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>>Anonymous  10oct2020(sa)04:39  No.80310  OP  P1
Original flash ran at 60fps which made the animation play too fast, so I turned it down to 30.

Jessica (Rootin like a) Rabbit (30fps).swf (106.5 KiB)
700x700, Compressed (Deflate). 73 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver27, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  11oct2020(su)18:26  No.80332  A  P2R1
Nice work, incidentally I rewatched Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) two days ago after seeing yet another porn drawing of Jessica. Amazing people are still making porn of her after 32 years. It's actually a good movie too, better than I remembered it.

Sadly today's kids probably won't be allowed to watch it since Jessica is so sexualized (as if today's kids don't sexualize themselves anyway). But I'll always consider it a film for kids. The rating back then was PG but today it would probably be PG-13 or even R because the movie has a lot of drugs, violence and sexual content. Ironic considering how numb kids must be these days towards that type of content due to having internet and playing Grand Theft Auto from an early age. I did react to the movie showing a human getting slowly crushed by a steamroller though, lol. That must have shocked a lot of kids.

>>Anonymous  11oct2020(su)18:31  No.80333  A  P3
Regarding the flash btw, instead of simply halving the framerate you could have doubled the amount of frames (only inserting new ones between each already existing key frame). Requires more editing work but that way you'd get half the animation speed and still have 60 fps for those smooth tweens.
>>Anonymous  11oct2020(su)19:02  No.80342  OP  P4R2
That'd be neat but I know very little about Flash outside of messing around with decompilers.
>>Anonymous  12oct2020(mo)16:43  No.80358  B  P5R3
It's honestly bizarre how attractive women in cartoons are so frowned upon now, but some blatant fetish stuff is fair game.
>>Anonymous  19oct2020(mo)20:52  No.80475  C  P6R4
Erotic artistic works are attractive since they are representation of the perfection/ideal that cannot be in the real world.
The sex market is mainly monopolized by females since they have the product that males want, the creation of alternatives threatens their monopoly and that is why women collectively attack it, rather conscious or subconsciously they understand that they would lost their grasp over the work horse (males) the moment they liberate from the control of females.
>>Anonymous  20oct2020(tu)09:57  No.80487  D  P7R5
>sex market mainly monopolized by females
That's a little innocent western thinking, in half the world females are either sold as sex slaves by male slavers to male pimps or, if they volunteer to sell their bodies, they must work for a male pimp (no freelancing sex work allowed by the gangs controlling territories). Even if they could get away with it competition from organized prostitution (legal or not) is fierce, meaning they would need a pimp to find enough clients to sustain rent and food expenses.

So claiming that the sex market is monopolized by females isn't true.

>>Anonymous  20oct2020(tu)21:18  No.80495  C  P8R6
In the west where the main pimp is the state and it's subsidize by the same male population who is dominated by sex it is true. Even in more primitive civilization females always end up manipulating males to catter to their needs. Have you ever considered that the value system impose in males gravitates towards the benefits of females?
Males can't help themselves, their urges + the pavlovian conditioning from birth to grave + gynocentric laws are the recipe that those who control such monopoly don't want it to get destroyed by anything that can liberate males from the sex market.
The govs know this simple natural fact about humans and that is why, in order to remain in power, obey the females masses in order to keep the male masses docile and useful.
>>Anonymous  20oct2020(tu)21:28  No.80497  C  P9
>>80487 also adding to this: >>80495
When I say sex market I'm not only speaking about the whores in the street or top rich club tramps but the entire culture around courtship and marriage. From the young teens fighting each other for the prospect of copulation to the mature men breaking his back to "provide" for a household.
Think about it anon, human males are desperate for female attention/validation to the point of slaving themselves into a bad deal.
And heaven forgives that a man finds an alternative way outside that circus to quench his impulses, because that would mean in the best of cases a social suicide or being persecuted by the judicial system.
>>Anonymous  24oct2020(sa)19:52  No.80584  E  P10R7
I love it how you trivialize ancient needs and rationalization of men as like OOGA BOOGA I WANT SEX AND I HAVE TO SIMP FOR WIMMINZ
instead reality was most likely more like that females were just the more important members of the groups because they birthed the children that sustained these ancient societes.
That's the reason there were so many famous female fertility goddesses praises at those times.
People knew that if the women were not to birth a lot of chrilden then society would collapse, that was the kind of power they held.
So if there wasn't an entire civilization based on the collective encapturement and continual raping of lots of women then as a man you wouldn't be in a position of power until the world was so hugely overpopulated by humans that it just wasn't a problem anymore (maybe around the middle ages?)
>>Anonymous  25oct2020(su)02:49  No.80598  C  P11R8
The reasons behind how it came to be this way are meaningless to the point I'm exposing, and that point is that erotic arts/technology that give men the freedom to explore their sexuality without enslaving themselves in the process will always be stigmatize by the gynocentric culture because it represents a threat.
In simple economic terms it reduces the demand (for copulation or the prospect of it) for the service/product that women have (ignoring the small market share that homosexuals have) and that reduces the economic leverage they have over society and ultimately on men. And since that is a monopoly it acts like all the monopolies trough history have, attacking directly or indirectly any alternative that threatens to reduce its market share.
Try giving a read to "The manipulated man" by Esther Vilar, she is more eloquent and clear about these observations on the interaction between the human female and male.
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