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>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)00:21  No.83189  OP  P1
ankha_by_ankha By zone.swf (9.48 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 4220 frames, 24 fps (02:56).
Ver43, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)01:09  No.83190  A  P2R1
"Flash is dead" Ha yeah my ass.
This is a masterpiece.
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)08:18  No.83197  B  P3R2
Sweet! Tho wish her tongue didn't look like that at the end zoom-in... I wonder why he decided to make a -8 remake out of all things he could have decided to do.

Very happy he released the swf file. Seems to work OK in Ruffle but some effects are missing. Should be seen with the flash plugin. You probably need a pretty powerful CPU to view it in fullscreen at intended framerate.

>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)09:00  No.83198  B  P4
Music is cut together from an instrumental version of "Camel By Camel" by Sandy Marton.
The song was made in 1985, little did he know where it would end up 36 years later... The singer from Croatia is close to 62 years old and seems to be still alive.
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)09:11  No.83199  B  P5
Found a video version of the flash here: 4426789
Only 1080p, in poor quality, and the mp4 is 130 MiB.

I suppose it's a crudely made re-encode of Zone's official video release but still, flash always wins. Except performance wise, you'd need a beast of a CPU to run this flash in 4K at 24fps.

>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)10:03  No.83201  C  P6R3
Holy shit FINALLY a -8 flash I can say safely say it's great without any asterisks or reservations.

All it needed was to be made by someone else.

>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  30jan2021(sa)11:03  No.83202  D  P7R4
Something by Z0NE! Looks like there is a god!
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)11:20  No.83203  C  P8R5
Now YOU have to do an Ankha scene as well.
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)11:21  No.83204  E  P9R6
Holy shit I thought this was gonna release as an .mp4, glad to see I was wrong!
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)12:02  No.83205  F  P10R7
kek, come on brah
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)12:47  No.83209  G  P11R8
I was under the impression that this was going to be interactive. I guess I just got my hopes up.
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)17:09  No.83218  H  P12R9
Wow, great pearl for a parting gift. Flash can die happy now.
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)19:52  No.83225  I  P13R10
Pretty fucking good.
>>Anonymous  30jan2021(sa)20:09  No.83228  J  P14R11
Huh, i wonder if -8 is going to remake one of zone's works now
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  31jan2021(su)04:15  No.83240  D  P15R12
..Do I have to though?
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)05:56  No.83243  K  P16R13
Nah, Ankha is clearly getting enough love.

You got a bunch of requests your last thread from a majority for one of your flash ideas. Why focus on Ankha when she now has 2 (going on three) animations from Minus8 and now a better one from ZONE?

>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)08:44  No.83244  B  P17R14
>and now a better one
Having heard how mentally unstable -8 have sometimes been over the years (deleting accounts and such) I wonder if Zone's homage was a good thing for -8's ego. He probably have seen this flash by now, did it make him happy or did it conjure other feelings?
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)10:43  No.83246  L  P18R15
Good to see you Din
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)10:46  No.83248  L  P19
Any progress can share ?
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)10:56  No.83249  M  P20R16
I can see why Zone gave up animating to stream on Twitch, that was mediocre.
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)12:38  No.83251  N  P21R17
Holy fuck
praise to zone
>>Anonymous  31jan2021(su)20:09  No.83259  O  P22R18
You could do it, go to twitter and get into the zone community. I bet you'd get a whole lot of praise from zone himself and badabing badaboom you're a popular r34 artist swimming in commissions. Possibility of raking in patreonbux and never doing any actual work inclusive.
>>Anonymous  1feb2021(mo)14:03  No.83275  P  P23R19
I'm gonna be that guy and ask for a no bulge edit because it is not my fetish and it honestly looks like a xenomorph about to pop out which is also not my fetish
I did however with some difficulty manage to fap to it nonetheless, bravo flash and bravo ZONE
>>Anonymous  1feb2021(mo)15:44  No.83276  F  P24R20
*sigh* "The shit I put up with." *zip*
>>Anonymous  3feb2021(we)20:02  No.83328  O  P25R21
Zone already gave in to that suggestion once in the past.
also B A L L G A G
>>???? ????  4feb2021(th)06:12  No.83347  Q  P26R22
When pigs fly and hell freezes over
>>Joshex  4feb2021(th)15:46  No.83350  R  P27R23
Ahh.., Zone has spoken. Flash shall not die. and you cannot rest till she's finished. thats the rules.
>>Anonymous  8feb2021(mo)07:55  No.83374  S  P28R24
streaming, well done, brings in that money, zone can't keep relying on hentai key chump change and a half dead zone archive. Not to mention that burn out from ghost busters. Doing flash animation for that length solo takes it's toll on you. Also the new lord dominator one is taking so long because it's gonna be animated to "I'm the bad guy" and syncing hentai to music rhythm is harder then a few loops with transitions. If it was 3d models or hand drawn it would be faster but this is flash motion tweening.
>>Anonymous  8feb2021(mo)17:42  No.83375  O  P29R25
funny to think about that a format trying to emulate hand drawn animation and make it easier takes more time than just doing it by hand and scanning it anyway
what's even the point then, why did zone ultimately make it in flash? can he not draw by hand anymore?
>>Anonymous  9feb2021(tu)01:59  No.83378  H  P30R26
>flash with tweening is harder than hand drawn animation
What the fuck am I reading.
>>Anonymous  9feb2021(tu)09:02  No.83379  S  P31R27
have you seen the work process from wakfu compared the the work put into foster's home? It's a lot of work compared to hand drawn.
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)14:44  No.83747  P  P32R28
>newgrounds DELET'd this
wtf I hate tom flup now

proofs: ache:tWWEBGti5lgJ: l/view/781088 //

>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)15:15  No.83748  T  P33R29
i gave up on newgrounds a long time ago. i remember it being REALLY difficult finding the adult area(s).
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)15:32  No.83749  B  P34R30
Probably has something to do with copyright, which Newgrounds have been dealing with more extensively in later years. It got so bad that they even changed the music in the classic Pico's School.

It's unlikely Zone licensed the music used in this flash. Since it's not YouTube and they can claim ad revenue it'll go away instead. If whoever owns the music rights wasn't the problem maybe Nintendo was. They are notorious for shutting down even the most passionate fan projects and wouldn't give a damn about any fair use claims from porn parodies, knowing that neither Newgrounds nor Zone would take them to court over it.

>ERROR — This project has been removed by the Newgrounds moderation team.
They should have written the reason why it was removed. Even if writing the reason is not something they usually do for removals this project is so high profile that it's sure to spread rumors if it just disappears without any explanation.

>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)18:12  No.83751  B  P35
When was the Ankha video removed from Newgrounds? Checked both their forums and reddit and nobody's talking about it as far as I could find. Either it must have happened very recently or I'm overestimating their activity.
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)18:28  No.83753  K  P36R31
Eh, I liked his previous work.
>>Anonymous  5mar2021(fr)20:20  No.83765  U  P37R32
speaking of newgrounds how do i access the secret supporter forum
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