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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  3aug2020(mo)07:11  No.78460  OP  P1
A New Fetish

It took me forever but here's that oc thing I promised to show you guys. Hope you like it.

A New Fetish - ver. 1.0.0.swf (35.19 MiB)
1100x750, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 26 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  3aug2020(mo)07:33  No.78461  A  P2R1
This is amazing.
>>Anonymous  3aug2020(mo)08:09  No.78462  B  P3R2
This rules
>>Anonymous  3aug2020(mo)08:50  No.78463  C  P4R3
Great work! Would have loved to see the other angle of the cowgirl scene in the scene select.
>>Anonymous  3aug2020(mo)10:07  No.78464  D  P5R4
This is some good shit
>>Anonymous  3aug2020(mo)11:46  No.78468  E  P6R5
Fantastic as always Dinner
>>Anonymous  3aug2020(mo)16:23  No.78470  F  P7R6
Dinner, I've always enjoyed your work, and this is some grade A quality shit right here. Easily one of my favorites, bravo good sir.
>>PoorNigr  3aug2020(mo)22:06  No.78474  G  P8R7
Even though I don't really care for the Star Wars franchize as a whole but this is pretty fucking good. The humor, pacing and animation in general is smooth as a babies head. I especially dig the whole gallery thing, the only thing thats missing from the gallery would be the climax scenes from the full animation (if that makes sense). Otherwise 9/10 for me.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  3aug2020(mo)22:43  No.78475  OP  P9R8
Thank you guys so much for the warm words. It makes me really happy that you guys ended up liking it.
>>Anonymous  4aug2020(tu)00:35  No.78476  H  P10R9
Man, you really put a lot of work in this one, congrats man
>>Anonymous  4aug2020(tu)10:58  No.78478  I  P11R10
Any chance for a skip to the scene select or seeking? It's missing a few things like the initial anal insertion and blowjob start.
>>Anonymous  4aug2020(tu)16:34  No.78483  J  P12R11
Holy fuck, you did it Dinner!
I think you're officially on Derpixon level now.
This is extreme quality. The faces are your most strong point as always, even the cums looks amazing in this one.
Oh, and the pubic hair, 👌👌👌. Aren't a lot of people who can make it like this.
If I had to critizise one thing, it would be that during the blowjob insertion right at the beginning, her mouth is shown right side up (tongue at the bottom), but I think it should be upside down, as the girl is?
Also maybe a little interactivity in the gallery, like a button to progress every scene up until the cumshot (maybe that would be hard to implement depending on your animations).
All in all, that's an A+ on your cum assignment, I'm proud you overCAME it, heeh, heeeeeh.
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)01:05  No.78488  K  P13R12
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)04:32  No.78489  L  P14R13
And i thought only -8/Derpixon could bring this type of FUN energy to a h-flash, damn.
NO ONE does the interspecies pr0nz as good as you and i hope we get to see some more of Sanyas adventure with other SW aliens ;3
And that part with the blaster is what made it so fucking good because, never have you seen a character take the initiative in such a funny way like Sanya did in this awesome flash, otherwise it's just boring rape porn ;-/

your works have gone from Nice! to Very good!! to OH SH!T DINDIN'S BACK BBY!!!

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)05:54  No.78491  M  P15R14
I feel like there's a joke I'm missing
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)06:02  No.78492  N  P16R15
Kek, this is great. She needs to shave though.

The animation should have been on the main timeline so you can seek in it. Maybe you removed that ability intentionally but it is a useful feature when rewatching any flash.

Also would prefer a skip button in the corner at the beginning. Took me a while before I tried skipping the text by clicking and chances are some people that wanted to watch the whole text skipped it by mistake.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)08:37  No.78505  O  P17R16
>Episode 69

cheeky bitch

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)08:41  No.78507  P  P18R17
Meh, gave me erectile dysfunction
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)09:41  No.78509  Q  P19R18
The design on the girl makes me think of Frankie Foster.
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)17:55  No.78520  J  P20R19
The really big question now is:
Voice-overs [y/n]?
I've seen many a good porn artist get dragged down by bitchy H-voice actresses (RockCandy / oolay tiger anyone?).
And cheap porn stock moans are the way of the DEVUL.
Zone had a positive example with his christmas rerelease of that XXXtreme ghostbusters animation. A hueeg chunk of it was only a music video (similar to this), but in the special edition he edited in extra takes from caxx.
One the one hand voice effects make a flash muuch more fappable imo, but on the other hand I don't want Dinner's nearly perfect animation to get dragged down by bad voice work, also animating lip sync takes time and effort away and is a whole skill in itself.

