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>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)07:22  No.78646  OP  P1
The YCH Project 08/10/2020 update

Read this, it's not that hard

Press 1 2 3 4 to skip between the emotion progress and press 0 to pause the progression. Z X C will let you select between the skin color of the men. Pressing V will return the skin color selection to random. Press N to clean the graffiti and press M to pause the graffiti progression. Pressing P while cumming vaginally will guarantee pregnancy. Press Q to swap between backgrounds. Press ` on Zone-tan, Ochaco Uraraka or Mai Sakurajima to toggle nose hooks.

-Ochaco Uraraka Added

DoctorCursed The YCH Project.swf (1.18 MiB)
1080x720, Compressed (Deflate). 935 frames, 30 fps (00:31).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  12aug2020(we)08:51  No.78648  A  P2R1
Guy needs to redraw the pussy and butthole, it's not looking very good.
>>Anonymous  14aug2020(fr)22:36  No.78723  B  P3R2
Bit of a stupid tech question, but where the hell is the ´ Key? As in, I know where it is on MY keyboard, I just don't know what's the equivalent for the keyboard this game was programmed on.
>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)07:18  No.78736  OP  P4R3
Next to 1. Like every other option, select char, press key and then go
>>Anonymous  15aug2020(sa)11:59  No.78740  C  P5R4
yeah, such special keys are often poor choices for an input key
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)04:33  No.78775  D  P6R5
Hmm, I can't find it either, neither of the keys I tried work, no number keys and no special characters, even with shift.
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)05:39  No.78778  E  P7R6
Good. Now get rid of the monkeys.
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)06:06  No.78780  F  P8
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)06:08  No.78781  F  P9R7
meant to link >>>78649
>>Anonymous  18aug2020(tu)15:54  No.78788  G  P10R8
` is the tilde key ~, left to the 123 numbers, above tab key
but this fucking ui is broken
when you click a button you have to "deselect" it by clicking somewhere else on the flash and only then the keys will work again
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)02:16  No.78808  D  P11R9
I have a German keyboard, I tried them anyways, still not working
>>Anonymous  20aug2020(th)21:22  No.78821  C  P12R10
you can change your keyboard layout temporarily, just takes a click really, implying you have already downloaded the US language pack (which you should)
>>Anonymous  21aug2020(fr)20:38  No.78839  D  P13R11
Doesn't change my physical keyboard lol so I still don't know where it is. Will try it tho lol, it's not like it's super important.
>>Anonymous  22aug2020(sa)19:17  No.78865  G  P14R12
checked wiki because never seen german keyboard and jesus its terrifying
well, googling "grave accent german keyboard" tells me it's on the right of the numeric keys, so the opposite then

anyway, it's not that much worth it really it's just the retarded "pigface" fetish

if you're REALLY desperate you could do something like autohotkey and rebind some key to that character

>>Anonymous  23aug2020(su)18:49  No.78884  H  P15R13
I'm literally hitting P and it's not doing shit.
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