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>>Anonymous  24feb2021(we)23:10  No.83577  OP  P1
Press 1 2 3 4 to skip between the emotion progress and press 0 to pause the progression. Z X C will let you select between the skin color of the men. Pressing V will return the skin color selection to random. Press N to clean the graffiti and press M to pause the graffiti progression. Pressing P while cumming vaginally will guarantee pregnancy. Press Q to swap between backgrounds. Press ` on Zone-tan, Ochaco Uraraka, Raven, Ryuko or Mai Sakurajima to toggle nose hooks.

THE YCH PROJECT by DoctorCursed 2021.02.22.swf (1.38 MiB)
1080x720, Compressed (Deflate). 935 frames, 27 fps (00:35).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  25feb2021(th)00:57  No.83578  A  P2R1
Nice, thanks.
>>Anonymous  26feb2021(fr)22:41  No.83592  B  P3R2
>toggle nose hooks
that's pretty rare! i really wanted to see how it looked but
>Press `
what a weird key to have that on. doesn't work on my non-american keyboard layout.
seems like you can't swap skin color while the guy is out so maybe inputs are bugged generally? 1234 doesn't do anything until after you click a button. but Q works immediately.
but i can't get the nose hook key to work no matter what. have tried both the key to the left of the backspace and the key above tab (i think `is above tab on american keyboards).

during blowjob it looks like "he" doesn't have balls so i guess it's supposed to be a futa

>>Anonymous  26feb2021(fr)23:44  No.83595  A  P4R3
Holding the key worked for me, otherwise the commands do not register.
>>Anonymous  27feb2021(sa)00:48  No.83596  B  P5R4
doesn't improve things for me, still cant get nose hooks and the other keys work the same as when i dont hold
>>Anonymous  28feb2021(su)15:51  No.83607  C  P6R5
anyone get the pregnancy to work doesn't matter if holding then pressing cum, holding after cum starts, pressing again and again,etc.
>>Anonymous  28feb2021(su)16:08  No.83609  C  P7
think found the problem, in order for the commands to register you have to click on the regular area with the girls after pressing the buttons otherwise they don't take effect. For instance click cum then click on her ass before pressing p otherwise she won't get pregnant
>>Anonymous  28feb2021(su)16:54  No.83611  D  P8R6
anyone able to deliver a quick image of those nosehooks?
cannot trigger them for the love of god
>>Anonymous  3mar2021(we)07:41  No.83651  E  P9R7
Words are hard to use.
>>Anonymous  4mar2021(th)00:07  No.83689  F  P10R8
Are you the dev?
Nice as always, If I could give a recommendation to keep it from going stale, a titfuck option would be nice, or maybe gangbang option (inb4 cuck replies)
Also as additional girl: Pieck from AoT or any other girl from there. So far the library is phenomenal. Kim Possible would be also pretty cool.
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)06:47  No.83733  G  P11R9
Where the hell are the dude's balls?
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)19:40  No.83762  G  P12
Thanks, that actually helped.
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)07:48  No.83789  H  P13R10
This is really poorly made.
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)17:29  No.83832  I  P14R11
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)14:35  No.84003  J  P15R12
I thought the artist stopped working on this?
>>Anonymous  9mar2021(tu)22:31  No.84015  K  P16R13
He came back.
>>Anonymous  12mar2021(fr)18:55  No.84098  L  P17R14
I think he came back because nobody gave a shit about his other work.
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