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>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)02:19  No.81372  OP  P1
behind the dune

game by balsamique

BehindTheDune.swf (25.96 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 90 frames, 24 fps (00:04).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)02:30  No.81373  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)10:00  No.81379  B  P3R2
Thanks, I'll check it out later. The girl in the thumbnail looks delicious.
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)18:59  No.81385  C  P4R3
whats new this update?
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)21:13  No.81392  D  P5R4
I doesn't work.
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)23:13  No.81398  A  P6R5


>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)23:23  No.81399  E  P7R6
Still no scene with Alia, the sister. Damn.
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)02:02  No.81400  F  P8R7
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)05:24  No.81406  G  P9R8
There are already a lot of scenes with her, but are hidden and NTR.
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)14:31  No.81411  H  P10R9
any guide?
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)03:03  No.81425  I  P11R10
You have to side with Baron Harkonenn. One is with the spice lollipops the Baron left in the dungeons.
There's another in the showers where you spy on her and Chani.
The one NTR scene that the other anon mentioned is the only sex scene with her as a teen, and that's by spying on her in the showers with Duncan. You also need his ghola. To get that you need to side with the Baron, and then go through her dialogues and respond positively to her inquiries about whether or not you'd be into something with a girl her age (wink)
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)03:25  No.81426  E  P12R11
I also noticed you can remove the bubbles during the bath scene (with the blonde cousin, not Chani, unless I've missed that), and the dress she wear in one game over. You just have to click her a bunch of times.

Guess that's all and is quite hidden, altough the conversation after telling her you saw them in the bath kinda made me thought there was more.

>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)15:37  No.81433  J  P13R12
didn't relies you can click on stuff, thanks showing the little sister parts. I found newer blow job scenes you can click MC's dick make go see through, and weird one you can take old lady bush away, so you can have shaved anal i guess.
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)21:43  No.81446  OP  P14R13
i posted it idk why it's not working. I'll do the latest version
>>Anonymous  29nov2020(su)02:07  No.81454  A  P15R14
runs fine for me in projector 11.5
>>w7-890  1dec2020(tu)16:47  No.81541  K  P16R15
>missed GET

>>81426 >>81425
thanks i plan on playing this someday (i mostly ignore these swfs)
also is three a fapping gallery edit where you can view all scenes without finishing the game like crowjob in space im kinda lazy
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