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>>Anonymous  14oct2020(we)07:39  No.80381  OP  P1
LucinaMatty_fixed.swf (1.95 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 29 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  14oct2020(we)12:04  No.80384  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  14oct2020(we)16:07  No.80385  B  P3R2
bruh, the music is fkin bops
>>Anonymous  14oct2020(we)20:23  No.80389  C  P4R3
what was the fix?
>>Anonymous  14oct2020(we)21:11  No.80390  D  P5R4
LOL y'all need to get some more sun if you think there was a problem with the original. Bitches be SO insecure LOL
>>Anonymous  15oct2020(th)04:33  No.80394  E  P6R5
some good things hidden here
>>Anonymous  15oct2020(th)07:08  No.80395  OP  P7R6
She must be albino then, since he's darker than her.
>>HangPedos  15oct2020(th)16:15  No.80396  F  P8R7
The "skin" obsessed fags aside, this animation is smooth as usual. As of expected by Dinner. Also I adored the little easter egg thing.
>>Anonymous  16oct2020(fr)12:11  No.80413  G  P9R8
I'm here till swfchan 404's din
and then/if man is still alive in 20XX I'll check newgrounds for your stuff
>>Anonymous  16oct2020(fr)17:19  No.80418  H  P10R9
Yes, goy, masturbating to interracial porn is natural, stop being obsessed.
>>w7-890  16oct2020(fr)21:50  No.80420  I  P11R10
big large mushroom
>>Anonymous  17oct2020(sa)00:27  No.80424  J  P12R11
it's motion tween bruv, 'course is smooth.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  17oct2020(sa)01:20  No.80425  K  P13R12
Thanks for posting my stuff <3
>>BearQ  17oct2020(sa)19:37  No.80445  L  P14R13
What's going on with this Vietnamese cover lol.
>>Anonymous  17oct2020(sa)21:34  No.80446  M  P15R14
Yes! The teases all look great. I'm tempted to ask for more paizuri for Chiaki but you've already done it for the K-On flash and I don't want things to be too repetitive.
>>Anonymous  18oct2020(su)04:03  No.80447  N  P16R15
It's called 'fixed' because dude's balls got removed.
>>Anonymous  20oct2020(tu)15:50  No.80491  O  P17R16
Why does she have tits?
>>Anonymous  21oct2020(we)08:36  No.80514  P  P18R17
Does it upset you?
Fucking gayboy.
>>Anonymous  21oct2020(we)17:17  No.80524  Q  P19R18
imagine being so racist that you can't even stand a slightly dark white guy (which would still be considered fully white in society) in a fuggin' free porn game so you went out of your way to decompile, recolor, etc. said porn game just to basically jerk to the same thing.....while keeping in music that's not even in english, so who knows what the fuck they're saying....

that's a yikes from me chief

>>Anonymous  21oct2020(we)18:37  No.80525  R  P20R19
>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)20:01  No.80586  S  P21R20
jap > nig
>>Anonymous  27oct2020(tu)12:15  No.80666  I  P22R21
bumpfag is bumpy

i guess the saying goes
all communities eventually go to shit
but some go to shit faster than the others

>>Anonymous  27oct2020(tu)14:28  No.80673  T  P23R22
You writing that already took more effort than recoloring a couple shapes.
kill yourself
>>Anonymous  31oct2020(sa)00:22  No.80760  U  P24R23
it's just a meme bruh.
but also let's face it, white skin just looks better.
>>Anonymous  31oct2020(sa)16:49  No.80775  S  P25R24
never knew there was one in this, it's great!
Dinner should post little glimps at his upcoming work more often, there was easily more of the upcoming Ritsu flash in this than the supposed joke release of it
I wish someone would rip that sleeping animation into its own flash
>>Anonymous  31oct2020(sa)19:35  No.80781  V  P26R25
naah fuck cumskin
>>w7-890  31oct2020(sa)20:55  No.80784  I  P27R26
nice get

also how can you tell if there are redditors on your image board my friend has janitor account on 4chan i wanna make an AI network in the meantime before i get developer access on another chan

>>Anonymous  1nov2020(su)01:24  No.80800  W  P28R27
Is cumskin supposed to be an insult? Cum is pretty hot.
>>Anonymous  1nov2020(su)18:39  No.80828  V  P29R28
I honestly would take our socks off and play barefeet footsies with you in the end ;-/
>>Anonymous  7nov2020(sa)14:35  No.80930  X  P30R29
>>Nick Gurs  7nov2020(sa)23:13  No.80942  Y  P31R30
This thread needs some redpills

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>>Anonymous  8nov2020(su)22:01  No.80970  Z  P32R31
Genuinely curious, did you type that by scratch or copy and paste?
>>Anonymous  11nov2020(we)04:46  No.81012  AA  P33R32
fake and gay
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