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>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)06:20  No.82557  OP  P1
This game by CrazySemAn is slowly getting new features. I think it's defiantly worth paying a little bit for.

FapWallv6.swf (4.75 MiB)
1500x700, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver43, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)17:13  No.82578  A  P2
>Paying for porn
So there that 600 stimulus went, flash has seen so much progress and has so many features. Copy pasting same template over and over again
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)22:41  No.82598  B  P3R1
pretty good I must say
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)08:19  No.82618  C  P4R2
>>Paying for porn
Eh you can make the same argument for any type of media that can be recorded. Here are some examples:
>Paying for movies
>Paying for books
>Paying for board games
>Paying for tv shows
>Paying for music
>Paying for recipes
>Paying for video games
>Paying for software
>Paying for X
And true for some of that. But really there are cases where you want the people who made something you enjoy to get money for it. It's all about balancing a couple of factors: how much you like the creator/author/actor/company/product, how easy it is to get for free, how much you would be willing to pay for it, how easy the content is to access etc etc.
Take one example here:
Amazon kindle books --
people pay somewhat high prices for digital text that used to be balanced based upon the cost of the materials and the demand of the book itself. The digital prices can now sometimes rival paperback prices. At any rate, the advantage of buying books through Kindle vs downloading them for free and putting them on an SD card for a different eReader is that its tied to an account from a company that will likely always have those kindle servers up. So for instance, you could have bought a book around 2008 when kindle first started and eventually your device's lithium battery wears out or say you lose the reader. In the case of the person paying, all they need is a new unit and they've still got their books. You might say "just keep back ups" but that can't always work. Natural disasters such as fires, floods and bitrot are something to consider over the course of 10 years. Right's holders have always been putting pressure on gov'ts to remove filesharing sites, so being able to get your file 10 years later from the same place isn't feasible, especially if the book isn't popular. Additionally there have been some authors who have published works exclusively to the kindle store. While self-published stories are obviously full of low quality content, there are certain respectable fiction authors whose works can only be accessed (at least initially) by someone paying.

Similar arguments can be made for streaming services and any of the items on the list there.

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)14:26  No.82622  D  P5R3
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)16:26  No.82627  B  P6R4
>is that its tied to an account from a company that will likely always have those kindle servers up
in theory that's a plus, yes
in actuality software (even like a pdf) as service is a bad thing for longevity, because if the servers don't get shut down anytime soon, it is very likely that at least some works may get removed from the service due to what ever reason (like not "being up to modern gender standards), or the company just out and banning your account because you didn't click enough ads or whatever and you loose your 10 years of collected shit instantly
I might be exaggerating of course, but being at the whim of some big company normally always has a downside
if you're that paranoid about loosing all your local backups you would be better just still downloading everything for free and uploading it to some (paid) cloud server service
that way you still only pay a small monthly fee, have everything up and downloadable for the forseeable future on all devices and still be in control of not just loosing everything with a click by some missguided employee, or in the worst case, still have your local accessible files on your system

BUT on the other hand your argument about paying for stuff has its truth
you SHOULD always buy good stuff (after you consumed it), just because that is the way the market decides something is good and will be made even further
downloading everything for free and enjoying it, relishing it, praising it online will only do so much (not much), while other people buy every shit that comes out and complain about it afterwards
that doesn't matter anymore, as long as you paid for something it was successfull, as long as you never pay for it, it will die at some point
so go and download all kinds of stuff and give the devs something in return when you feel it was worth it, most devs have some way to accept small donations still, something that is preferred to buying old stuff of which the revenue most likely doesn't go to the devs anymore
and in return the devs will be able to make more stuff which you might like
don't just fap and forget, or you onlyhurt yourself in the process
but paying for something you don't even know you will enjoy is just as stupid
you see, it's not about getting everything for free (which is impossible on a large scale), it's about knowing what you pay for beforehand

so yes, >>82578 if you never pay for any porn, porn will only get shittier or fringier as time goes by, because only furry porn comissions will rake in the money
don't be an entitled prick boasting about HOW CAN YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING IN A MARKET ECONOMY, if you want to ride the tailend of everything and everyone (which is possible in the digital age) then do it silently, your opinion lost every value by you willingly just eating what everyone left behind

>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)19:37  No.82641  E  P7R5


>>Anonymous  11jan2021(mo)09:39  No.82672  F  P8R6
has anyone else found a version of D.Vas mech that gets fucked?
cause i found it going through random and i can find it in the actual menu
>>Anonymous  11jan2021(mo)12:15  No.82675  G  P9R7
Actually the stimulus went to Pakistani gender programs.
>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)20:08  No.82739  H  P10R8
the mech's under "Ring" under the booty section on the right
>>Anonymous  18feb2021(th)00:01  No.83469  I  P11R9
any new updates ?
>>Anonymous  20feb2021(sa)09:57  No.83501  J  P12R10
He makes a release at the end of each month, so no swf updates.
There's been a lot of sketches though. If you want to guarantee having it there's one sure way to that.


>>Anonymous  20feb2021(sa)23:59  No.83512  F  P13R11
ooh i want dat Rouge
>>Anonymous  22feb2021(mo)19:52  No.83553  K  P14R12
so is there any way to have only the face and not boobs, like a normal gloryhole

or would not having massive milkbags trigger the patreon police on some characters

>>Anonymous  27feb2021(sa)19:45  No.83602  L  P15R13
the penis is the wrong way around when you flip the legs over
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