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>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)16:35  No.79703  OP  P1
fyytrytryyrty.swf (2.01 MiB)
800x800, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 29 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)23:00  No.79709  A  P2R1
what is different in this version?
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)23:40  No.79710  OP  P3R2
Her facial expression seems different.
>>Anonymous  15sep2020(tu)23:46  No.79711  A  P4R3
aha, not your edit then i presume
>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)01:32  No.79714  OP  P5R4
No, I got it from the minus8 archive twitter. Safe to assume it was actually made by him since that account normally never posts fanmade edits. 60033
>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)04:49  No.79717  A  P6R5
The account owner claims he isn't -8 but I'm not sure either. -8 pretending to not run the twitter account would suit how I expect -8 to be.

But now I wonder where the original version from last year came from. I wonder if -8 uploaded it to swfchan himself. Then changed it for some reason and made that twitter post.

Old version:
New version:

The facial expression is the same. As far as I can see the new version has a lot more blue and although the new version has more FPS the animation moves a bit faster in the old version. I think most people would agree that the new version is better if it wasn't for the increased levels of blue. The new slower movement fits better with the music and the increased framerate makes it more pleasant to watch.

>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)08:30  No.79719  B  P7R6
For this and the Rhythm Heaven one he was just going back through all his old stuff on stream and then tweaking them a little to try and bring them up to his current standards. People watching the stream then grab the links he posts and then put them on the subreddit and the twitter archive.
>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)16:05  No.79721  C  P8R7
You're right about her facial expression, though it does seem that he altered her mouth's shape a bit which is probably what threw me off (also since it had been a while since I saw the original).

>-8 pretending to not run the twitter account would suit how I expect -8 to be.
I highly doubt it's run by him considering that the account posted tweets in proper english (-8's english is not that great from what I can tell) and the account owner not only has a link to his Newgrounds profile in their bio, he was also getting angry messages from the man himself a few months ago, telling him to stop posting his art because he didn't want people to think he owned that account (It was just called minus8 at the time, so he changed it to minus8 archive afterwards and added the NG link). 604761509889

>>Anonymous  16sep2020(we)17:18  No.79723  OP  P9R8
Odd, I made that post on the same network from a different device and it seems to think I was posting from a different IP. Oh well.
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