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>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)00:00  No.78706  OP  P1
better late than never

super_smash_a_pokegirl_melee_ver_1.3_fixed.swf (24.25 MiB)
700x550, Compressed (Deflate). 337 frames, 17 fps (00:20).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)05:20  No.78707  A  P2R1
what was fixed? all the audio is jacked up
>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)11:59  No.78709  OP  P3R2
Color palette. Sounds like a problem on your end, the audio files weren't changed.
>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)15:13  No.78710  B  P4R3
still got a black gem mining screen blocking the dawn scene..
>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)17:22  No.78711  OP  P5R4
Wait until you are fucking her fast, then click the + sign that appears on her wristwatch for uncensored creampie.
>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)17:42  No.78719  C  P6R5
that would've been a useful edit for a change
or a menu for the sabrina scenes
>>anon  15aug2020(sa)06:50  No.78735  D  P7R6
if you poke the L in the title you see marnie in a dusty ass room , no idea what to do in there
>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)17:27  No.78747  E  P8R7
thanks never found that since didn't wait long enough
>>Anonymous  16aug2020(su)19:13  No.78753  F  P9R8
What's the point of pissing minigame again? Venting out pressure at critical as if you were driving a zeppelin does jacks shit in the end
>>Anonymous  17aug2020(mo)15:02  No.78764  C  P10R9
build it up and go as slow as possible
basically you want to stale as much as you can, because after a set time you advance to the next stage
>>Anonymous  17aug2020(mo)22:46  No.78771  F  P11R10

I know, I just pissed on girl's face, no easter eggs (yeah I decompiled it just to see through things)

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  1sep2020(tu)05:50  No.79131  G  P12R11
Were the colors that bad to warrant an update??
>>Anonymous  1sep2020(tu)10:14  No.79137  H  P13R12
There appeared to be a weird graphic glitch during Haruka's scene, should be all fixed now.
>>Anonymous  1sep2020(tu)10:25  No.79139  H  P14
fixed some borked vectors >>>79136
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