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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  8jan2021(fr)09:39  No.82560  OP  P1
Compilation of some stuff I'm working on. I figured I'd make one file instead of a couple shitty ones. It includes a bunch of old flashes I never released because I wasn't happy with them and also progress on some new ones I'm doing. I didn't include everything so there's still a few surprises along the road. Thanks for being so patient.

wtdinnershowcase2021part1.swf (6.32 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 32 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)09:50  No.82562  A  P2R1
the palutena and wii fit trainer ones look great

also dawn is shaping up really well

keep up the great work!

>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)12:21  No.82564  B  P3R2
The ones that are censored, I wish were not censored
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)19:16  No.82587  C  P4R3
The Danganronpa one looks fantastic.
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)20:25  No.82588  D  P5R4
Hot DAMN i'm excited!!!
Just hoping that you're not stressing tf out while working on these.
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)22:32  No.82595  E  P6R5
Fantastic work, DinDin. And remember to take a break from time to time!
>>StealingNGR  9jan2021(sa)00:37  No.82603  F  P7R6
Wow, what a nice surprise on a friday evening huh! Honestly I liked all of them though my favorites were probably the 2 consored ones, SMT Demon gal, Danganronpa chick and the cheeky Dawn (and Ritsu).
Who was that star-dude in the beginning though? Keep up the great work as always mate!
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  9jan2021(sa)00:47  No.82604  G  P8R7
That's me
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)01:00  No.82605  H  P9R8
Oh shit, hype for possible pokeboy smash.
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)01:14  No.82606  H  P10

dont tease me like this dindin, is super smash a pokeboy cumming or is it another stickbug type goof? also great work on everything.

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)01:15  No.82607  I  P11R9
Yeah they're all looking pretty good, and glad to see you're still working since flash didn't technically die.

Can't quite tell if you're serious or not about the Super Smash A Pokeboy thing or not but if you're fishing for opinions I'd love to see it.

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)01:17  No.82608  J  P12R10
wew boy everything from idol master and onward looks dope as shit to me. Keep at it buddy!
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)03:39  No.82609  K  P13R11
You kidding me dude? All of these deserve their own flash! They are not at all too small. Nice as always!
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)04:02  No.82612  L  P14R12
Great work as always Din!
>>Vengeance  9jan2021(sa)04:18  No.82613  M  P15R13
What a legend. Best thing to come from 2021 thus far no cap.
>>Vengeance  9jan2021(sa)04:36  No.82614  M  P16
Sorry for the double post LMFAO but most all of this was great man. Can't wait for the dawn release for pokegirl. Again, if you're fishing for peoples opinions on smash a pokeboy stuff, tbh its a no from me, but I know there are probably a good number of people interested in it, so if you want to make it, definitely do what makes you happy man, you dont owe us shit

Even bigger surprise for me is how it says part1 in the filename. Another compilation coming sometime?

Probably the closest we'll get to a face reveal lmfao. Love the design though, you should incorporate it more often within your work!

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)06:56  No.82616  N  P17R14
super liking the danganronpa one, hopefully there's more to it in the future
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)07:06  No.82617  O  P18R15
What do you mean flash is not dying?
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)12:55  No.82621  P  P19R16
cant go wrong with spyro music :3
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)16:36  No.82628  E  P20R17
Flash was proclaimed to "die", because Adobe officialy stated to end support and everyone turned into emotional overdrive to "send off a part of their childhood" with few people interested in the fact that flash didn't go nowhere and is just as usable as it was before.
The big tec just wanted flash gone for various reasons, it was literally too good for the world to have, so plebs will forever think flash just magically disappeard off the face of the earth this year, with the majority of content creators jumping off the bandwangon since 2017, because distributing mp4 video has just become way easier (for the google abiding model citizen).

I'd be game for the star eyes beginning getting turned into the official Dinner intro preloading animation, like the Zone watching you fap shtick at the beginning of old zone animations (enhancing your childhood since 202X).

