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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  3mar2021(we)09:40  No.83656  OP  P1
Route 119

Storms-a brewin'

May2.swf (1.76 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  3mar2021(we)09:44  No.83657  OP  P2
Originally made to be a secret for Brawl but since it's Pokémon day.. Why not.
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)17:04  No.83659  A  P3R1
Thanks for sharing dindin.

At the risk of one of your simps screeching, I will say it's a bit disappointing you had so many people asking for the pokeboy stuff you teased though and notta so far.

>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  3mar2021(we)17:11  No.83660  OP  P4R2
Wait people actually wanted Pokeboy stuff? That was just a one off joke in the compilation flash.
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)17:16  No.83661  A  P5R3
Bro you had a bunch of people asking for it. Do you not read all of your comments? You had 'em both in your post on 4chan's /f/, and in your compilation flash post. Someone also pointed it out to you in the ZONE thread that you got mostly requests for one flash idea (pokeboy).

You really confuse me dindin. But I appreciate all of your work, you seem like a nice guy.

>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)17:31  No.83662  B  P6R4
I don't think so.
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)17:39  No.83663  A  P7R5
You don't owe anyone anything, you do you either way. I only responded because you asked me about it after. Not begging or pressing, do whatever you want.

I'll copy and paste four from the last thread since you can be disproven within just a few minutes. No need to be an obtuse faggot when you can just look in the other thread.

Anonymous 9jan2021(sa)01:00
Oh shit, hype for possible pokeboy smash.

Anonymous 9jan2021(sa)01:14

dont tease me like this dindin, is super smash a pokeboy cumming or is it another stickbug type goof? also great work on everything.

Anonymous 9jan2021(sa)01:15
Yeah they're all looking pretty good, and glad to see you're still working since flash didn't technically die.

Can't quite tell if you're serious or not about the Super Smash A Pokeboy thing or not but if you're fishing for opinions I'd love to see it.

Anonymous 15jan2021(fr)08:45

>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)18:03  No.83664  C  P8R6
Hi just a random anon here to say they prefer pokegirls over pokeboys, thank you.
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)19:09  No.83666  D  P9R7
Requesting a chibi Dawn to go with my mobile-looking remake.
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  3mar2021(we)19:16  No.83667  OP  P10R8
Well, if you guys really want it.. I guess I can start putting it in my bucket list.
But I want to do other stuff first. Just so you know.
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)19:23  No.83669  A  P11R9
Cool, thanks dindin. Appreciate it.
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)19:28  No.83671  E  P12R10
i mean i'd be down for it if you were okay to make it but i'm not about to pressure you to make it
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)22:29  No.83679  F  P13R11
Love seeing you putting out your flash works because of your art style and because you put so much passion into making them But it kinda sucks ass seeing you get pressured into shit you're not into tho, Remember they're only suggestions. Focus on what you wanna do instead i am sure it'll be awesome as always <3
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)22:56  No.83681  A  P14R12
>ono ur pressured
Every person in this thread went out of their way to say only do it if you want to, as respectfully as possible. Nobody pressured him. He asked a question, got answered, and people offered opinions.
>not into
You know he did a gay flash with Kris from Deltarune without anyone asking him right? Also he did futa on futa with his Indivisible flash, pretty gay if you ask me.

In short, stop treating the man like a child, like he's being bullied or some shit. It's fucking embarrassing to see someone simp for a grown ass man (that they know nothing about no less), especially when nothing in your deranged head happened. Absolute cringe.

>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  3mar2021(we)23:06  No.83682  OP  P15R13
It's ok. If I have some time to kill I'll work on some pokeboy stuff. I just wasn't expecting so many people to be on board with the idea lol.

It's not that big of an issue, anon.

>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)23:14  No.83683  A  P16R14
Well, you're a cool dude Dindin. I'll look forward to seeing your future work.
>>Vengeance  3mar2021(we)23:35  No.83685  G  P17R15
Thanks for giving us something Din, hope you're doing well. Entirely unrelated but since lately the trend has been to suggest personal wants from you, I lowkey think an AOT animation would be a banger but definitely only work on what you enjoy.

