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>>Anonymous  30jul2020(th)02:54  No.78396  OP  P1
There are big election riots between now and Christmas.

Catgirl Christmas.swf (13.34 MiB)
600x600, Uncompressed. 531 frames, 24 fps (00:22).
Ver11, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  30jul2020(th)03:04  No.78397  A  P2R1
>13 MB
>12 is music
>>Anonymous  4aug2020(tu)23:24  No.78486  B  P3R2
good thing i live in the Philippines lol (amerigga is a drama filled shit hole)
just like what daily stormer said (you should live in a small town)

anyways is it ok if we discuss politics here (g00gle and plebbit is censored)

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)00:06  No.78487  C  P4R3

Filipinos are Hispanic-looking faggots who elected a shill for the Chinese. Not to mention that talk show hosts and vloggers put that fucking annoying chipmunk sound at a rate of once per minute.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)05:47  No.78490  OP  P5R4
People in America doesn't understand how good they have it and keep complaining about trivial things that doesn't matter in the long run. Their system created all this wealth for everybody yet now they talk about changing it and force stuff like diversity and gender quotas. Racism was going away on its own but recently they are forcing it back into the front of people's minds.

Meanwhile China are running concentration camps that harvest organs and sterilize men by force. But the American news focuses on reporting Trump's latest tweets and keeps dividing everybody. I've noticed articles have started to write things like "who is black" between sentences. It's creepy when they constantly bring up skin color in text where it shouldn't matter. I don't remember this being common practice before.

The saying "good times creates weak men, weak men creates hard times, hard times creates strong men, strong men creates good times" is true. But it's not always guaranteed to be able to recover from hard times, especially if an enemy just bulldozes the US 60 years from now. The current generation needs to defend USA one day, it doesn't matter how strong the military is on paper if nobody dares to pull the trigger. I guarantee that China doesn't raise weak men, they will not hesitate. And they don't put a bunch of women into unsuitable military roles either. Extrapolate the way the US is going internally for 60 years and allow China to keep gaining power for 60 years and the outcome is obvious.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)08:26  No.78504  D  P6R5

As we're going to run out of critical resources on a global scale over the next 20 years, all of the current squabbles hardly matter at any rate.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)10:14  No.78510  OP  P7R6
Don't worry about that, there's plenty of resources still on Earth. We've been running out of oil within the next 10-30 years for over 100 years now. The deepest mine is 4 km down (0.0628% of the available depth). Forest still covers 31% of the land and new ones are planted. We've not dug or drilled on even a fraction of the land area.

We've still only mapped 20% of the ocean floor and made use of almost nothing at the bottom of the ocean. The vast majority of land is uninhabited or not used for farming/grazing. Night satellite photos still have a lot of dark spots even in western countries. We're thinking of improvements in growing food every year and lab meat is becoming reality. We're barely building vertical buildings, just the occasional skyscraper here and there. Not to forget building downwards.

No, we're not going to run out of critical resources on a global scale. Humanity will be mining in space long before that becomes an issue. That is, unless we do something stupid like start a civil war based on lies in the media. Or close of global trade too much so that war becomes a favorable option to get resources only readily available in some parts of the world.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)18:33  No.78522  E  P8R7
brb, Coruscant
>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)19:43  No.78523  D  P9R8

I have to admire people like you, who believe in future tech rather than human nature. If the base needs aren't met, how the fuck are we supposed to build a solar empire?

You cannot use all soil as arable land. There's a reason we don't grow wheat in the desert.

More forest is cut down/lost to fire annually than can be reasonably replanted currently. Plus, growing trees takes time--quite a lot of time, too.

Ever heard of dredge fishing? I'd say we're making too much use of the ocean already. And, if you're referring to the hidden resources in the depths, large-scale ocean mining is not economically feasible. Not to mention the loss of ocean life that such operations would result in.

Also, if your solution to resource shortages in future is to crack open the planet like an egg, then good fucking luck to you and your generation. You're going to need it.

This is from 2020, and no, the trends were not reversed. Resource consumption continues to climb unabated. Looking forward to the day we're running out of copper. l-resources-stock-check

That doesn't mean we're going to run out of resources tomorrow as global resource stock analysis is naturally based on estimates and doesn't take into account investment and further exploitation, but the numbers should be worrisome nonetheless.

You're right, though, certainly the generation of many ideas and few solutions is going to save the planet. Can't wait.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)19:46  No.78524  D  P10

Sorry, I meant 2012 not 2020.

>>Anonymous  5aug2020(we)19:56  No.78525  OP  P11R9
I forgive you.
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