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)18:37  No.82633  Q  P21R18
I may or may not highly hyped with that Danganronpa one. Best gamer girl is always good. Will it be just a loop with Nanami or will you add other girls? Either way, I'll love it a lot.

Anyways, I'll wait patiently until you finish any of that, your work is good so better not to rush it.

>>Joshex  9jan2021(sa)18:47  No.82635  R  P22R19
my flash player will continue to work in my browser indefinitely.
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)19:32  No.82640  S  P23R20
I knew flash wasn't dying and I've been adamantly inisting how it isn't, but it's nice to hear someone else say it. I really wish people weren't acting like a bunch of over-emotional tards, when other old programs and software have survived and even stayed relevant WAY past their proclaimed "sell-by date".

Though, if they TRULY gave a shit about this "part of their childhood", they wouldn't be so eager to jump ship.

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)19:39  No.82642  T  P24R21
kurzgesagt, wii fit, palu, junko, and asha from monster world 4 need to be finished din din!
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)20:13  No.82645  U  P25R22
is that frggin spyro music!?
>>Anonymous  10jan2021(su)15:51  No.82657  E  P26R23
This exactly. It's all about jumping on the current "OMG REMEMBER FLUSH?!?!" bandwagon, than any honest attempt at staying by it.
People mourn their nostalgic childhood but aren't willing to put in the effort to fight the decision of papa google overlord because that would mean using NOT GOOGLE CHROME OH MY GOOOSH THIS IS THE CURRENT YEAR and are just as happy to jump onto mp4 bloat releases and "omg ruffle is just liek flash youz guyz and no virussses!!!11".
>>Anonymous  10jan2021(su)16:35  No.82660  V  P27R24
Just need a fix for the browser flash player's kill switch and we're golden. Not gonna use Ruffle when Ants himself describes it as unfinished and doesn't work with many flashes.
>>Anonymous  10jan2021(su)18:08  No.82664  E  P28R25
it was already found tho >>>82328
only downside: you'll be running an unsigned plugin executable
>>Anonymous  11jan2021(mo)16:17  No.82683  W  P29R26
I liked the light saber one, kurzegat and of course ritsu the most myself
also sypro music, teasing an elora animation or just good taste?
>>Anonymous  11jan2021(mo)20:48  No.82693  U  P30R27
RIP bois flash has been blocked from running.
>>Anonymous  11jan2021(mo)21:30  No.82694  E  P31R28
only for retards who are too lazy to reenable it
have you been plebfiltered, anon?
>>Kneegur  12jan2021(tu)17:48  No.82735  X  P32R29
So about does one reenable it again?
>>Vengeance  13jan2021(we)01:32  No.82747  Y  P33R30
Exact question I've been asking. Haven't been able to find much my neanderthal brain can understand to get it working again.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)04:41  No.82753  Z  P34R31
pepflashplayer32_29_0_0_140.dll it work
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)07:04  No.82756  AA  P35R32

Is that Infographics Show styled porn?

>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)07:53  No.82758  AB  P36R33
Do I gotta restart my PC in order for the changes to go through?
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)07:58  No.82759  AB  P37
nope just tried that after editing the hexi shit, also didn't find half the files that anon listed, guess the game is just rigged from the start.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)08:13  No.82760  U  P38R34
can anyone walk me tru how to reenable flash? I haven't done these technical stuff before.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)08:24  No.82761  AC  P39R35
Just use the standalone player.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)17:07  No.82775  Q  P40R36
Eh, I just searched for Flash Player projector content debugger, and it works for me. It's a bit of a pin but good enough I guess.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)19:22  No.82779  AD  P41R37
How does a lightsaber cast a shadow?
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)21:07  No.82781  AE  P42R38
Nobody knows how.
>>Anonymous  13jan2021(we)21:47  No.82782  AF  P43R39
hey man I just want to say, I really love your flashes, and I *really* hope you finish the Monster World IV Asha flash. Last month I had to take shelter in a mountain cabin while spending Christmas with my family, as there was a severe snowstorm. The cabin owners had a Sega Genesis and I ended up discovering and playing the hell out of MWIV. After a few days the storm abated and I was able to access the internet again, I was sad to see MWIV was all but forgotten, and there was no sequel. Sorry for the autistic rant but I just want you to know it was a VERY pleasant surprise to see my favorite flash author made a loop of a cute girl from a obscure game that I love. CHEERS DINDIN!
>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)09:23  No.82791  AC  P44R40
You're acting like a fucking dickhead.
>>w7-890  14jan2021(th)10:56  No.82798  AG  P45R41
ok mushroom head

