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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  6nov2020(fr)13:44  No.80904  OP  P1
ver 0.1

I was gonna wait until after 2020 to do this but I figured I'd start on it before /f/ fucking dies.
Here you go. Brawl. Slightly prettier than Melee version. And with 2 extra slots to fill stuff in. This time I'll try to add a girl from every generation since I've been skipping 6th, 7th and 8th gen lately.
I have a good idea on who I want to add to this but I'm still open to suggestions if you have them.

The real question is.. will there be 3rd parties?


This is what the leaf pic was hinting at btw. And I think I owe you guys a Star Wars update pretty soon too.
Nothing new to add btw. I still wanna focus on a certain fivehead.

super_smash_a_pokegirl_brawl_ver_0.1.swf (13.44 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 34 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  6nov2020(fr)14:16  No.80905  A  P2R1
lmao nice
I was surprised with how long the leaf one went
not that I'm complaining
>>Anonymous  6nov2020(fr)14:34  No.80907  B  P3R2
I know it's a longshot, but Ill ask for Lorelei as always.
>>Anonymous  6nov2020(fr)16:22  No.80908  C  P4R3
S o n i a


>>BernieOfTheKiddiefiddle  6nov2020(fr)17:03  No.80909  D  P5R4
Yo wtf this is epic! The leaf one vaguely reminded me of a mix between -8's Rosalina loop with a smidge of Power Puff Girls. I like how Meowth is just vibing there. A lot of effort was put into the expresions of these gals, thats why i love the Dinner mans shit. Speaking of suggestions...maybe something with that thicc scientist lady Wicke from gen 7 or her boss yandere mom Lusamine? Skyla (gen 5 gym leader) is the last that I could think of.
>>Anonymous  6nov2020(fr)17:24  No.80910  E  P6R5
I love it so much! So excited to see where you go with this. I will continue to root for all Dinner paizuri and I'll also vote for Courtney!
>>Anonymous  6nov2020(fr)18:29  No.80912  F  P7R6
This sure it's an early Christmas gift. "Only" two scenes and this already looks sooo good.

As for suggestions, personally I don't have any favorites for gen 6, but for gen 7 I'll say Acerola (the rest already have a lot of stuff out there) and for gen 8 I'll say Gloria, because even if Marnie is cute, I think the MC is even better.

>>Anonymous  6nov2020(fr)21:34  No.80913  G  P8R7
Now there's a tune I haven't heard in a long time.
>>Anonymous  6nov2020(fr)22:49  No.80914  H  P9R8
it would be nice to see some of the pokemoms
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)00:57  No.80915  I  P10R9
My vote is for Hilda, favorite by far.

As for the late gens some good picks would be Shauna, ORAS May, Lana and Nessa.

>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)02:48  No.80919  J  P11R10
Can we get Marnie, Sonia and Olivia in here somewhere
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)02:56  No.80920  K  P12R11
Hilda or Rosa would definitely be nice for gen 5 reps. Can never really go wrong with either of them.
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)06:56  No.80922  L  P13R12
Wow...great work as always!

I'll definitely vote for Sonia and Gloria.

>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)07:28  No.80923  M  P14R13
Great job as always Dindin!
For those that haven't found it yet, wait a little on the selection screen and look at the lower left.
Throwing out my suggestion, I'd love to see you animate Melony or Lusamine
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)08:21  No.80924  N  P15R14
Very nice!
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)08:40  No.80925  O  P16R15
what is it? it sounds super familiar
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)10:52  No.80928  P  P17R16
song sauce is Kitsune^2 - Rainbow Tylenol
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)15:26  No.80931  I  P18R17
Click on the triangle inside the letter A in Brawl 777 times for the scene where Sabrina fucks futa Tifa of FF7 on the top of the Empire State building.
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)15:29  No.80932  Q  P19R18
Wow, I was 1 sec away from writing it off as only a single scene demo.

I'd say it'd be nice if meowth always did a little button pressing animation of scene advance.

Some recommendation on Leaf:
I understand that the Minus8 way is the way it is meant to be experienced, it looks great and as a whole I'd even say it is more lewd through the unity of motion and music.
But for fapping purposed those flashes are kinda not great. My point is the long repeating cycles of animation and short pay off at the end make it kinda hard to use it as actual fap material. If it had like a gallery easteregg where you could click through the different animations at your own pace it would be just a huge improvement for that.
You know, watch the whole thing, enjoy and then go into gallery to actually fap to it.
The best -8 flashes always were the ones with lots of short scenes, all with their own cumming animation stacked together to make a long movie. The repeating ones were good from an artistic viewpoint, but little less than novelties when it comes to porn.