Vote for no for me lol. I think a project like that definitely has a sort of 'negativity bias' to it if that makes sense. As in people who want it are very inclined to say yes, while others who don't care tend to not say as much. My goal isn't to shit on what other people want tho lol. If thats what you want to make then definitely do that. I'd just suggest you work on what you enjoy the most first, especially since you don't receive anything financial for what you do (YOU SHOULD).

>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)23:44  No.83687  A  P18R16
>As in people who want it are very inclined to say yes, while others who don't care tend to not say as much.
I disagree. As your own post indicates by immediately trying to say "don't do it". There is no hesitation to try to shit on it if it doesn't cater to someone's fetishes. More examples would include; the person fabricating bullying, or the other guy who went out of his way to just say what he preferred because he thought we were voting instead of just talking.

In my own opinion for the sake of discussion, it is a bit obnoxious. It's like if I saw your post there and immediately said "I vote no on your Attack on Titan idea". It offers no value as someone saying "no" shouldn't cancel out a yes or someone actually wanting it. Why? Because you can't please everyone, thus no matter what there will be people who won't like it. It will also devolve into absolute shitposting with people running around trying to just say "no" to anything they personally don't like. It's just my opinion though, but I'm in complete agreement for dindin to do what he feels like, but it seems like people are pretty dishonest/petty to try to get what they want (not that I'm accusing you of that, just in general.)

>>Vengeance  4mar2021(th)00:06  No.83688  G  P19R17
I agree, and you make a good point. Kinda surprising to see such a well worded and logical response on a flash porn thread lmfao. I get what you're saying with how what I opened with stands in direct opposition to the main idea of my reply, and honestly you're right. Good point on how 'voting' no for something we have no control over doesn't counteract the wants of others and their opinions. I was more just trying to highlight how the Pokeboy segment in the showcase flash was apparently a joke, which could potentially affect the amount of people voicing their opinions against it, as they may not have felt the need to as they assumed it was a joke. Again, that doesn't mean people haven't and won't shit on what others want, I'm just saying the ratio of shitters to people who want it may not represent what the majority of viewers would enjoy seeing. The majority can shove it tho, because like you said, not everyone will always be happy with something. And of course, because DinDin makes what he wants lol.

Again, not saying anyones opinions are bad or that it shouldn't be made, but I am saying the nature in which it was mentioned may lead to a skewed perception of viewer opinion on the idea. And yes I'll admit I'm a bit hypocritical for trashing on the wants of others and yet offering up my own, so lol sry. I think thats just human nature at this point though, we want what we want and often have a harder time understanding the wants of others, especially on an anonymous message board.


>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)00:11  No.83690  A  P20R18
Hey man, I appreciate your post. It's incredibly refreshing to get a response from someone who isn't just trying to troll or shitpost. You're right though, it is a bit strange to have a proper discussion on a flash porn thread haha.

I totally understand your point, and thanks for being sensible and offering your view. I don't have really anything to add, kudos though.

>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)01:49  No.83694  H  P21R19
this horrible real life background, man
>>Anom  4mar2021(th)04:14  No.83696  I  P22R20
Nice job Din!
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)04:28  No.83697  E  P23R21
POV May ripped you a new one on that one battle and fucking rapes you like a doujin protag
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)04:41  No.83698  B  P24R22
Please don't make shit you don't want to, you'll poison your work.
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)05:03  No.83699  F  P25R23
Yeah no that was some actual blind simping and i didn't even realize that and now i want to fuck off die lmao
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)06:18  No.83700  J  P26R24
You don't have to do it, but i will say, you underestimated how much people like what you do
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)08:39  No.83705  K  P27R25
fantastic work dude! i'm old enough to never have watched pokemon while this character existed but even i know she is bestgirl

could totally see misty lesdom this chick tho

>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)08:44  No.83706  K  P28
for what it's worth i don't want it. if "pokeboy" is shota. even straight shota usually involves some degree of femdom, which i dont enjoy on any level. personally id rather see you making girls like you usually do.
>>sage  4mar2021(th)18:58  No.83726  A  P29

THIS flash (the thread you're in) contains femdom, along with a majority of Dindin's content. Dumbass.

