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>>ST2  23sep2020(we)17:59  No.80006  OP  P1
Sonic Transformed 2

Sonic Transformed 2,

ST2.swf (5.45 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed (Deflate). 58 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  23sep2020(we)22:39  No.80019  A  P2R1
click shooting star on title screen
then input <up, down, left, right, a, start >
>>Anonymous  24sep2020(th)00:32  No.80025  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  28sep2020(mo)04:54  No.80115  C  P4R3
Wonder why Ctrl-Z has been so inactive in the past two years? Last time he posted something on his FA gallery was in May 2018, however the last time he favorited something on that site was just earlier this month on September 8th, so it's not like he completely disappeared or anything. Safe to assume he's taking a break I guess, maybe working on something behind the scenes. Would be nice if we could get an update from him, though.
>>Anonymous  29sep2020(tu)15:47  No.80143  D  P5R4
People bullied him a bunch because they thought his code was shit. Idunno enough about SWF coding to agree or disagree on that, but I guess that's why he's been inactive.
>>Anonymous  29sep2020(tu)17:05  No.80144  C  P6R5
Damn, that sucks. Don't know anything about SWF coding myself either but judging from having played his games, his code at least seemed functional enough to get the job done. Sonic Transformed 3 must've taken him a lot of effort to make on his own considering how much content was in there compared to the second game, so that combined with him being bullied by a bunch of retards just because they didn't like his code despite it getting the job done must've no doubt taken a toll on him. Was really curious to see what he would've come up with for a fourth Sonic Transformed game, but now I guess that's probably never going to see the light of day.

Fucking people, I swear to god.

>>???? ????  30sep2020(we)08:37  No.80161  E  P7R6
Basically he started to act like a cunt due to people criticizing him on minor things. He even got people on e621 to hate him. You can like him, but his reaction was stupidly aggressive.
He should've been more careful on how he acted.
>>Anonymous  30sep2020(we)12:21  No.80162  F  P8R7
He was a cunt. He was like another guy, can't remember his name, the guy who made Dusty's Castle.
He was a cunt too. They'd both act like huge cunts when anyone had even a suggestion to make their shit better.
>>Anonymous  30sep2020(we)17:12  No.80165  C  P9R8
Now that I think about it, I do recall him being kind of a jerk at times, but I didn't think it actually got this bad. That's unfortunate.
>>Anonymous  30sep2020(we)20:40  No.80171  G  P10R9
TBH the autist deserved, fucking self insert, Bimbo fetish, FA hugbox, shit coder and art to boot.

May corona chan claim his soul

>>???? ????  1oct2020(th)02:57  No.80173  E  P11R10
You mean Gorepete?
All I know is he tends to take forever to finish stuff.
>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)01:16  No.80184  H  P12R11
there were complaints about how the mute function doesnt work properly because it often mutes just the music and sometimes it mutes everything but when the scene changes suddenly the moaning is at max volume and a lot of people didn't like the cum scenes being just a man moaning and groaning for like 30 seconds every single time in pure silence regardless if mute was used or not. People flamed him about being gay since he liked the dudes moaning in the scenes but it was really just the fact that the mute didnt work and the code was kinda fucked up along with dead ends in the first game that forced you to refresh or right click > rewind because he just literally didn't put a button in the "lol chris hansen scene" or whatever it was. Dude just snapped and flew off the handle and started attacking literally anyone who spoke up about anything at all that criticized him or his creations and started acting like everyone owed him something for his amazing content. Hes even passive aggressively brought it up several times in his uploads on FA who had nothing to do with him getting dunked on which put them in a state of confusion about what the fuck he was going on about.

The dude is a mess, full stop.

>>Anonymous  2oct2020(fr)20:32  No.80200  G  P13R12

Remember when he had a meltdown in our little SWFchan pre server death?
The wiki pages saved all of his autism to read

>>Anonymous  6oct2020(tu)18:22  No.80264  I  P14R13
reported for violence enjoy your ban faggot

im warning you don't you dare link that thread and don't you even think about calling swf ants mark my words