Some criticism:
Leaf's bulge seems to move in motion with her hips. That's not how bulges work, you can see the hidden length of the penis growing and diminishing with her movements, while in theory the length between the shaft from the balls to the tip of the bulge should stay somewhat constant.

For votes, I'd say definitely Marnie, or Shauna. Lusamine also a great contender.

Also that music on the main screen sounds familiar as fuck. >>80928

>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)16:15  No.80933  R  P20R19
main menu music needs an spylenol fix
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)17:33  No.80935  S  P21R20
That's so hot! Oh God, I'm gonna, ugh ungh, I'm gonna braaaaaaaawl

Also he nutted but she keeps going AAAAAAAAAAA

>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)18:53  No.80938  T  P22R21
All I really want is some good ass focused content for Hilda

No rape and make it fat

>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)23:25  No.80944  U  P23R22
Time to relentlessly campaign for Sabrina agin
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)23:25  No.80945  U  P24
Time to relentlessly campaign for Sabrina again
>>Anonymous  8nov2020(su)00:29  No.80948  V  P25R23
Something with Unova Ace Trainer ♀ please!
>>Anonymous  8nov2020(su)00:52  No.80949  W  P26R24
I wish we had more Emerald May doggy style content

Every time people do May it is Ruby or ORAS May

>>Anonymous  8nov2020(su)12:23  No.80960  X  P27R25
nessa fucking pov amazon style with a creampie finish
>>Anonymous  8nov2020(su)13:37  No.80964  Y  P28R26
where can i find your stuff after /f/ is dead?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  8nov2020(su)17:34  No.80966  Z  P29R27
Thanks for all the love and feedback, guys. It makes me happy how so many people enjoy my shitty work.

As much as I like /f/ my stuff is too big for the size limit so I don't really post all that much there anymore. If this site is still active after Dec 31st and we're still not raptured into heaven then you'll still see my posts here like always.