None of the discussion in this thread pertains to fitting any of Dindin's content to the whims of an anon or even multiple anon's. The initial discussion was about feedback regarding one of Dindin's own ideas in a previous thread. That's it. No voting, no none of that shit. You got a bunch of half formed troglodytes slithering out from the rocks screeching about their personal desires and to be catered to though. Even all of the pokeboy discussion was done very respectfully and again, was only feedback from one of Dindin's last threads.

Gotta love random people like this literally telling the artist they don't like femdom like they NEED to be catered to. Some random guy nobody knows. What's even more absurd is like 90% of Dindin's flashes contain femdom.

>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)07:27  No.83734  L  P30R26
Don't care faggot go get fucked up the ass you can also go watch boku no gayboy anytime and stop begging for gay shota you obnoxious gay retard, we get it you want little boy ass like your dad always craved now stop shitting up the thread retard.
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)08:58  No.83736  K  P31R27
What the heck is femdom in this flash? Is it because she smiles?? lmfao. I guess maybe at the end when she grabs his dick after he came is what you thought was femdom. Then I guess I'm ok with that level of "femdom". Unless it's supposed to be some kind of orgasm denial thing, though you can clearly see the cum so she grabs the dick afterwards, maybe pulling it out to prevent impregnation.

I find it funny how you jumped on me when all I did was correct the appearance that all of us wanted "pokeboy". Additionally I find it funny how you keep saying that DinDin doesn't need to cater to anyone's needs when you were the one getting the ball rolling in the first place by talking about how disappointed you were that there's no pokeboy stuff so far. Furthermore, it's funny how you talked about his "simps screeching" when you're simping pretty hard for him yourself. All in all I'm basically cracking up over here from all the funny and my eyes are starting to dislodge from my sockets.

>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)11:07  No.83740  M  P32R28
Seething homofags jelly that us straightfags are getting good flash animation
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)18:24  No.83752  A  P33R29
Female Domination: A woman (or action in which a woman) dominates sexual interaction with her mate.

Who's riding him fuckface? Holy fuck you're retarded.

Also simping requires me to actually defend him fervently, I only keep pointing out that retards keep jumping in and going "NO NO DO WHAT I WANT", and it was only a discussion on his own idea. Not my idea retard, HIS idea. I'm also not defending him, I keep pointing out he can do whatever he wants. I only find it obnoxious that people keep screeching every time they don't get what they personally don't want (and again I'm not saying to do what I want, I keep telling him he can do whatever he wants.)

How does it feel to be absolutely subhuman you can't even understand basic concepts? Being wrong on literally everything. The discussion devolved like I said it would into people just shitposting. Big surprise.

>>sage  5mar2021(fr)18:35  No.83754  A  P34

Spare everyone the autistic screeching from being proven wrong also. You don't even understand very basic definitions of words. I already know you're going to just vomit on the keyboard as you look for something to cherry-pick to think you "got me". It's pretty obvious you're in the double digits of IQ.

To the rest of the retards flailing. Again not my idea, it was Dindin's. He also made gay flashes in the past without anyone asking, any criticism levied against me is true of him ten fold. >>83734 (Like this anon... Cracked me up considering it's dindin's idea and considering the deltarune flash. You don't even know what's going on but you gotta smear your shit everywhere.)

>>83740 Dindin's idea, not mine. The only thing you're doing really is insulting him, so go ahead if that's what you think that's what makes you right in the discussion.

It's like a fucking zoo, but what can ya expect.

>>sage  5mar2021(fr)22:39  No.83771  A  P35

I had to cook my tendies and eat them. I noticed I didn't answer explicitly everything so I'll do that real quick and play tard wrangler one more time.

So pay attention mental midget.

>I find it funny how you jumped on me when all I did was correct the appearance that all of us wanted "pokeboy".
Nobody said this in the thread. Nobody. Notice how you didn't quote anything? Because it didn't happen. It was only said there was a "lot" which is true, and proven. But not "all of us". An outright lie you had to fabricate.

>Additionally I find it funny how you keep saying that DinDin doesn't need to cater to anyone's needs when you were the one getting the ball rolling in the first place by talking about how disappointed you were that there's no pokeboy stuff so far.
You understand that this isn't a rebuttal correct? I told him he shouldn't cater to me either, he should do what he wants to. I'll even quote myself-

>You don't owe anyone anything, you do you either way. I only responded because you asked me about it after. Not begging or pressing, do whatever you want.

