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>>hizashiAnonymous  24sep2020(th)19:17  No.80034  OP  P1
yoshi island decensored full

so i thought I'd finish the job from yesterday. If anyone wants the .fla file let me know

yo_isl_try_2.swf (11.4 MiB)
1200x690, Compressed (Deflate). 3922 frames, 30 fps (02:11).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>w7 890  25sep2020(fr)04:16  No.80039  A  P2R1
early bird alert

oy gimmie gimmie all mine
also can you use a compatible filehost anonfiles don't work

>>hizashiAnonymous  25sep2020(fr)16:04  No.80041  OP  P3R2
>>80039 KiIrA

I don't think it's compatible. but if you have a specific site i can upload it let me know.

>>Anonymous  25sep2020(fr)16:06  No.80042  B  P4R3
Most diligent, Allfather bless you hizashiAnonymous.

That's clever, haven't even thought about archiving files like that to make sure they'll always be available. Bless as well. Do you have any compatible filehosts to recommend?

My favorite is but that one isn't " compatible" either, I guess it has to be somewhere that allows you to upload the zip file and hotlink it directly, those hosts must be very rare since they can't make money that way.

But maybe there is something that allows for files to be hosted for only one hour or something? Just enough time to let snatch the file and from then on it can be accessed via

>>Anonymous  25sep2020(fr)16:26  No.80043  C  P5R4
Here are a few file hosts to try that I know about: (20000 MB) (500 MB) (200 MB) (100 MB, files are gone after 24 hrs) (25 MB)

I've not tried them myself so I don't know if they actually give you a direct download link to the file or not.

>>Anonymous  25sep2020(fr)18:47  No.80044  D  P6R5
I can vouch for and similar pomf upload sites to return direct downloads, partly even direct host (of images)!
>>Anonymous  25sep2020(fr)19:16  No.80046  D  P7
Finally this animation is what it was meant to be from the start.
Truly blessed, OP.
>>hizashiAnonymous  25sep2020(fr)22:22  No.80047  OP  P8R6
>>Anonymous  26sep2020(sa)08:49  No.80051  E  P9R7
Anonfiles is good stuff.
>>hizashiAnonymous  26sep2020(sa)08:59  No.80054  OP  P10R8
if anyone has any requests for a part they would like changed let me know

>inb4 give piranha a 20 inch dick

>>Anonymous  27sep2020(su)00:53  No.80079  F  P11R9
When yoshi grabs koopa girl at around 0:45 have her boobs pop out of her tank top.
>>hizashiAnonymous  27sep2020(su)10:02  No.80086  G  P12R10
here you go
>>Anonymous  27sep2020(su)14:56  No.80099  H  P13R11
Amazing editing work.
My request would be for when Shygal is bouncing Mario on her butt, to have her skirt raised up to show her ass and pussy.
>>Anonymous  27sep2020(su)15:51  No.80100  I  P14R12


Nigger, what are you doing? Anon files is run by Zaiger ex ED owner, jew, meth head and a homeless tranny banger.

>>hizashiAnonymous  27sep2020(su)16:00  No.80102  G  P15R13
find your edit at: >>80101

it might be a little borked though as I don't have a lot of raw data to work with and I'm not quite as skilled as mr. -8

>>Anonymous  27sep2020(su)17:24  No.80106  J  P16R14
is it possible to have a version where theyre just straight up naked?
>>Anonymous  27sep2020(su)17:43  No.80108  K  P17R15
This is some great stuff.
Sorry if this sounds a bit overkill but perhaps make a full nude version? If not, then that's fine. Keep up the great work
>>hizashiAnonymous  27sep2020(su)19:00  No.80110  G  P18R16

there's a few problems with fully nude'ing the animation

1) the data isn't there. for most of these edits I can use a lot of the existing parts to create a smooth animation, that wouldn't work for a lot of the walking and fully clothed parts. now i could just redraw the whole thing myself but then you'd suffer my lackluster skill which would be in stark contrast to -8's

2) Time. most of these edits haven't taken me a lot of time since I could mostly just edit parts already there having to redraw everything would take significantly longer

3) a lot of the animation wouldn't make sense anymore

if there's a specific part it's also a lot more easy for me to dive into, even if I have to redraw some stuff, for motivational reasons.

>>Anonymous  28sep2020(mo)01:53  No.80114  L  P19R17
Could you replace the baby frenching with a second breast feeding attempt? Because the baby frenching just makes me unconfortable.
>>Anonymous  29sep2020(tu)11:01  No.80142  F  P20R18
Nice, thanks.
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