>>Anonymous  8nov2020(su)20:17  No.80967  AA  P30R28
please, Dinner, may paizuri please. Any paizuri please
>>Anonymous  8nov2020(su)23:53  No.80972  E  P31R29
Paizuri brother, thank you for backing me up. All paizuri is good paizuri.
>>Anonymous  9nov2020(mo)00:19  No.80973  R  P32R30
MY ASS IS SHITTY, never your works.
>>Anonymous  9nov2020(mo)10:39  No.80978  AB  P33R31
I'm enjoying this, I love new Leaf flashes. And your cumshots really gotten better, especially the Misty flash. Can you add a scene where tentacles spread her legs and penetrate her anus (or vagina). I like your Sailor Moon Flash a lot.
>>Anonymous  9nov2020(mo)11:21  No.80979  AC  P34R32
I thought I was supposed to click on Meowth to advance.
>>Anonymous  10nov2020(tu)05:08  No.80992  AD  P35R33
No suggestion on girls, but how about a joke/scenario about Randomizer mod or Twitch Plays Pokemon?
>>Anonymous  10nov2020(tu)05:23  No.80993  AE  P36R34
add Prechooler from S/M
>>Anonymous  10nov2020(tu)05:23  No.80994  AE  P37
add Preschooler from S/M
>>Vengeance  10nov2020(tu)08:46  No.80995  AF  P38R35
Amazing work as always Din, cant wait for more
>>Anonymous  10nov2020(tu)20:09  No.81004  Q  P39R36
Just thought about how no Pokegirl flash yet featured a female professor.
I don't know how many there are (mostly in the newer gens I suppose), but I think you could do a cool scene with a milfy prof eating up some shota who just wanted a free Pikachu.
I'd also take Ash's or May's mom for that matter.
>>Anonymous  11nov2020(we)06:56  No.81013  AG  P40R37
any eggs in this yet?
>>Anonymous  11nov2020(we)10:12  No.81021  AH  P41R38
I'm suggesting Kahili or Mina from S/M, they're both super underrated qts and would love to see either of them
>>Anonymous  11nov2020(we)12:15  No.81022  R  P42R39
No spoon feeding in my thread, plz.
>>Anonymous  11nov2020(we)21:25  No.81027  AI  P43R40
Can I suggest either Anabel or Caitlin?
>>Anonymous  12nov2020(th)01:51  No.81029  AJ  P44R41
this dude gets it, seconding Mina
>>Anonymous  12nov2020(th)03:04  No.81032  AK  P45R42
What abouth Zinnia?She may be a bit of a weirdo...but she is kinda hot...and people have been meming that she molest you after you lose to her in the delta episode.
>>Anonymous  12nov2020(th)03:41  No.81033  AL  P46R43
Sabrina, Hex Maniac, and Lorelei
>>Anonymous  12nov2020(th)08:28  No.81034  K  P47R44
I would second Zinnia! Please din.
>>Anonymous  13nov2020(fr)01:17  No.81046  J  P48R45
Another +1 for Zinnia
>>Anonymous  13nov2020(fr)06:26  No.81048  AM  P49R46
click the pokéball that appears in the bottom left corner
>>Anonymous  16nov2020(mo)14:04  No.81090  AN  P50R47
I thought i was the only one who wanted Zinnia
>>Anonymous  16nov2020(mo)15:22  No.81091  AO  P51R48
Everyone's saying Zinnia, and while I agree with that, also put Lana. Can never get enough Lana.
>>Anonymous  17nov2020(tu)01:57  No.81141  AK  P52R49
Also,there is almost Zero (as dar as i know) zinnia animation so that would be welcome.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  17nov2020(tu)16:37  No.81170  Z  P53R50
Not alot of people like Zinnia at all. I feel bad for her.
>>Anonymous  17nov2020(tu)21:11  No.81175  AP  P54R51
>I feel bad for her
Not me. 76/1467764120269.png
>>Anonymous  17nov2020(tu)23:18  No.81178  AB  P55R52
Zinnia and Rayquaza ryona flash when?
>>Anonymous  17nov2020(tu)23:20  No.81180  AQ  P56R53
Stellar, as always! As for future additions I'm always partial to Dawn
>>Nanonymous  24nov2020(tu)15:00  No.81340  AR  P57R54
I love the new update! I'd want to see Hex Maniac, Valerie, or Punk Girl from X/Y
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)04:42  No.81347  AS  P58R55
can we get Whitney and Clair?
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)05:00  No.81348  AS  P59
Cheryl too?
>>Anonymous  25nov2020(we)07:35  No.81354  AS  P60
im up for Courtney too
>>Nanonymous  25nov2020(we)15:05  No.81359  AR  P61R56
What about Klara or Peonia from the new games?
>>Anonymous  29nov2020(su)03:17  No.81457  AT  P62R57
If i had a vote still then ill ask for two third party characters. Like how we get snake and sonic in brawl. Since this is a big deal, this was the first game to have fighters from other nintendo games to join the battle. So if ypu added someone then maybe it can be a pokemon character but from a sub series game. Maybe pokemon ranger, or any other pokemon related gaem thats not a "main game" you know? I like mystery dunegon, and i choose eevee(female) as my partner since eevee has a very good healing in the game. Refresh can cure ANYTHING, confusion, sealing, stuck, even perish song. Yes no joke.
>>Anonymous  29nov2020(su)03:24  No.81458  AT  P63
Oh yeah also can you please explain how to find the easter eggs? I found the PTCG one by accident and i dont know how to et it again... is it having to do with the menu music getting changed? Or doing the girls in a certain order? .

..oh and for another party suggestion is pokken. There are female trainers and npcs in the game, since we do need the second third party "fighter" i know that of the pokemon rangers will be the first. The reaosn why is that games are fun and do have the girl protagonist option. So yea... hope i game some inspiration.

>>Anonymous  1dec2020(tu)16:49  No.81542  AU  P64R58
>but can it cure corona-chan
also add her pls
>>Anonymous  1dec2020(tu)19:27  No.81548  AS  P65R59
do we have a release date for version .3? or at least when Zinnia's done?
>>Anonymous  1dec2020(tu)21:17  No.81556  AV  P66R60
Did anyone click on the pokeball ?
>>Nanonymous  13dec2020(su)10:39  No.81822  AW  P67R61
Can you put Lana in here?
>>Anonymous  13dec2020(su)10:47  No.81823  AX  P68R62
There's as v0.2 thread. Go there.
>>luigiymario2  13dec2020(su)17:04  No.81832  AY  P69R63
it's really nice how you keep working on these dude, I absolutely love your work! keep doing what you're doing!
>>Anonymous  7jan2021(th)02:58  No.82536  AZ  P70R64
Caitlin from Gen V Elite 4 Please
>>Anonymous  9jan2021(sa)23:58  No.82648  BA  P71R65
Any news in 2021? Just asking, not rushing or putting pressure. Making sure things are okay in 202q at least for you Dinner
>>Anonymous  10jan2021(su)15:45  No.82656  Q  P72R66
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