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>>Anonymous  5apr2021(mo)19:17  No.84635  OP  P1
we chel see

chel_loop.swf (6.33 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 166 frames, 24 fps (00:07).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  6apr2021(tu)02:53  No.84637  A  P2R1
what it look like.


>>Anonymous  6apr2021(tu)03:31  No.84638  B  P3R2
damn that's an ancient standalone player
>>Anonymous  6apr2021(tu)05:02  No.84639  A  P4R3
yeah. reason being, flash took a pretty big performance hit after 11.5
>>Anonymous  6apr2021(tu)05:56  No.84640  C  P5R4
Know where I can get it?
I'd like to try that out.
>>Anonymous  6apr2021(tu)07:03  No.84642  A  P6R5
unfortunately Adobe being Adobe, they removed the archived links. -_-
soooo people are going to download from unverified sources and get malware.
>>Anonymous  6apr2021(tu)22:52  No.84650  D  P7R6
this seems to be good archive: s
>>Anonymous  7apr2021(we)03:48  No.84653  A  P8R7
i had tried an archived version of the debug adobe page which didn't have the files. didn't think to do a search on archive. cheers for that mate.
>>Anonymous  8apr2021(th)21:45  No.84682  E  P9R8
Slightly off topic at that point, but which version do you think has the best performance and what is a flash I could use to test this?

I downloaded the flashplayer11_5r502_149_win_sa_debug exe and tried to compare its performance with the 'current' version 32 using a flash I knew was badly optimized, but so far I couldn't really tell a difference.

>>Anonymous  8apr2021(th)23:42  No.84686  A  P10R9
yeah i meant to mention these. i like Benchmark.swf
for me v11.5 does a solid 60FPS, any newer version has dips.

there is also 'Flash Benchmark '08.swf' which can be downloaded on this chan.

only problem is some flashes require newer versions for compatibility. others buttons may not work. good flash creators have a check when the flash is started. (Zone for example)

>>Anonymous  9apr2021(fr)15:28  No.84697  D  P11R10
I really only ever use the latest one and switch back when there are issues like sometimes the flash will refuse to start unless the detected flash version is whatever. v11 (forgot the revision) is also a good one to have because it was the last one to be able to create projectors natively.
>>Anonymous  9apr2021(fr)18:35  No.84698  A  P12R11
try running Super Deepthroat flash with the latest. it's painfully slow, even on a fast machine.

the last version that can create projectors (exe) i believe is 11.2

>>Anonymous  19apr2021(mo)06:00  No.84795  F  P13R12
>>Anonymous  19apr2021(mo)06:16  No.84799  A  P14R13
no, please continue.
>>Anonymous  19apr2021(mo)06:22  No.84800  F  P15R14
Is your life so devoid of meaning you wait to instantly respond to people on an obscure flash porn forum?

The flash is very mediocre compared to his other works, not sure if you feel satisfied now that I've elaborated, but there you go little guy. I make dreams come true.

>>Anonymous  19apr2021(mo)08:22  No.84802  A  P16R15
yup, i'm good now.
>>Anonymous  21apr2021(we)19:38  No.84836  D  P17R16
perhaps the same could be said about all religions
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