the first to attack imageboards, and what is more, when original was already closed, and clone of "Tirech" ( did not exist yet. A coordinated attack by the Russian anonymous managed to hack access to Upyachka's file storage, and destroyed the entire filebase, Upyachka admins did not have a backup to restore their site. Ha-ha.
Nevertheless, Upyachka left a significant mark on the Russian Internet of that era, especially among schoolchildren.

The woman who was shot by Chuck Norris (frames from Terminator 3) ran for the presidency of Russia in 2018 from liberal opposition. Previously, she was a TV presenter of the lecherous TV show "Dom-2". It was for this reason that Chuck shot her. She was nicknamed by the people "fucking horse".

Upyachka also made some swf, which turned out to be modified flash games, the sprites of which were replaced with Upyachka memes. You can find this by searching for "Upyachka" on swfchan.
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