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>>Anonymous  2mar2021(tu)21:43  No.83644  OP  P1
1843.swf (36.8 MiB)
798x830, Uncompressed. 374 frames, 24 fps (00:16).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)03:11  No.83646  A  P2R1
nice find OP. at first i thought it was just an embedded video but there's no video in this, contrary to how it looks. file size would probably have been 3 mb at most if it was vectors tho
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)11:46  No.83658  B  P3R2
Number pad and arrows do stuff.
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)08:51  No.83708  A  P4R3
nice catch, seems like up/down changes speed and left/right adds and removes smegma from the tentacles.
not sure about the numpad, guess it jumps to a specific part of the animation if numlock is on and acts as arrow keys if off. should have had those controls elsewhere since some keyboards don't have a numpad.
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)11:43  No.83713  B  P5R4
This is angelauxes shit or something like that.
All his flashes have those controls, arrow keys do speed stuff, numpad does different animation stuff.
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)04:09  No.83776  C  P6R5
What the fuck is with this guy and smegma?
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)07:29  No.83780  D  P7R6
His entire style is disgusting imo.
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)15:51  No.83819  E  P8R7
smega is hot though, there's little difference to cum
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)17:21  No.83822  F  P9R8
No, it's disgusting. You have shit taste.
>>Anonymous  13mar2021(sa)15:55  No.84112  G  P10R9
>>Anonymous  13mar2021(sa)16:37  No.84116  H  P11R10
>concerning one's self with smegma
A gay.
>>Anonymous  14mar2021(su)17:12  No.84152  E  P12R11
Nigger, what's gay about letting a woman gulp down your smegma? Fuck off with your shitty taste already.
>Nooo, there can't be cum in my porn, that's gayyy.
>>Anonymous  15mar2021(mo)20:31  No.84167  I  P13R12
C*m is kinda g*y though.
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