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>>Almo  28feb2021(su)18:21  No.83612  OP  P1
Pussymon 69 SE

Code: wings

1080195_Pussymon_69_-_Special_Edition.swf (1.97 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 51 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  1mar2021(mo)00:37  No.83615  A  P2R1
thanks for the cheat code!
not a bad game playing legitimately though
>>Anonymous  1mar2021(mo)11:28  No.83619  B  P3R2
Is your brain damaged in some way?
Did you take a brick to the head as a toddler?
>>Anonymous  1mar2021(mo)19:34  No.83625  C  P4R3
>Noo, people can't just like what I don't like
I mean, Pussymon is shit imo, but to each their own, no?
>>Anonymous  1mar2021(mo)21:19  No.83628  D  P5R4
very good game 10/10
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)07:47  No.83653  B  P6R5
It's about understanding anon.
I want to know the answer.
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)08:39  No.83735  A  P7R6
I think a little, yeah.
>>Anonymous  7mar2021(su)01:47  No.83884  E  P8R7
I can't believe this is still being worked on.
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)06:52  No.83964  F  P9R8
I can't believe someone hasn't made a spinoff in the Unity engine!
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)14:31  No.83997  G  P10R9
I mean, i'm actually kinda surprised too.
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)22:35  No.84020  H  P11R10
I don't know if I miss the old days where hentai games were prominently from japan and at least had a modicum of quality standard, opposed to the trash that keeps getting churned out nowadays to rake in monthly gibsmedats.
>>Anonymous  12mar2021(fr)18:53  No.84093  I  P12R11
Give it time
>>Anonymous  23mar2021(tu)15:33  No.84313  J  P13R12
i never knew about this game before, cant wait for pussymon 70 i want to play all previous versions too
>>Anonymous  24mar2021(we)09:01  No.84323  K  P14R13
There's a market for it.
>>Anonymous  30mar2021(tu)15:10  No.84449  J  P15R14
>>83964 pay for it and then you will have high quality games
>>Anonymous  30mar2021(tu)18:01  No.84453  L  P16R15
>People drawing over real porn.

Cringefest right here.
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