>>Anonymous  6oct2020(tu)19:07  No.80266  I  P15
how about YOU learn how to respect furries properly instead of blaming them for your so called autism

its called ctrl z for a reason doofus

shut up with the all caps retard

>>Anonymous  7oct2020(we)05:43  No.80271  J  P16R14
wew lad
>>???? ????  7oct2020(we)06:55  No.80272  E  P17R15
Nigga. Ctrl-z has stated several times he's NOT A FURRY.
Danm at least get one thing correct.
>>???? ????  8oct2020(th)20:09  No.80290  I  P18R16
i mean the keyboard shortcut and how do i undo the comment above me
>>Anonymous  9oct2020(fr)00:02  No.80295  G  P19
>>80264 rmed.swf
Second thread listed
>Uses FurFagginty
>Somehow not a furry
>Has shitton fetishes and wants to fuck sonic characters he created.
>Obvious autism
Ctrl Z is a autistic FURFAG
>>Anonymous  9oct2020(fr)15:13  No.80302  K  P20R17
more threads for ya boss:

He has/had a LOT talent but he's a self-important faggot who neutered himself by opening his fucking mouth.
Following that, the walls of unfiltered autism everybody wrote that fateful thread cemented the foundations of what Ctrl-Z is now.
Which is ded and inactive, lmao

Case closed, enjoy the fallout and try not to grow a tumor!

>>Ctrl-Z  9oct2020(fr)17:15  No.80303  I  P21R18
>>80295 >>80302
delete these 2 threads swfants pls

i swear faggot if i find more of my threads imma hack this site and make the cap bigger

>>Anonymous  9oct2020(fr)18:03  No.80305  K  P22R19
lmao no:

protip: let the dead past bury its dead
another protip: make a patreon because you're gonna be one of the lucky faggots that actually makes a comfortable living doing that shit, if you're suited for that kind of commitment and time investment

how the everliving fuck did you get the e621 faggots to hate you

>>Anonymous  9oct2020(fr)20:37  No.80307  L  P23R20
The thread tells us who posts shit I. You ain't fooling anyone.
>>???? ????  10oct2020(sa)07:39  No.80312  E  P24R21
You can't undo comments retard.
At least use my nickname to say something less dumb.
I doubt you're the real CTRL-Z, but if you are post a journal and don't delete it. Maybe try to clean up your act.
He called trans people a deformity. That's all.
Hell, I saw one e621 user describe him as "alt-right". Wierd.
>>Anonymous  11oct2020(su)22:48  No.80346  M  P25R22
> imma hack this site

That's pretty much tells you he's not the real one.

>>Anonymous  13oct2020(tu)08:00  No.80368  N  P26R23
>>Ctrl-Z  14oct2020(we)06:25  No.80379  I  P27R24
literally who are you talking about
also i wanna raep cuisine's mouth and cut his bulgy pp

hey atleast it's not kattlarv tier faggotry also why aren't you posting memes

i swear if i recover my FA account i will show you who's boss using the power of autism

if i were to request deletion of my account will that be considered cleaning up also is autism a form of cancer in any way

ive been banned and unbanned from patreon multiple times gib better shekel alternatives pls

>>Anonymous  14oct2020(we)21:16  No.80391  O  P28R25
Post proof that you're real CTRL Z. You still have e621 account
>>Anonymous  15oct2020(th)03:06  No.80393  L  P29R26
He's not. The first response should make that clear. Just don't take the (shit) bait.
>>???? ????  16oct2020(fr)12:20  No.80414  E  P30R27
Dude, CTRL-Z's account was active last month.
>>Anonymous  18oct2020(su)18:43  No.80456  P  P31R28
like many others, I remember wondering why Ctrl-Z had such an anal fettish. forcing all ejaculations it either exterior or in butt. kinda sad. I think this was one of the things he was unwilling to change.
>>Anonymous  19oct2020(mo)07:56  No.80470  Q  P32R29
You can't cum in the pussy or else sonic will become pregnat and make gedghoe babbies!
>>Anonymous  20oct2020(tu)00:17  No.80479  O  P33R30
>>w7-890  1nov2020(su)15:52  No.80821  I  P34
samefag strikes again no need to play the saging game

>>80305 >>80302 >>80295
fuarrk should have read the wiki first i can't believe i failed my LARPing again for the second time also how in the everliving fuck the did you even impersonate the pp34 land whale successfully with getting caught
( related its my other failed? impersonation/trolling attempt)

anyone remember the install ladybug swf

>>80264 >>80266 >>80290 >>80303 >>80379
apologize for sperging out plz ignore my comments and continue the discussion about ctrl z (hopefully nobody is getting ~vinylr.swf flashbacks cuz thats embarrassing)
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