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>>Anonymous  4sep2020(fr)15:35  No.79271  OP  P1
RIKKA.swf (706.5 KiB)
400x700, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver43, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  4sep2020(fr)23:42  No.79281  A  P2R1
very nice, was wondering what was going on but i guess i should take her clothes off before touching the buttons in the bottom corner
>>Anonymous  5sep2020(sa)11:39  No.79289  B  P3R2
I made it until sweater off, console to the side, shirt buttoned down, bra exposed, skirt lifted up with pantsu
bit the last option still doesn't do anything for me

the animation is super smooth but from what I see there's no cum option, bummer

>>Shaggy  6sep2020(su)08:23  No.79313  C  P4R3
If you click her knees you can get a different camera angle where the last option is vaginal penetration. I haven't actually figured out the second option.
>>Anonymous  6sep2020(su)12:48  No.79316  D  P5R4
Take off all her clothes, except the bra and then you can titty fuck.
>>Anonymous  6sep2020(su)15:55  No.79318  B  P6R5
how the actual fuck did I miss that??

also on the first and third option the arrow changes to orange after leaving it a while on the last option before the scene would end with another click

>>Anonymous  7sep2020(mo)07:53  No.79325  E  P7R6
Seem to be a bit of a glitch but if you leave her bra on and start to fuck her pussy while the animation is playing cycle through the tit fuck and it ends up zooming back out while still fucking
>>Anonymous  8sep2020(tu)11:31  No.79432  F  P8R7
I don't get how you're supposed to take off her bra.
>>Anonymous  9sep2020(we)19:18  No.79482  B  P9R8
happened randomly to me while spamclicking the fuck around it
you can get her 100% nekkid

fortunately some anon made an edit

>>Anonymous  11sep2020(fr)17:05  No.79555  G  P10R9
why no analll
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