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>>Anonymous  19feb2021(fr)04:13  No.83482  OP  P1
Looks like this was Jackurai's final flash release from Jun 9, 2019: s-Paw-Growth-801052585
>This was an old Flash commission, many years in the making, featuring Amy, Sonia, and Cosmo, and foot growth ^^
Many years in the making huh?

There's something sad to see him move away from swf releases after all these years, he always liked to put in little easter eggs when you clicked on things. You can't do that with videos. It's especially sad since he clearly still makes his videos in flash like he's always done. I never understood his fetishes but you have to admit he could mimic the art style of the shows pretty well so it's a loss for the flash community overall. I wonder if he publishes the swf files for his supporters?

sonic_gals_paw_growth_by_jackurai_dd8xc4p.swf (1.21 MiB)
1300x1000, Compressed (Deflate). 2254 frames, 24 fps (01:34).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  19feb2021(fr)04:28  No.83483  OP  P2
Realized that swfchan is missing 100s of his flashes and he seems to have removed them from his deviantart. Example: ts-Something-She-Shouldn-t-Jan-16-2012-840072216

It's not exactly stellar content but I still wish the swf file existed. But now it's gone. Wonder if there's a torrent with all his old flash files somewhere?

>>Anonymous  19feb2021(fr)05:37  No.83484  A  P3R1
Well I knew growth was a fetish and feet were a fetish, but never knew there was one for feet growth
>>Anonymous  19feb2021(fr)10:13  No.83485  B  P4R2
Something like this isn't a loss. This needs to be thrown away. It'll be better if it was forgotten.
>>Anonymous  20feb2021(sa)12:02  No.83504  OP  P5R3
There's comedic value. You've never seen weird porn that made you shake your head and chuckle?
>>Anonymous  20feb2021(sa)12:14  No.83505  C  P6R4
oh god why!
>>Anonymous  20feb2021(sa)23:13  No.83511  D  P7R5
I wish you would fucking stop uploading Jackurai shit over and over again.
>>Anonymous  6mar2021(sa)17:40  No.83840  E  P8R6
Just, why?
>>Anonymous  7mar2021(su)16:46  No.83916  F  P9R7
why do people lost their time making shit like this?
>>Anonymous  7mar2021(su)18:30  No.83918  G  P10R8
Hey, you gotta start somewhere to get on your *feet*.
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