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>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)21:24  No.81706  OP  P1
Swfchan is unusably slow

Anyone else having this problem? I can barely load anything. A 5mb flash will load 1% every 15 seconds and eventually stop loading entirely.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8dec2020(tu)06:18  No.81714  SWF  P2R1
I've noticed a slowdown too but didn't realize it was that bad. Have restarted everything on my end, if it doesn't get better it's probably the server's ISP having issues.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8dec2020(tu)11:17  No.81716  SWF  P3
There have been an unusual influx in traffic the last 30 days. Likely related to the increased archiving efforts of flash. ns-live-forever-at-the-internet-archive/ I'll try increasing the rate and difficulty of captchas in case bots are zapping away bandwidth from actual users.
>>Anonymous  10dec2020(th)05:30  No.81774  B  P4R2
any plan to upgrade the servers (or the site features) in 2021 just asking though

also thanks for keeping this site up during quarantine it really helped me out during boring times but things are slowly normalizing now in my country (I'm too poor to gib bitcoin)

>>w7-890  10dec2020(th)05:40  No.81775  B  P5
>>81716 forgot to add
>Google botnet
maybe .org is taking up all bandwidth (yu no captcha)

>web fish taku
have you tried sharing them the full site backup in case world war 3 breaks out next few years (I hope it server is inside one of those old ww2 bunkers)
also when will the other domain return from the mana pool I kinda want the trinity back even though I've slowly gotten used to it
(off topic note: ruffle works fine on my tab but nothing at all on my phone all grey untested on lappy)

>>w7-890  10dec2020(th)05:41  No.81776  B  P6
>>81775 I hate auto correct
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