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>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)07:55  No.81619  OP  P1
Princess Pipe Trapped [Ver. Heart]

Latest version of the game.

princess_pipe_trapped.swf (5.81 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed (Deflate). 25 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)11:41  No.81620  A  P2R1
now flash player is dead.. how can i see this?
>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)14:51  No.81625  B  P3R2
By downloading it and using a Flash player. Or by playing it in your browser since Flash is still around as of me typing this, did you even try?
>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)18:39  No.81629  C  P4R3
What is new?
>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)20:27  No.81631  D  P5R4
this page gets slower by the hour, goddamn, I've been downloading this file for more than 3 minutes now and it's only 6MB
come on wtf
>>Anonymous  4dec2020(fr)21:23  No.81634  E  P6R5
it's loading fast here
swfchan server has its ups and downs
might be a problem of your service provider or internet connection rather
>>w7-890  5dec2020(sa)01:10  No.81638  F  P7R6
mee too
the .net collection takes quite some time to load (swf previews on .com are sometime blank) and I connection timed out the board once today I guess my pldt wifi sux here
>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)09:03  No.81643  A  P8R7
"this plug in adobe flash player is not competible" and so, not play at all, if not play i can't download either, in options there is no "flash" at all to activate, if works on you please tell me what browser you use.
>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)09:56  No.81648  G  P9R8
alt download f

just use the 'projector' AKA 'stand alone' flash player. 11.2 or higher.
i suggest 11.5 (11.6 and higher take a performance hit.
that is for THIS file. other flashes may need version 20 or higher.

>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)14:37  No.81652  B  P10R9
I use Chrome, and it works just fine for me. I can even download it directly without needing to go to the actual game page by just taking the .html out of the link address.
>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)16:25  No.81657  H  P11R10
That's the html wrapper on the file. It also works to click on "DOWNLOAD" on the flash html page.
You can also click directly on the file. Every swf file name is actually 2 links. One is the wrapper (the filename up until the dot) and the .swf is the direct link to the ... well swf.
>>Anonymous  5dec2020(sa)23:32  No.81666  I  P12R11
>I use Chrome
>>Anonymous  6dec2020(su)11:09  No.81670  A  P13R12
i use chrome as well, and as i said, none of this works, the flash for some reason was completely removed from my browser without my permission, click on "download" button only pop up a window saing (Right-click > Save target as...) but that aslo don't work, cause the flash is deativate,now i can only use those flash games i download from a link or something, using the flash outside the browser.
>>Anonymous  6dec2020(su)13:11  No.81673  I  P14R13
>i use chrome
>>Anonymous  6dec2020(su)16:35  No.81681  B  P15R14
So if your problem is that Flash was removed, then why not just reinstall it? It's still supported as of right now. I've even explained how to download the game from this page instead of the game's page which in no way requires Flash to even do.

If you still can't get it to work, then clearly the issue is with the user and not the system because these are fairly simple resolutions to your issue that I've manually tested, so I know they work.

>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)03:34  No.81687  G  P16R15
OR just use the freakin projector stand alone. why the hell do you need 'in browser' flash?
as it was said, each swf link is two links. the name is html, and the swf is the file.
>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)03:59  No.81688  J  P17R16
You know the one thing I miss about using the browser version is the ability to click on links. Some flash animations have linked elements; most commonly the links are pateron type stuff. In the browser version a link would be opened in that program; however doing the same on a flash opened in the projector does absolutely nothing.
>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)08:42  No.81694  G  P18R17
ok, that is a valid point. if you need flash in a browser, check out Pale Moon.
it's looks and feels like old school FireFox (pre ver 30)

fuck google/chrome's

>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)18:17  No.81701  K  P19R18
I can vouch for palemoon being able to still use the flash plugin perfectly to this day.
There is even a standalone version, so you can just put that in a folder somewhere and only use it to browse flash sites while still using your shit browser of choice for all your spyware purposes.
>>Anonymous  7dec2020(mo)20:01  No.81702  L  P20R19
You can solve this in the exe projector by setting your local flash folder as trusted. Go to "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items" and open "Flash Player (32-bit)". On the Advanced tab, add your flash folder as trusted. This will be stored in a settings.sol file in an %appdata% folder.

If the control panel item is gone maybe you still have access to the flash player settings manager at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\FlashPlayerApp.exe
If not you could download it from somewhere and compare the downloaded exe to this SHA256 to make sure you got a legit file:
315C18F483F58C79E7BD0A52C9ED05BEE3EEEAD0851BA3276 4EBFF6294F4B84A

Alternatively you can make a "FlashPlayerTrust" folder at C:\Windows\SysWow64\Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerTru st and add a text file (any name) with a path to your trusted flash folder. Both "ANSI" and UTF8 encoding seems to work if you don't have special characters in the path.

>>w7-890  9dec2020(we)19:08  No.81741  F  P21R20
>and a browser that supports it (does it support HTML5)
does IE support the latest flash player I'm the only guy who mentioned it so far

it's kinda sad though am I the only one who appreciates/misses good old internet explorer 11
why does everyone hate it so much just use a VM bro (I use it as a file viewer on my old windows PC thumbnails work fine too)

also can we make a unity3d to webgl plugin similar to ruffle i have lots of these on my old drive (linux IE port is nice too)

>>Anonymous  11dec2020(fr)11:41  No.81799  G  P22R21
the reason i never liked it, IE doesn't follow internet standards. finding pages that were written for IE only to show up garbled on compliant browsers.

also it's made by micro$oft. bill sold windows based on dos which he didn't own.
bought the rights for it for what? $10,000? slimy greedy fuck.

>>Anonymous  13dec2020(su)10:36  No.81821  M  P23R22
classic example of embrace, extend, extinguish.
>>Anonymous  15dec2020(tu)07:02  No.81859  J  P24R23
Thanks for your effort but I'm not on windows. I think I found a lead though: en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04.html
I'll have to see if I can change the permissions using the downloaded global setting manager files.
>>Anonymous  20dec2020(su)07:53  No.81929  N  P25R24
update to this: there was no need to download that flash (which would have been difficult since it's over 5+ files operating from a preloader) since both versions of flash seem to look at the same directory. After adding my folder to the correct whitelist it works perfectly. Someone should probably archive that settings manager flash before the year is up though.
>>Anonymous  20dec2020(su)11:41  No.81937  O  P26R25
What will happen to this site coming next month? As long as we can still download it's all good?
>>Anonymous  20dec2020(su)12:35  No.81938  P  P27R26
dude flash is ded lol
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