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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  28mar2021(su)08:01  No.84380  OP  P1
ver 0.3

Please report any music glitching out. As I know CS6 can fuck up the music a lot.
So here's update 3 with Dawn and Zinnia. Hope you like it. I haven't done much with the other girls but I do want to expand Misty's bit a little more and add some cum options for Lyra but I didn't get to them. Maybe next update. May was gonna be an easter egg but I just made it its own thing instead.
Next is gen 6, 7 and 8. and 3 secret options. I wonder what they'll be?

super_smash_a_pokegirl_brawl_ver_0.3.swf (45.34 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  28mar2021(su)08:03  No.84381  OP  P2
46 megabytes though.
You like how bloated the fuckin' file has gotten?
>>Anonymous  28mar2021(su)08:20  No.84385  A  P3R1
Just hoping for one of my fetishes to eventually show up like they did in the last one.
>>Anonymous  28mar2021(su)08:28  No.84386  B  P4R2
I've been waiting for this. Thanks DinDin!
>>Anonymous  28mar2021(su)08:28  No.84387  C  P5R3
As long as it bloats my dick, I don't mind at all.
>>Anonymous  28mar2021(su)08:49  No.84388  B  P6R4
Found two easter eggs:
Click on the bottom left cloud during the Zinnia blowjob scene.
Click on the Luigi during the Dawn scene.
>>Anonymous  28mar2021(su)19:38  No.84401  D  P7R5
>>Vengeance  28mar2021(su)20:55  No.84405  E  P8R6
That dawn animation is definitely some of your best work. Funny knowing thats you driving the car at the beginning lookin like a smooth criminal lmfao.
>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)06:32  No.84409  F  P9R7
I know you already put in Hilda, but I'd love a scene focusing more on her ass

Either her or Bea

>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)07:52  No.84410  G  P10R8
Boy, that Zinnia scene is great, all parts of it, you draw her very nicely. I also like the little secret scene in the Dawn part (anything with "that girl" is always welcome).

I see Korrina is next up, good to see you giving "less liked" girls a place here. Now I can't wait to see what you have planned for gen 7 and 8 too, all girls are top tier there.

>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)11:44  No.84413  H  P11R9
Is there any way to cream zinnia?
>>oldfag  29mar2021(mo)11:53  No.84414  I  P12R10
been following your work since you first popped onto this board. thanks for keeping up with flash for the past few years. if you ever set up a patreon/subscribestar or something make sure to post it here for some of us to support you!
>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)12:47  No.84423  J  P13R11
I like the added touch of the occasional shiny in the tall grass
>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)20:01  No.84427  K  P14R12
Love the one with the dark chick.
>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)20:51  No.84428  L  P15R13
If you wait long enough on the character select screen a pokeball shows up in the bottom left corner. Just sharing.
>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)21:33  No.84430  L  P16
update, if you wait even longer a grey pokeball appears and gives another scene, not sure if there are other pokeballs depending on wait time.
>>Anonymous  29mar2021(mo)23:49  No.84436  M  P17R14
is that grey one the one with the cards? i think thats based on the music
>>BiggusDickus  30mar2021(tu)16:02  No.84450  N  P18R15
There is a small red-orange pokeball that appears for a brief moment on the character select on the bottom left. Brings you to a beach scene with a pretty hot dark skinned girl with shades. No idea who she is, but she's hot.
>>BigChungus  30mar2021(tu)19:32  No.84462  O  P19R16

Jokes aside, this is great as usual.
Yeah, the filesize keeps getting bigger, but it's still in development. Maybe after it's done there is a way to optimize it?

Maybe Iris from B/W? More likely Sina from Sun/Moon though.

>>Anonymous  30mar2021(tu)23:02  No.84467  P  P20R17
idk if this is a known easter egg, but there's one when you click roxie when she's stepping on dick on the Hilda scene.
>>Anonymous  2apr2021(fr)04:42  No.84577  Q  P21R18
The file is getting big and inflated. Therefore you should do inflation next. Make the Scottish girl float like a balloon.
>>Anonymous  5apr2021(mo)21:42  No.84636  R  P22R19
My one complaint is that it's kinda unclear which scenes progress to something more and which are just loops. It just ends up with me clicking a shit ton, and that's kinda ass.

Otherwise, fantastic job as usual.

>>Anonymous  6apr2021(tu)08:43  No.84643  S  P23R20
I noticed a sound glitch while on Zinnia's scene, but it only happened once. It happened again after doing a random encounter with Lyra, then switching to Misty's scene. I've worked with Flash before and I know the frustration with having music randomly playing, although I'm pretty sure that was only when the music was called from a timeline and not code?

Also can I say I love your work! More people need to see it in my opinion!

Lastly, could you add the New Pokemon Snap assistant? Rita? That'd be awesome

>>Anonymous  7apr2021(we)18:23  No.84656  T  P24R21
I don't envy your task, there's so many hot Pokegirls, and they're always adding more...
>>Anonymous  16apr2021(fr)01:35  No.84759  U  P25R22
Good job DinDin, do you have a art account to follow you??
>>Anonymous  16apr2021(fr)09:34  No.84765  V  P26R23
>>Joshex  16apr2021(fr)19:00  No.84766  W  P27R24

Ever since the digimon anime challenged the "1 support girl" methods of the pokemon anime by including 2 female main characters, it has been war. who can have the most monster tamer chicks?

Because we all know thats what sells stuff today.

It's true, digimon went further with nudity in an attempt to win the war. but then digimon fell out of fame. largely because they released their 4th series on B.E.T. in america and for several reasons that was the wrong audience.

after that there were some NON-ENGLISH-DUBBED series. thats probably when the series died. I mean you get people used to hearing a show in their own language while they watch smutty/ditsy or "approachable" monster trainer girls. then you completely 86 the english and make them watch in subs? how am I supposed to watch for the split second nudity that will flash in that one episode when I'm reading subs?

and so Pokemon is now winning the war.

>>Joshex  16apr2021(fr)19:03  No.84767  W  P28
Super Smash a Digi Girl Brawl? is it even possible DinDin?
>>Anonymous  16apr2021(fr)22:00  No.84771  O  P29R25
>It's true, digimon went further with nudity
+ [CITATION NEEDED for muh dick]

Also pokemon is also very dead nowadays. They run entirely on coomer waifu bait, or rather top tier pokegirl design everytime, because god knows they don't on pokemon or game design any longer.
They even rebooted the series because 20-something Ash ketchup wasn't allowed to adventure with the 11-year-olds anymore.

>>Joshex  17apr2021(sa)00:17  No.84776  W  P30R26

here, don't say I never gave you nothing. go find the rest of that episode in higher quality yourself.

there was also an episode of season 4 where Zoe Orimoto did a lesser even. Rika's full frontal nudity beats it hand down.

>>Anonymous  21apr2021(we)19:55  No.84839  O  P31R27
Oh yeah, I definitely remember the second one, even if there isn't any true nudity.
The first one though... I mean you're technically right, I guess it was more of a huge deal back then, but it's pretty standard shoujo transformation stuff. Just look at Sailor Moon being loaded with that shit and that was also regarded as kids television. But I guess Pokemon is really extra tame with that stuff.


>>Joshex  21apr2021(we)20:04  No.84840  W  P32R28
yep except in sailor moon they don't show nipples. in a good high quality video of that digimon episode you can clearly see nipples and later in that episode in one of the scenes from inside her digivolved world you can clearly see the whole front clear as day.
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