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>>niicri 2b v2  17jan2021(su)08:43  No.82974  OP  P1
Niicri's 2b game version two

Title says all it version two of niicri's 2b game it's the patreon version so everything is unlocked enjoy

SAW016_NAtmt_2B.swf (7.85 MiB)
1200x700, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Amnotarobit  17jan2021(su)08:45  No.82975  OP  P2
>>82974 accidentally set the nick as the game name lol I didn't know
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)15:48  No.82987  A  P3R1
looks like everything is aligned properly, unlike some of the niicri's game versions of this genre
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)16:08  No.82988  B  P4R2
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)06:18  No.83013  C  P5R3
None of these work anymore, it's flash. How are y'all accessing it?
>>Amnotarobit  18jan2021(mo)07:42  No.83014  OP  P6R4
Depends on the device if you are on phone then I recommend puffin browser can't really help if on pc tho
>>Amnotarobit  18jan2021(mo)07:44  No.83015  OP  P7
If you guys want any other niicri games that aren't already on this website let me know
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)08:29  No.83016  D  P8R5
Have you got SAW019_FGO_JanneAlter?
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)13:13  No.83022  E  P9R6
You must be suck.
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)15:56  No.83025  A  P10R7
have you not installed flashpoint infinity (version 9 or better) on your system yet ?
>>Anonymous  19jan2021(tu)15:04  No.83040  F  P11R8
standalone flash player still works
>>Anonymous  19jan2021(tu)18:17  No.83041  G  P12R9
>>Amnotarobit  20jan2021(we)10:10  No.83050  H  P13R10
Actually yes! Working on uploading it, I got you fam
>>Amnotarobit  20jan2021(we)10:21  No.83052  H  P14

Responded to the wrong number anon lol mistakes were made

>>Anonymous  21jan2021(th)08:27  No.83074  C  P15R11
Doesn't work dipshit, just gives you a message that flash is dead.

Same to you, still doesn't work. Flash is discontinued.

>>Anonymous  22jan2021(fr)12:08  No.83088  I  P16R12
Jokes need to be funny to work.
>>Anonymous  23jan2021(sa)19:24  No.83098  C  P17R13
What are you talking about? Are you just retarded?
>>Anonymous  24jan2021(su)20:04  No.83128  G  P18R14
Jesus man, didn't you get the memo how2flash from the billion threads that discussed this since december 2020?

If you're too lazy to do anything even remotely demanding (which you probably are) just download the Flash Projector from ownloads.html
and open the downloaded file in ADOBE FLASH (not the plugin).
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