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>>火紅之葉  26jan2021(tu)13:58  No.83153  OP  P1


Jap-Uncensored.swf (3.08 MiB)
800x800, Compressed (Deflate). 263 frames, 30 fps (00:09).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>火紅之葉  26jan2021(tu)14:08  No.83154  OP  P2


>>Anonymous  27jan2021(we)00:54  No.83155  A  P3R1
>>Anonymous  27jan2021(we)02:26  No.83158  B  P4R2
Is this some Tienamen square shit?
Time to over throw your chinese government?
Out with whinnie the pooh and in with a proper freedom loving capitalist?
>>Anonymous  27jan2021(we)16:25  No.83162  C  P5R3
its pronounced tia-nan-men
check your spelling faggot

.t trumpfag

>>Anonymous  28jan2021(th)02:12  No.83166  D  P6R4
Fuck China.

They are still running concentration camps right at this minute, you know.
They are organ harvesting.
They are force-sterilizing women.

Fuck Chinese people that defend their shit country as well.
Taiwan number 1.

>>Anonymous  28jan2021(th)05:36  No.83169  B  P7R5
That's the thing that gets me, defending china.
What are they so indebted to a slave system that saw to give them a handful of scraps?
Sure, they used to get nothing, but they've worked hard to make their masters rich and they don't get rewarded.
>>Anonymous  28jan2021(th)07:51  No.83170  E  P8R6
Stockholm syndrome is one hell of a drug...
Also propaganda and other forms of manipulation works especially well on those who think themselves immune to it.
>>Anonymous  28jan2021(th)08:19  No.83171  D  P9R7
Not only did they get nothing, everything was taken from them. All the capable people fled to mold their own country, Taiwan, and preserve some heritage.

CCP talks a lot about how they "lifted people out of poverty" but forgets to mention that they were the ones that put them there in the first place and all the "lifting" was due to other countries helping them out (hand outs, hired labor or stolen technology). I mean just before 1960 starvation in China got so bad that people ate their children. That was about when The Beatles got started in the west, for some perspective.

It was illegal to have a brother or sister for over 35 years in China ffs. You're still not allowed to have three kids and you're still not allowed to know about Tiananmen Square. And these exact same people in the CCP are still there in government. I don't mean their kids, the same fucking people. If China now invades Taiwan and USA does nothing to defend them under the Kamala/Biden administration the world is in serious trouble.

>>Anonymous  28jan2021(th)08:24  No.83172  D  P10
How fucked up is it that China have official accounts on platforms such as Twitter and YouTube when those platforms are banned in China? They exploit our freedom for getting propaganda out there and we have no way to do it the other way around. Not to forget that the CCP have entire buildings of people dedicated to browse around on the western internet and attack those that say negative things about China, promote those that say positive things or post positive things themselves (practicing so-called "soft power").
>>Anonymous  28jan2021(th)08:55  No.83173  B  P11R8
Not even once.
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