I miss my Brazil adventures with my family and the (ginga tropical tango show)

me too I'm using VM this shouldn't be hard (how do I install IE11)
I feel like I'm being left out cuz my phone hates flash

>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)15:27  No.82807  AH  P46R42
>using VM this shouldn't be hard (how do I install IE11)
Use Simplix UpdatePack with the /ie11 switch.
>>Anonymous  14jan2021(th)19:32  No.82811  E  P47R43
A) you use the mms.cfg file to set domains in an allowlist
B) you hex edit the plugin to effectively remove the killswitch

A) flashplayer/articles/flash_player_admin_guide/pdf/ latest/flash_player_32_0_admin_guide.pdf
just serach for the section of AllowList,
here's a few examples:
and one similar for all other domains you want flash on, also add one for local files
>if you're there might as well add

you need to open the files described there in a hex editor of your choice

All of that only works with a non-shitty browser only tho.
So firefox, chrome, edge etc are just fucked beyond going back.
Download something decent like Waterfox classic or Basilisk.
If you can't go away from spyware browser because you are a nigger, use the standalone version of palemoon with the NPSWF*.dll file put into the plugins folder and use it exclusively to browse flash sites.
Still needs the mms.cfg in the 32-bit system folder though.

>>Anonymous  15jan2021(fr)08:45  No.82870  AI  P48R44
>>Anonymous  16jan2021(sa)11:54  No.82912  AJ  P49R45
I prefer ruffle because:
1)I can actually run shit on mobile if I really wanted to.
2)It has better performance than the pepper-flash plugin on linux

People who make flashes in 2021+ should just work within ruffle's limits instead of forcing us to use a vulnerable plugin that also runs like shit on linux.

>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)01:10  No.82969  P  P50R46
working within its limits isnt really a option as its goal is to cover all of flash eventually, its still lacking a lot of functions as its early in development so it would be better to just keep making it like normal and just use a offline projector or one of the browser mods until ruffle is ready
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)06:33  No.82973  AE  P51R47
What makes you think that ruffle will actually be fully developed?
>>Amnotarobit  17jan2021(su)09:10  No.82976  AK  P52R48
Good shit man keep up the good work
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)10:37  No.82977  AL  P53R49
Dante Must Die Mode: Make a porn flash of your mascot (the character at the intro of this flash)
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)17:16  No.82989  D  P54R50
>>Anonymous  17jan2021(su)20:39  No.82995  E  P55R51
Sure, let's just mandate all creators cannot even use a single line of actionscript3 in their flashes, because people are too lazy to add 1 file to their PCs. I'm sure nobody will find this to be too constrainting. </sarcasm>
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)08:30  No.83017  AL  P56R52
Smash a Pokeboy should just be all of them fucking Dindin's avatar/self insert in various scenarios.
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)13:13  No.83021  AM  P57R53
>>Anonymous  18jan2021(mo)16:26  No.83027  AJ  P58R54
Most of the flashes shared here are porn games where the most complicated programming tasks are scripting button events. I'm pretty sure its not a big ask to drop down to as2. Like seriously, what programming features exist in as3 that make coding a button or slider impossible in as2?
>>Anonymous  20jan2021(we)06:34  No.83049  AM  P59R55
A homosexual like yourself wouldn't understand.
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