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>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  31dec2020(th)09:13  No.82195  OP  P1


Ritsu's Drum Lesson.swf (5.78 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)10:06  No.82196  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)10:14  No.82200  B  P3R2
God bless you Din, how are you going to work now that Flash died?
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)10:28  No.82201  C  P4R3
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)10:35  No.82202  D  P5R4
you played us like a goddamn fiddle Dinner and I love you for that, jokes aside more Brazil-chan is great.
thank you
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)11:31  No.82203  E  P6R5
Good shit.
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)12:07  No.82205  F  P7R6
Flash isn't dead you zoomer piece of shit.
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)12:09  No.82206  F  P8
Fucking excellent. Great music too.
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)13:24  No.82207  G  P9R7
a really liked it. i came 5 times
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)13:56  No.82208  H  P10R8
Sensible HUE.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel at least slightly disgruntled by this, though.
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)14:04  No.82209  I  P11R9
I love it how this file is smaller than the STICKBUG one.

Fucking marvelous Din, I must say I nearly doubted you'd still release it, but here we are, you are the future of flash.

It isn't. I will still use flash, even in browser. Aobe only ended customer support. You know like Microsoft did with Windows 7 some years ago. But people still use Windows 7, it just doesn't automatically uninstall from your PC, and if it does, there is definitely a way to prevent that.
The real problem is cuck browser conglomerates deciding to rid the world of flash, but it's not like there isn't any alternative to Firefox & co.
Also, people can still open swf files with any program of their choice like projector, which works 1:1 as the plugin.
I hope developers will continue to release flash, the only, ONLY reason to drop it is purely psychological or market related.
Even for the majority of plebs, ruffle is an alternative that can already emulate 90% of all flash loops.

>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)16:09  No.82219  J  P12R10
Thank you Din!
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  31dec2020(th)16:11  No.82220  K  P13R11
Flash isn't dead, anon. The browser will stop playing it though because Bill Gates is a satanic little bitch.
I'll still make stuff. You might have to download files now and open through a projector. Don't download shady things, ok?
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)16:21  No.82221  F  P14R12
>Implying unsupported swf files from the ass end of the internet of anime girls getting fucked by beedrill isn't shady.
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)17:35  No.82224  L  P15R13
Really good, I just wish the camera wasn't so close in the missionary part.
>>Vengeance  31dec2020(th)18:20  No.82225  M  P16R14
Thanks din din <3

Cheers to 2021 and beyond.

>>w7-890  31dec2020(th)19:12  No.82228  N  P17R15
>double dubs stolen by /B/oomer
>>w7-890  31dec2020(th)19:40  No.82229  N  P18
why is there a red eyed bear climbing on the forest rickroll scene for a few seconds before hiding
probably another Easter egg isn't it
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)20:07  No.82230  E  P19R16
That's Kuruminha.
Click her.
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)00:31  No.82239  O  P20R17
I posted this in the the wrong thread

Good flash, but you add more waiting time to each one, it's the worst way to select scenes and find Easter eggs. If you're jacking off why would you want to wait with your dick in your hand getting soft. This was bad in Zone flashes too, like when you had to wait to empty a bar to get an alternate scene. And it's random. Sometimes it's faster to just restart a scene then to wait for it to loop. Hidden buttons or puzzles are better for hiding scenes because once I know the answer I can get to the scene quickly.

>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)01:28  No.82244  P  P21R18
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)02:36  No.82245  Q  P22R19
Are you gonna do something with ritsu though?
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)03:41  No.82246  R  P23R20
Based on the stuff you can see from decompilation, I'd say yes.
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)04:40  No.82249  S  P24R21

Damn that's a long time you made us wait in the Jungle though. Also she needs to shave. Savage.

I bet there's more than two scenes but that's enough waiting for me.

>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)06:01  No.82252  T  P25R22
Jungle has three scenes that i found so far. also on the last text box for ritsu, look to the bottom right of the screen, under the whiteboard
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)08:14  No.82255  F  P26R23
Do you even edging? Are you jacking off like a faggot?
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)19:07  No.82265  U  P27R24
>edging to a static jpg of a forest with rain on top
Nah, fuck that. After missing clicking her on the right side for the third time I just opened the scenes in a decompiler. It would have been easier if I could use the seekbar but it's all in one frame. This version turned out to be a much more effective troll than the stickbug one.
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)20:35  No.82268  V  P28R25
>Fapping like a coomer in the first place
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)21:02  No.82269  I  P29R26
Dammnn, that Ritsu preview lookin' mighty fine!

It's true. While I like the way DinDin made this, it's a good troll with even a lot of actual content added on top of it as an easteregg,
it's just not very easy to access the scenes.
Maybe make 3 symbols on the board that activate when you got the scene once, and you can rewatch them whenever you want, maybe even below the flash so it's not that obvious.

Also if anyone's missing it, there are cumscenes if you wait long enough on each scene.

>>Anonymous  2jan2021(sa)03:01  No.82278  O  P30R27
Glad I'm not the only one, i'm surprised nobody complained about it before. Waiting on a frame to click on sucks. The best scene / easter egg games were The Misty beach Flash and Leaf Abra, i liked the short interactions
and how you could influence the scene. Like a small point and click adventure.
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)18:27  No.82632  W  P31R28

what's the name of decompiler you used?

>>Anonymous  12jan2021(tu)23:38  No.82745  U  P32R29
Sothink. I don't know how it compares to others but it's free.
>>Doctor  13jan2021(we)01:23  No.82746  X  P33R30
Adobe is dead

Adobe finally has give up on cancer and died.
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