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>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:12  No.79915  OP  P1
How to compress swf files

I have a 90mb .swf file I wanted to post here, but I can't upload it since the limit is 70mb, is there anyway to reduce the file size so I can post it here ?

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:24  No.79916  A  P2R1
First lets find out if it is already compressed

Start wordpad (or notepad but wordpad is usually faster in opening large files).
Select "Open" from the File menu.
Then browse to the folder with the swf file, select to show "All Documents".
Now open the swf file (could take a while).
If the first three characters are FWS it means the swf is uncompressed and it is worth finding out how to compress swf files.
Otherwise your flash is already compressed and probably can't be reduced in size much more.

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:28  No.79917  OP  P3R2
Thanks I will go check the file
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:31  No.79918  A  P4R3
If it's uncompressed, let's compress it

Go to and grab swftools-0.9.0.exe
Install it, start a cmd.exe and cd to the folder with swfcombine.exe
Then run this:
swfcombine.exe -dz original.swf -o compressed.swf

This uses the standard zlib compression, there's a newer type of compression that flash supports that swfcombine.exe can't handle, but if your flash doesn't compress below 70 mb with zlib it probably wouldn't compress much more with the newer type of compression.

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:37  No.79919  A  P5
Actually, grab this installer instead: swftools-2013-04-09-1007.exe
Didn't see it when I wrote that post... It's at the top.

If you can't get the swf below 70 mb you can upload it to or other file uploading services and link to it here. It may not be in the archive but that way at least people can check it out. I'm assuming it must be an amazing flash since you're going to such lengths to share it. (Remember that you can split a big single file into several small zip files if you have trouble finding a file host for a 90 mb flash.)

>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:37  No.79920  OP  P6R4
Just checked and first letters are CWS, so it's already compressed?
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:40  No.79921  A  P7R5
Yeah it is compressed with the standard zlib compression. I don't think you can get it below 70 mb with the newer compression either. Could you tell us about the flash you're trying to share? I assume it's porn as usual?
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:43  No.79922  OP  P8R6
It's a high res animation with some interactivity, the creator also released as a video. I will probably upload it to mega and share the link
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)20:50  No.79923  A  P9R7
>>Anonymous  20sep2020(su)22:44  No.79949  A  P10
He put the download link into this thread:
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