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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  22nov2020(su)04:39  No.81239  OP  P1
ver 0.2

Just in time for Thanksgiving.
Thanks for all of your suggestions btw.

super_smash_a_pokegirl_brawl_ver_0.2.swf (26.08 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)05:50  No.81240  A  P2R1
Great one again
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)07:06  No.81241  B  P3R2
din din is a treasure
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)07:54  No.81242  C  P4R3
I see you snuck in some Final Fantasy Mystic Quest battle music
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)08:23  No.81243  D  P5R4
So did you decide on who is going to be in this one? (Other than Sabrina of course)
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)08:23  No.81244  D  P6
So did you decide on who is going to be in Brawl? (Other than Sabrina of course)
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  22nov2020(su)08:35  No.81245  OP  P7R5
More or less. You can keep giving suggestions if you want.
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)08:47  No.81246  D  P8R6
Is there a list or are you keeping it a surprise? I noticed more easter eggs in this one.
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)08:50  No.81247  E  P9R7
Juniper please!
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  22nov2020(su)09:08  No.81249  OP  P10R8
I do but it's more like a list of suggestions and ideas. It changes depending on if I think it's worth doing or if a particular girl gets mentioned a lot.
And yes I'll keep it as a surprise. Not including the silhouette obviously.
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)11:00  No.81251  F  P11R9
DinDin, are you still working on the Demon Cumpendium as well? I'm loving Pokegirls Brawl too, but with how criminally hard good faps for SMT demon girls are to come by, it's still the main flash I'm excited to see more of.
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)11:00  No.81252  G  P12R10
if you wait you can see a pixel pokeball or pokemon card for easter eggs (sun and moon girl and trading caard girl)

for the hg girl i found 5 pokemon, sudowoodo, aipom, tangela, ariados, and scyther. anyone else find others?

>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)11:28  No.81253  H  P13R11
Where does the Card show up at?

If you click on the guitar girl when she is stomping on your dick you get a secret.

>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)11:31  No.81254  G  P14R12
the card should be right next to where the secret pokeball is, im not sure what triggers it, i only got it twice
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)11:55  No.81255  H  P15R13
I waited through 10 full cycles of the poke-ball showing up and never saw the card.
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)11:57  No.81256  I  P16R14
Fantastic as always. Would love to see more Dawn if there's enough demand for her to be in this one
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)12:08  No.81257  I  P17
I'm not seeing it either. I'm playing it zoomed out just in case it shows up somewhere else but so far nothing
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)13:23  No.81260  J  P18R15
This is so good. I love the expressions that you give to these chicks, it makes everything so much better!!
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)13:30  No.81261  K  P19R16
one with marnie and one with nessa pleeease
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)17:36  No.81263  L  P20R17
How do you get the bonus scene with Misty?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  22nov2020(su)20:13  No.81264  M  P21R18
That's on hold for now.
But I still want to add more stuff to it in the future so stay tuned.

To see more Misty you have to stick your fisty in her vajisty.

>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)20:17  No.81265  N  P22R19

I'm not sure exactly what triggers the Card scene but for me it always appeared right after exiting another scene. All I can recommend is randomly go into and out of scenes until it pops up.

>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)20:38  No.81268  J  P23R20
Shut up while we SCOUR your beautiful game for more easter eggs OP
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)21:19  No.81269  O  P24R21
Do the scenes on Lyra advance or is it just a looping animation?
>>Anonymous  22nov2020(su)21:27  No.81270  O  P25
Also love how the guy's face on the B+W scene stays straight the entire time. Srsbzns.
I like the rolling type releases you're doing now, Dinner.
Beats waiting for stuff to happen for months, checking out every one to two girls individually makes it all the more exciting.

Also on the first girl's animation I noticed these 2 hovering dots in the middle of her breasts. Don't know if that is intentional, looks kinda strange?


