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>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)05:04  No.82700  OP  P1
Is flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe fully offline?

Anyone here using flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe or flashplayer_32_sa.exe? I haven't started playing some old flash games yet, I'm just here because I heard flash is now dead. I could play (just like emulation) some swf games, BUT only if it's completely offline. I don't want the swf requesting data from the internet or sending data to the internet as I play. If flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe or flashplayer_32_sa.exe is completely offline, I'll start saving the old games that I like.

Also, are there any good top down RPG games here?

>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)11:06  No.82703  A  P2R1
The .exe flash projector should continue to work, months ago I tested going offline and setting the date to 2022 or something and the browser plugin stopped working while the .exe still worked.
In any case you can just block it on your firewall if you're so concerned.
>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)13:44  No.82721  OP  P3R2
>just block it on your firewall
Would that be enough? I mean, I'm not a flash expert, but is it possible that swf files can create temporary files, and those files connects to the internet?
>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)17:46  No.82734  A  P4R3
That sounds farfetched. The program is what runs flash, even if there's temporary files, they'll have to be run by the .exe. I am pretty sure that swf files that loaded data from the internet never even worked on the Flash projector.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)06:28  No.82755  B  P5R4
The standalone flash projector will keep working, only the plugin is bricked. A pleasant surprise is that Adobe seems to be keeping the projector online for people to download: ownloads.html
Doesn't redeem them from bricking the plugin but it's something. Hopefully they will keep the projector download online indefinitely.
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