Also, take a look at Fandeltales if you haven't seen it Dinner, that shit's nearly porn flash perfection. It's something that could inspire you maybe.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)20:00  No.78526  N  P21R20
Could take a more unique angle on voices by crushing/distorting the audio so much you don't hear what is being said but can still tell the tone of what's being said.
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)21:50  No.78529  R  P22R21
Took awhile to load in browser but it was well worth it. Same with the download too.
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)21:59  No.78530  S  P23R22
Real big-brains take their sex sounds from Resident Evil, like Ucogi did.
>>Anonymous  6aug2020(th)02:18  No.78534  T  P24R23
Thank you for the titjob finish, DinDin.
>>Anonymous  6aug2020(th)09:28  No.78535  U  P25R24
Love the SWKTOR reference, great job
>>Anonymous  7aug2020(fr)07:29  No.78555  V  P26R25
I wasn't expecting a Star Wars animation. It's pretty good, I like the music and it's entertaining, good fap. I'm waiting on that original flash you mentioned.
>>0  7aug2020(fr)11:45  No.78561  W  P27R26
what is the name of song

like what I and the back ground music is pretty good

>>Anonymous  7aug2020(fr)16:10  No.78562  X  P28R27
this is some gourmet shit
>>Anonymous  7aug2020(fr)16:40  No.78564  J  P29R28
dude, I'm pretty sure this was it
>>Anonymous  7aug2020(fr)21:24  No.78590  Y  P30R29
Hey Dinner! Great work as always, this was great! If it's not too much trouble, I was wondering if you could add one of the scenes missing from the selection. It's the closeup of the cowgirl, where she first gets creampied. It's personally my favorite part of the flash.
>>???? ????  9aug2020(su)01:29  No.78607  Z  P31R30
Dinner If there's one thing I hope is that you won't become oe of those fucks who hide shit behind patreon. Keep up the good shit
>>Anonymous  29aug2020(sa)02:08  No.78991  AA  P32R31
Really enjoyed it! It gives me a sort of Derpixon vibe from their earlier pokemon works.
>>Anonymous  29aug2020(sa)13:30  No.78995  AB  P33R32
Is there a way to skip straight to scene selection?
>>Anonymous  3sep2020(th)21:48  No.79258  AC  P34R33
Your art is fantastic. Is there a place i can go to stay updated on your posts?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  4sep2020(fr)13:36  No.79270  OP  P35R34
I'll try to add the cum scenes to the scene select next update. But that won't be until a long time.

The joke is that haha funny dong go squirt

I don't like seeking. Mostly because it fucks up with music sync. If someone figures out how to seek through the song too then please tell me. Otherwise a video format would be the best choice here. I might as well since flash is fucking dead anyway. I will add a skip to end button if that helps.

Yes, here or h-flash.
I wouldn't know what to post or say if I had a Twitter or Tumblr. Do you guys prefer I posted somewhere else though? Maybe one of you can help me make a website lol

>>Anonymous  4sep2020(fr)23:51  No.79282  N  P36R35
>Do you guys prefer I posted somewhere else
Pls no, don't want to have to check more places for content. I don't know how some people can stand using Twitter for porn in the first place, the interface is terrible for image galleries. You'd of course also not be able to upload swf onto those sites, don't join the dark side of making stuff in flash but only publishing to video/images. ;_;
>>Anonymous  5sep2020(sa)07:21  No.79286  AD  P37R36
Website is easy, make it in lol.
>>Anonymous  5sep2020(sa)12:35  No.79290  J  P38R37
Well, that Minus8 pacman flash certainly had seekable music and video actionscript added by some anon here.
Also if you put animation on the timeline and set the music to stream, wouldn't it also sync with the framecounter?
Please don't go away from the flash format.
If you want to put out your stuff in mp4 or webm as well, sure why not. But please always also release the swf.
Flash is far from dead anyway, you can expect pretty much everyone on here right now to still continue browsing swfchan after 2020 has ended.