>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)01:01  No.81273  P  P26R22
I'm not seeing it, i've gone through every scene in that section and tried clicking everything of note and get nothing.
>>BidenOfTheKiddieSniff  23nov2020(mo)01:06  No.81275  Q  P27R23
What a nice thanksgiving surprise! I especially liked the B&W animation. I did a bunch of skipping around could not find said card, the music did change to some fantasy theme but only the pokeball showed up.
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)01:37  No.81276  G  P28R24
not entirely sure how to get the music, it might be random, but the card appears when the menu area music changes to pokemon TCG music. and it doesn't just pop up and disappear like the ball, it stays there.
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)01:40  No.81277  J  P29R25
Yeah i think that's the secret to any sex scene tbh, you gotta grey out the guys face OR not show his face at all so that the viewer gets more invested with the hottie chick
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)02:00  No.81278  G  P30R26
 Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 4.59.10 PM.jpg
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)02:53  No.81279  R  P31R27
i click her vag and haven't gotten the secret has anyone yet?
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)02:55  No.81280  S  P32R28
More excellent work DinDin, have you got a Discord? I'd love to commission you or donate.
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)04:40  No.81282  J  P33R29
click until you see Sabrina doing the ahegao face at the upper left corner
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)04:49  No.81283  I  P34R30
Does it have to be on a specific scene? Like before they rip her clothes off or what
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)05:17  No.81284  T  P35R31
A bea thighjob would be cool
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)05:25  No.81285  U  P36R32
Can confirm this worked for me
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)07:36  No.81286  V  P37R33
Any Gen 8 girl would be cool

I'd love to see Bea or Melony the most

And I second the Bea thighjob

>>Vengeance  23nov2020(mo)09:18  No.81288  W  P38R34
You madman

You’ve done it again

>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)12:40  No.81296  X  P39R35
Zinnia, Marnie and Bea are at the top of the wish list for me
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)12:59  No.81298  X  P40
I can't get it either. I've tried at every point in the animation and can't get anything to happen
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)14:37  No.81299  Y  P41R36
Those are gayfinders.
Anyone who notices them instead of tits is outed as a gay.
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)15:36  No.81300  Z  P42R37
I cant believe it...Zinnia actualy going to be in this...WE DID IT GUYS! (THANK YOU DINDIN!).Who knew that that one comment would manage to make that chain reaction...just wow.
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)19:08  No.81311  AA  P43R38
I managed to get the trading card secret by going into scenes and coming back, it seems like it has a random change to appear every time you go back to the menu
>>Anonymous  23nov2020(mo)23:29  No.81326  AB  P44R39
I'm retarded how do I trigger the rest of the Misty/Kasumi scene?
>>Anonymous  24nov2020(tu)07:28  No.81335  AC  P45R40
While I'm sure we can all appreciate the majesty of Misty's vajisty, they really should have called her Slimo
>>Anonymous  24nov2020(tu)07:52  No.81337  AD  P46R41
No Misty easter egg then?
>>Anonymous  24nov2020(tu)17:37  No.81342  AE  P47R42
Hope there'll be a scene with double penetration in this one
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)04:07  No.81346  AF  P48R43
Do you think you'll give us the option to turn on pubes during these scenes? i think that'd be awesome tbh
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)05:27  No.81350  AG  P49R44
I give thanks! I am thankful!
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)08:37  No.81358  AH  P50R45
Modify your computer's date/time to last friday the 13th and at exactly 6:06:06 a prompt appears on the main menu that takes you to the scene where Misty and Sabrina lez out on the deck of the Unova Royal.
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)15:45  No.81360  J  P51R46
thx it worked
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)23:11  No.81366  AI  P52R47
didn't work for me... is there another trick ?
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)05:43  No.81377  I  P53R48
Didn't work for me either
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)09:24  No.81378  AJ  P54R49
AM or PM? What timezone? I've tried everything i can think of and it dont work.
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)11:37  No.81380  G  P55R50
Come on you guys. It's an obvious troll.
>>Anonymous  26nov2020(th)14:16  No.81381  AK  P56R51
I got the secret pokeball! On the menu sometimes it plays SNES madness music and the pokeball appears for a second in the lower left corner. idk what triggered it but I just clicked letters til it popped up.
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)04:23  No.81405  A  P57R52
lmao, retards trying this out
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)05:41  No.81407  AL  P58R53
Can you get Scyther to stick it in or is it just that single loop?
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)12:18  No.81409  G  P59R54
pretty sure they're all just loops
>>Anonymous  27nov2020(fr)13:48  No.81410  AM  P60R55
I would love some basic cum in those and they would be perfect
>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)18:29  No.81437  O  P61R56
I did it as well, took a many a tries.
Quickly going in and out of a scene then check the music. If it's the same, repeat. When it has changed, the card at the bottom is instantly visible.

Haven't got anything considering the Misty vajisty yet...

loling for real right now

lel, timezones are irrelevant when it comes to local PC time

pokeball just appears after a minute or so

seconded :3

>>Anonymous  28nov2020(sa)23:18  No.81451  Z  P62R57
Completly agree with ading a creamy ending if possible.
>>Anonymous  29nov2020(su)15:11  No.81500  AN  P63R58
This is great, however I think that it would be even better if during the leaf animation the thrusts and strokes followed the beats of the song
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