Also disappointment is not TELLING him NOT to do anything or TELLING him TO DO something. It's neither. It's an expression of emotion and then he asked a question. I did not do what you or several other retards have done. Demand to be catered to, notice how you had to lie right off the bat, and you just keep disingenuously framing things when you can just scroll up? Because your """"argument"""" is laughable at best, incredibly sad at worst.

>Furthermore, it's funny how you talked about his "simps screeching" when you're simping pretty hard for him yourself.

Simping is white knighting (to an extreme degree). I would have to fervently defend him multiple times to do this. Instead for example I've done nothing but laugh at people insulting me, because by proxy out of their impotent rage they insult the creator of the porn. The very person they look to manipulate for their own benefit. Like the tard I laughed at above. I've only ever defended dindin once in this thread, which is telling someone simping (who later admitted to doing it >>83699 ) to treat him like a man. Which is more common courtesy than a "Defense" but it's fine either way, changes nothing. That action in and of itself is not simping. The only reason I respond to people is because I find it personally obnoxious to see idiots like yourself saying stupid shit. It at the very least facilitates conversation. But this is devolving quick.

>All in all I'm basically cracking up over here from all the funny and my eyes are starting to dislodge from my sockets.
Inane babble trying to make it sound like you're not a seething retard.

I will give you permission to impotently respond if you want the last word. It makes zero difference. I won't waste my time anymore responding to retards. It's just giving more people the inclination to shit post like this guy >>83734 . Who is doing nothing but just shitting mostly on Dindin - Which while I won't defend him since he's a big boy and can do it himself, it isn't exactly contributing anything but more subhumans being incoherent.

All in all, thanks dindin - Didn't mean to contribute to make the assblasted few anons sperg more. To the like 2-3 anons that are whiny little bitches, how's my dick taste?

>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)07:28  No.83779  N  P36R30
Jesus fuck you got destroyed.

There's a ton of people here who don't appreciate you it seems bro. Everyone's so busy trying to tell you what they want. Just want to say thanks since you're just cooking up stuff to make everyone happy.

>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)07:37  No.83782  N  P37
I forgot to say, I'm looking forward to the pokeboy stuff since it was announced. You just remember to focus on the stuff you wanna do big guy. Don't let these autistic anons REEing get you down.
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)16:00  No.83820  O  P38R31
Please don't listen to absolute fags, Dinner.
It would be but a waste of time to focus on gay shit.
But the choice is yours in the end.

A straight shota would be fine though. Maybe a good middle ground.
Mix of older sister/momcest and femdom. Characters rank from all the protagonists (depicted as younger) to characters like female profs, gym leaders, elite 4 and mothers (Ash's mom anyone?)

>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)17:19  No.83821  P  P39R32
What is it with you dumbasses who keep showing up telling Dindin what to do? Then insulting him in the process? Fuck off, scum.
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)17:27  No.83827  P  P40
The flash will be kickass Dindin, but you focus on your wants. It definitely won't be a waste of time considering how many people are asking for it. Whatever you make? All awesome. Gay, straight, whatever. I'm up for it all, you're a good dude to be supplying us with free porn.
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)06:13  No.83963  Q  P41R33
Skipping all the bullshit, is there a easter egg in this like usual or intentions to add one? Or is this it for the content. Would be good to know so don't go trying to find something that doesn't exist
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)09:34  No.83966  A  P42
None that I saw.
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)12:24  No.83978  K  P43R34
At least use thyme. No reason to punish DinDin's thread. Btw barely read a word of your walls of text earlier, seeing those posts were a yikes moment. Still wouldn't call what's happening in this flash femdom.
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)12:54  No.83979  A  P44
Seething so much, days later you try to go "loldidn'tread"? You're embarrassing through and through. I found it funny the other anon laughing at you too.

I'm glad you posted. It was worth the laugh.