Also, I'm fine with Dinner releases on the chans.
I don't see the need or understand why everyone keeps asking if there's another page for a certain artist, maybe that's just what people grew to expect, especially in terms of the age of patreon.
I think as long as there aren't ridiculous amounts of spam uploads, Dinners trip, reply count and flash thumbnails always are a good enough way to spot a new release. Even now where there is such a spam happening I had no problem to catch all of Din's latest creations.
And if you're really that desperate to know if you missed anything because of small lurkage time, then you always have the collection on h-flash.
I'd even reCOOMend Dinner to make his very own collection here on swfchan, that's a good way of having communication and a certified release catalog. Lots of smaller guys here did that.

>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  5sep2020(sa)23:09  No.79307  OP  P39R38
I'll be here if there are still people who enjoy flashes. I'm more worried about /f/.
>>Anonymous  6sep2020(su)11:27  No.79315  AE  P40R39
thank you for your service dude

flash will never die if artists like you keep carrying the torch for all who came before... over 24 years of flash animations, almost a quarter century... keep up the good work man

>>Anonymous  7oct2020(we)03:52  No.80270  AF  P41R40
alright what the hell is the star wars max rebo band sy snootles and joh yowza song at the end in the cantina? I've never heard that before and I can't for the life of me find it.
>>Anonymous  8oct2020(th)00:03  No.80281  AF  P42
yea I second this, can't find the song either. want to know the name.
>>Anonymous  8oct2020(th)03:49  No.80283  AG  P43R41
what am i missing . looks the same as the orig posted half a year back.
>>Anonymous  8oct2020(th)22:49  No.80294  AF  P44R42
yo what's the song at the end on the replay/scene select screen. Is that from return of the jedi?
>>Anonymous  11oct2020(su)18:33  No.80334  J  P45R43
see >>78460
That's probably because it is.
Has there been more than one version of this? I think this was the only one ever posted.
>>Anonymous  11oct2020(su)18:47  No.80338  N  P46R44
I just noticed that when she is upside down at the beginning and he sticks his dick in her mouth the camera inside her upside down mouth shows the tongue at the bottom! The internal camera COULD be upside down BUT it doesn't look that way, especially due to how the saliva is forming.



>>Anonymous  12oct2020(mo)18:01  No.80359  J  P47R45
Yep. I already made that suggestion half a year ago.
Got nothing on the please scene select or skip to the end button tho.
That's the only thing that's really needed in this.
>If I had to critizise one thing, it would be that during the blowjob insertion right at the beginning, her mouth is shown right side up (tongue at the bottom), but I think it should be upside down, as the girl is?
>>Anonymous  31dec2020(th)20:08  No.82231  AF  P48R46
dammit! I can't find the cantina song. There's no record of it anywhere. What the hell is the name of it Dinner?
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  31dec2020(th)20:35  No.82232  AH  P49R47
It's from the Star Wars Kinect game.

Soon my friend, soon.
I just wanted to do extra stuff to it first and not just a button.
I'm glad you guys like my shitty OC so much.

>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)00:29  No.82238  V  P50R48
Good flash, but you add more waiting time to each one, it's the worst way to select scenes and find Easter eggs. If you're jacking off why would you want to wait with your dick in your hand getting soft. This was bad in Zone flashes too, like when you had to wait to empty a bar to get an alternate scene. And it's random. Sometimes it's faster to just restart a scene then to wait for it to loop. Hidden buttons or puzzles are better for hiding scenes because once I know the answer I can get to the scene quickly.
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)06:51  No.82254  L  P51R49
Thank you so much for taking your time making these absolute kino works get even MORE kino, DinDin!!
You're so BIG and MEAN and so POWERFUL uwu
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)14:44  No.82260  AI  P52R50
Happy New Year DinDin
>> Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)17:01  No.82263  AJ  P53R51
great work
>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)21:07  No.82270  J  P54R52
Trust me Dinner, even today in these times of overCOOM content, your works stand out with a funny yet erotic personality that second to almost nobody.

Also I like that you improved on the animation of COOM, you're not resting on your laurels, always trying to make us COOM even more ;)

>>Anonymous  1jan2021(fr)21:38  No.82271  AK  P55R53
How do you man-ape children find this place? Or are you an easily impressionable oldfag with no standards?
>>Anonymous  8jan2021(fr)01:00  No.82553  AF  P56R54
you sure dinner? I poured through that games soundtrack. No dice. was it another game like that one?
>>DinDin<3!tr.t4dJfuU  8jan2021(fr)09:40  No.82561  OP  P57R55
Do you mean this one? PLe3jBFMkBDJzfl1mdv_JAAI1VX6jbR7wX&index=10
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