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>>Anonymous  23dec2020(we)14:30  No.82021  OP  P1
Tubomi Touch RJ059593

Ashita Ha Docchida mini flash

Tubomi_Touch.swf (356.2 KiB)
800x700, Compressed (Deflate). 666 frames, 30 fps (00:22).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23dec2020(we)19:33  No.82024  A  P2R1
With the recent updates of firefox I cannot use adobe flash player plugin, it simply crashes the fucking browser.
>>Anonymous  23dec2020(we)23:26  No.82026  B  P3R2
nice! wonder if that censorship can be removed from the flash and if the artist drew anything behind it

not so nice

>>Anonymous  23dec2020(we)23:57  No.82028  A  P4R3
Fucking corporations willingly destroying flash, it is like a modern burn of the library of Alexandria.
>>Anonymous  24dec2020(th)04:39  No.82033  C  P5R4
Anyone using a brower for their flash is a dumbass.
>>Anonymous  24dec2020(th)05:40  No.82035  A  P6R5
I like to see the flash before considering adding it to my collection, it seems inefficient to download it and watch it just to delete it afterwards if I didn't like it.
>>Anonymous  24dec2020(th)07:54  No.82036  D  P7R6
Not sure what you did to fuck up your browser, but Firefox 84 (most recent) here running the last days of flash just fine; it's not Firefox that's to blame.
>>Anonymous  24dec2020(th)18:57  No.82049  A  P8R7
I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player and reinstalled a previous stable version and it seems to not give me more trouble for now.
>>Anonymous  25dec2020(fr)05:27  No.82053  E  P9R8
download the flash run in potplayer on pc
>>Anonymous  25dec2020(fr)05:52  No.82054  A  P10R9
I already have a swf player in my pc just to run my collection without using any browser. The only reason that I found troublesome not being able to play a swf in the browser is this >>82035
>>Anonymous  25dec2020(fr)17:21  No.82059  F  P11R10
I just use Palemoon and the actual flashplayer plugin.
You just have to whitelist swfchan (and other) domains and it works just like it did until now.
>>Anonymous  29dec2020(tu)04:50  No.82133  G  P12R11
Nope, is fucking crashing once again.
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