>>w7-890  9mar2021(tu)13:37  No.83982  R  P45R35
holy shit that was was worse than i expected lol my posting format is 0.1% better than that archived the thread incase admin adds self delete feature

keep the work din sorry for not replying earlier

>>Anoony  9mar2021(tu)14:24  No.83989  S  P46
I saw your earlier posts. You were demanding to be catered to from dindin. Then when you got called out, you projected.

Now you're saying you don't want that anon to "punish dindin's thread" (shit it up), while your post here consists of nothing but trying to start another argument?

???? Stop posting please.

>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)19:14  No.84008  O  P47R36
Idk, you seem pretty pushy with your ideas as well.
I said it was his choice as well (the same "defense" the gay anons took), so it's just my opinion, I'm throwing idead into the room, but I cannot just sit by idly and look as tons of gay anons bombard Dinner with their expectations when I think it's a mistake to go down that path. I get that Dinner can feel exited about anons responding to his joke idea, but that doesn't mean you should enable him that much. Just let it be yourself if you cannot accept another person having the contrary opinion to yourself.

Also can we stop talking about OP in the 3rd person now when he is in this thread, pretending that he cannot think and voice his opinion for himself? He said it's not that big idea, stop talking about him, what he thinks or feels or how we should approach his topics. I'm only responding to others who cannot let the topic die already here.
As the other anon said, he's a big guy, if he has a problem with me insulting faggotry here (maybe he's one himself I don't know), he can speak up for himself. I just wanted to say I hate the idea and tried to find a compromise and that's it.

Man, I get that you could see this as femdom, but it's veeeery light, so I wouldn't even tag this as femdom personally.
A woman can ride a man and still do him a favor rather.

It doesn't really matter much, but sure.

I would think no, as this is rather the scene OF an easteregg supposed to be in another flash. Seems unlikely, even for DinDin standards.

For a guy who supposedly didn't want to have the last word on the shit debate, you cannot let go yourself now can you?

Niggnogg, can we let the ad hominem be now already, yeah? It's probably the most unrespectful thing to do to the creator, to only attack other anons in their thread and let it derail that much instead of focusing on the discussion of content (even if it's just a "it's shit" or "lol this is gold").

>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)22:25  No.84010  T  P48R37
Thanks for a blogpost, nobody gives a shit. Stop mass replying you insufferable faggot. Every time I see this bumped, I just know there's some new downie spamming the thread.

Amazing work as always WTDinner.

>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)23:26  No.84027  U  P49
I don't get this post. You're simultaneously responding to multiple anons, while also instigating.

Then you say this "It's probably the most unrespectful thing to do to the creator, to only attack other anons in their thread and let it derail that much instead of focusing on the discussion of content (even if it's just a "it's shit" or "lol this is gold").".

You're the biggest shitposter here by far. Since you're responding to a bevy of people then doing the "most unrespectful thing" while telling others not to do it? It's a tossup between you and anon K for dumbest posters so far.

Both of you are going to respond no doubt, and ruin the thread more. Right when it got back on track >>83963 >>83966 Anon K steps in to shit it up. Then after someone telling him to fuck off, >>84008 You step in with a mass reply trying to instigate. Also Anon A, stop replying please, there's no reason for you to """""EPICLY""""" destroy stupid people on the internet, it clearly doesn't help anything. Plus your posts are too damn long.

I'll say something to get back on track - It looks like Dindin is actually going to be adding in scene selects in future content, so if it's a long flash with clickables or has a long intro hallelujah we can actually skip that shit and get to the good stuff after the initial watch through.

>>Anonymous  12mar2021(fr)15:05  No.84079  Q  P50R38
Finally something relevant be great if the scene select shows how many scenes can be found until unlocked that way you don't end up spending a shitload of time watching the same thing over and over trying to find a difference that doesn't exist while also making easter eggs still easter eggs since you have to find it
>>Anonymous  15apr2021(th)18:36  No.84747  V  P51R39
I always love hearing the trumpets in this theme, and especially when it rains in the route.

but I know irl that having sex in the rain would be awful and cold.

>>Anonymous  16apr2021(fr)09:33  No.84764  W  P52R40
Low T wanker.
>>Anonymous  16apr2021(fr)21:55  No.84770  O  P53R41
Next thing you tell us that sex on the beach would suck? How could you!
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